A eerie quiet.

A eerie quiet has descended on my house. For the first time in 15 years, the only sound is that of my own making.

I cannot hear mom in the kitchen puttering around, arguing with the stove, washing dishes or working on one of her many craft projects. There is no sound of the television from the other room or my brother either laughing at something, giving advice to a contestant on some game show he is watching or arguing with someone on the news.

There is no sound of the front door opening and closing or voices exchanging greeting as people come and go. Yesterday was frantic as my sisters in law came in and completely rearranged my living-room and kitchen. Their kids, my nephews and nieces bouncing off the walls making complete nuisances of themselves.

For the last 15 years, my room has been my refuge from the semi-controlled chaos that has been my home. A constant flow of friends and family coming and going, hustling and bustling about their lives. For the first time in 15 years, I do not sense the presence of another individual, though they might not be making any sound, in my home.

This is not the quiet of nobody being home. This is a different kind of quiet, an eerie kind of quiet, a faintly disturbing kind of quiet. This isΒ  the quiet that says, you are alone, you are all alone. Those sounds that have faded away are not coming back.

They may in time be replaced with new sounds, with different sounds, but today, you are all alone.


11 thoughts on “A eerie quiet.

  1. I also experience this total silence, not of no one being home at the moment, but no one is ever coming, because they no longer exist on this plane of existence .

  2. Sincere condolences. Know that you are never alone — there are people here on earth that do care about you and you have a Father in heaven who knows your every care. May He grant you peace and comfort.

  3. no doubt OW (waving) it is and will be different for a while. A new normal will set in. Mourn my friend. Just please remember that the pain will pass. (hugs)

    I am missing you.

  4. Oscar, I’m so sorry about your losses. I knew something bad happened a few months ago but I lost your email.
    I just feel very bad for you, I’ve known you over the internet for quite a few years now and hurt w/you. Had the big C myself this summer, hopefully it’s cured.
    Nothing much more I can say except I wish you the best and hope God comforts you, and your Mother and brother are with him. Get well soon my friend.
    I know I’m praying for you.

    sincerely, az from you know where

  5. Rest easy in the knowledge of love shared with those who have gone ahead of you. Rest easy in the knowledge that someday you will be together again in God’s Kingdom. Rest easy in the knowledge that you are never truly alone, He is there at a moments notice, all you have to do is talk to him.

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