The New Throbbing Memo? Say it isn’t so…

A video has shown up on Youtube already, deconstruction the Obama Birth Certificate as a forgery. The question now is, to find out if it is indeed a forgery as this video claims, and then more importantly to take this video and the Dan Rather throbbing memo and stick them in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s face and dare them to claim they have never tried to pass off a blatant forgery on the American people as the genuine article before.

Who has that kind of courage these days? It sure as hell isn’t anyone in the GOP Leadership, they would rather loose to Obama than allow someone like Sarah Palin or Donald Trump to win as a Republican? Allapundit or Ed Morrissey of Not on your life, their too busy trying to become the new Dan Rather. Andrew Breitbart? I wouldn’t count on it, he’s courageous and ballsy, but I doubt he is that ballsy. So who is there with the courage to take this to the American people? Probably nobody, and so a forged document is accepted as genuine. Is it any wonder that most American’s today neither trust the US Government nor the Mainstream Media?

Edit: I would also like to point out something fishy noticed by Bagua over at, in 1961 Obama’s father’s race would not have been designated as African, remember the times people, in 1961 he would have been classified as a Negro. You can scream racism all you want for us pointing that out, but it is how things were done back then.

Edit: Looks like The Smoking Gun has some pretty serious questions to ask about this purported document too.

Edit: I’m adding another video…