Peer Reviewed Hoax

The Planet has a fever and the only cure is…. For you to send us your money and DIE.. No seriously, we have peer-reviewed science that proves that Anthropogenic Global Warming is caused by you breathing, so you will now have to send us your money and stop breathing.

We are smarter than you are, we have fancy science degrees and we decide who gets to have their research reviewed, no peer reviewing of any nonsense we don’t approve of and if your nonsense isn’t peer-reviewed, then obviously it isn’t scientific its just worthless nonsense.

We will control your air conditioning, we will control your heat, we will control your light, we’ll even tell you what kind of light you are allowed to have. We will save ourselves from you and save your money from you. You are an illness on the planet and we will save the earth from you for ourselves.

No more will mother Gaia be forced to suffer the indignity of you polluting her water and air, no longer will her forests be cut down to offer you shelter, no longer will you strip her of her precious resources. Her animals will no longer be slaughtered to feed you or cloth you.

Science is based on our political ideologies, not on facts or theories that can be tested or results that can be reproduced, science is what we say it is, not what you think it should be. We are the scientists and science cannot be trusted to those of you who do not think in the correctly approved manner.

You must take our word for what we say is scientifically proven, you cannot question our judgments because you are not peer-reviewed, we will not approve review of your nonsense, therefore it is not scientific because it is not per-reviewed.

Now in conclusion, having settled the issue of just what constitutes the scientific method and the peer-review process for those of you suffering confusion due to overwhelming stupidity, just remember, you are not scientists, you do not understand science, you have not been peer-reviewed, we will not review anything you bring us unless it conforms with our ideology.

Now, shut your pieholes, give us your money and go take a pain pill and sit in the dark until you die… and do it quietly damn it, you are interrupting our reviewing of our peer-reviewed scientific theories…


I vant to zee your (Healthcare) Papers…

Frau Gruben Fuhrer Pelosi has ordered your arrest if you cannot produce your healthcare papers… Ve haz vays of making you sign zee papers Old man…

Nancy Pelosi believes it’s only fair that you should go to jail if you don’t buy health insurance, once upon a time here in the United States of American this was rightfully called extortion.

Since this is Nancy Pelosi’s idea of fair, I believe that a mandatory forensic audit of every single elected official is also fair. Furthermore that mandatory prison sentences be given to every single elected official with so much as one single dollar of undeclared taxable income be handed out. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, say hello to your new cellmate, Nancy Pelosi.

Personally I happen to like my first term congressman, Duncan D Hunter, that said however I have come to the belief that Congress and the Senate are corrupt beyond redemption and the only solution to this corruption is to vote ever single one of them out of office, even my own congressman whom I happen to believe is not corrupt.

When a doctor discovers that you have a malignant cancerous tumor that cannot be treated with radiation drugs or chemotherapy the only option left is to surgically remove that tumor. When that tumor has to be removed, it is also unavoidable that health flesh be removed as well.

The majority of Americans have finally recognized that the Congress and Senate are corrupt and need to go, the problem so far is that while recognizing this, that same majority also thinks that their own congressman or Senator are good representatives. As long as this thinking prevails, we will continue to be stuck with a totally corrupt Congress and Senate.

If we are to end this cycle of corruption that has created an Oligarchy of self-anointed political aristocrats “We the People” must prove that we are genuinely serious. The only way we can do this is to emulate the actions of a cancer surgeon and excise this malignant cancerous tumor that is violating our constitution at every turn and bankrupting our children’s children with gleeful abandon.

My most sincere apologies to Duncan D Hunter, you are a good and honorable man, you simply have the misfortune of being a congressional representative at the wrong time in history. The only chance “We the People” have of saving this Great Republic that our forefathers bequeathed us, that they sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors to establish on our behalves, is to act now, to act with deliberate intention, and to act with unflinching resolve.

The time has unfortunately come to make the hard choice, regardless how much you like your own Congressman or Senator, if you value your children’s future, if you value their freedom, if you value this nations future, you have but one single choice left. Tell the surgeon to remove the tumor, your congressman or senator may be the healthy flesh that also has to be removed, if the tumor that is congress and the senate is not removed, then the patient will DIE.