Email sent to the Maryland State Attorney General.

After reading the accounts of Arron Walker’s arrest today I decided to do the only thing that this lowly blogger cold do. That was to write the Maryland Attorney Generals office in protest of the travesty of justice unraveling itself in Maryland today. In my usual fashion, it is way over the top sardonic sarcasm. Since it was sent to a bunch of totalitarian thugs there is of course the risk that they will not be able to perceive it as the brutally ripping satire it is, they would have to be pretty stupid not to get it, but then again, they are after all “public servants” so it is at best a 50/50 shot.

Sieg Heil mine Gruppenführer,

With the arrest of the evil conservative Lawyer Arron Walker today Maryland has moved light years ahead in the destruction of the evil and disgusting 1st amendment to that horrible dusty old document written by those dastardly old dead white men. You and your staff are to be congratulated on your above and beyond the call of duty efforts. Former Montgomery County Chief Justice James Vaughey has dealt those vile and despicable conservative bloggers a mortal blow and shown them the truth and light that they can only publish such utterances as are approved by the glorious State. In the name of Obama the beneficent I urge you to strike out with ever greater vigilance and vigor, incarcerating at every possible opportunity any and every individual who would oppose the will of the glorious State.

The odious and offensive beliefs of those rightwing conservative bloggers must not under any circumstance be allowed to pollute the internet or public conscientiousness, they must be hit hard and repeatedly until they ceases all together will their posting of mere factual assertions. What matter is it that twittering about someone isn’t actually communicating with that individual, if you allow them to bring this obscene fact to light, where will they stop? So what if Brett Kimberlin is a convicted felon with a documented history of causing physical harm to other, with a documented history of lying under oath, of misusing and abusing the legal system. Brett Kimberlin and his various and assorted accomplices actions serve the greater cause, if their SWAT’ing of Conservative Bloggers causes those blogger to cease and desist posting posting their damned factual information and disrupting the political meme’s of the State what is the harm in that?

I therefore applaud the callous and contemptuous manner in which, you, your office and your staff studiously endeavor to publicly ignore this so called controversy of allowing a fine upstanding democrat operative to further terrorize, intimidate and deceitfully arrange for the manipulation of your glorious State’s judicial system to incarcerate and intimidate anyone who would stand in opposition of the States ever tightening grip on it’s foolish ignorant and slothful subject…

Perhaps a word or two from your office to the district attorney’s office can arrange for more charges to be filed against Arron Walker so that an even stronger message can be sent to those damn accursed Conservative Blogger’s who stubbornly refuse allow the actions taken by Brett Kimberlin on behalf of the Democrat Party to sink below the waves of public awareness. When enough of them have had their doors kicked in in the middle of the night by SWAT Teams and arrested and charged like Arron Walker maybe they will finally get the message and shut up.


The Evolution of the spit-wad, or why I now officially hate Technology

When I was 9, (way back in 1970) there were certain promises that the talking heads on television made to me and those of my generation. We were promised flying cars, and jet-packs, bases on the Moon and Mars. A cure for the common cold they assured us was just right around the corner. Now don’t get me wrong here, there have been some wonder advances since I was 9 years old. Advances that none of the talking heads ever made.

I was 20 when I bought my first personal computer, it was a Sinclair ZX81. It connected to my little color television and got 16 whole colors. It was smoking fast at 3.5Mhz and had one whole Kilobyte (64 K with the additional memory pack) of memory and a 300 baud modem. OK, so I did have to write every program myself that I used one it, or at least copy it out of a book line for line.

I remember my first Cell Phone, I got it back in 2000(yea, I was a bit slow adopting the cell phone, I used to totally hate cell phones because they made it way to easy for my boss to get a hold of me and call me in to work on my day off), a Motorola Flip phone. Now the cell phone I have is faster and more powerful than the personal computer I had back in 2000.

So what does all of this have to do with spit-wad, you ask, and why would spit-wads make me hate technology? Yea, well the answer is right here…

Yes my friends…. That is a spit-wad gun… No, not a squirt gun, not a Nerf gun, or not even one of those annoying do nothing but make noise guns, that is a genuine full fledged full on spit-wad gun. My 9 year old nephew is some thing like 4 foot 6 inches tall (I think, just guessing here) and yes that spit-wad Rifle is nearly as long as he is tall. It will shoot a spit-wad a good 25 feet.

Yup, that thing shoots genuine spit-wads. It has an 8 round magazine, and is pump action to fire, and bolt action to advance the magazine to the next round. He cut’s up little strips of paper, puts them in water, rolls them up into wet soggy cylinders and loads them into the magazine. Then it’s all about… Zing…. Splat…. Zing….. Splat….

When I was 9, the apex of spit-wad technology consisted of… A carefully swiped straw from the school cafeteria. Oh how the time they have a changed. OK, so I’m 51 now, and my toys are a bit more complex than a Spit-wad rifle, my toys consists of, well my cell phone, an 800Mhz Smart phone, my desktop computer a 3.4 Ghz processor 8 Gigabytes of Ram and a 1 Terabyte harddrive, my 1984 Corvette and my 1996 BMW 328IC. Not exactly small potatoes, but then again, I’m not 9 years old anymore either.

So there I was, standing at my command position in from of the BBQ Grill, working my special weekend voodoo magic, when… Zing….. Splat…. Zing… Splat… I turned around… and there was my nephew with this monstrosity and a totally wicked little smile on his face… Zing… Splat…. My reaction… Huh??? what in the hell??? His response… It’s a Spit-wad gun Uncle Steve…

That was when I knew that I had officially become an old geezer and a Luddite. i wanted to yell at him… Get off my lawn you damned whipper-snapper… And I would have too, except that technically it was his lawn, since I was doing my weekend voodoo magic over at my brother’s (his father) house. I felt a petulant and childish urge to stomp my foot and angrily shake my fist at the world and scream… where the hell was my Spit-wad Rifle when I was 9… Except that I knew where my Spit-wad gun was when I was 9, it was concealed in my back pocket as I carefully made my way back from the cafeteria to class after lunch.

Well, I suppose I can look at this in at least this little bit of positive light… Their aint no way no how he is ever going to sneak that sucker into his 5th grade class room after lunch…

It’s Tax increase, err I mean Fire season again in California….

You know that feeling you get when you know that you are about to get royally screwed and their is nothing you can do about it? Yea, that’s the feeling, well if you live in San Diego County, you should be getting that feeling right about now.

There is a new fire burning just south of Julian here in San Diego California. How does this apply to that feeling you are about to get screwed? Around 2000 California discovered a new way of raising taxes, which the put to the test in 2003 and again in 2007.

It goes like this.

Say, that sure is a nice house/community/town you guys got there, sure would be a damned shame if it burnt to the ground. San Diego just released their financial reports, they are several hundred million dollars in the hole. 100 million short of what it will take to just maintain the current city infrastructure, and that’s not counting the 100 million plus required to fix the stuff that is already falling apart.

When the mob does this, it’s called extortion, when the government does it, it’s called BOHICA… (That stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again)

San Diego California, like most cities in California, hell like the entire state government in California is run so poorly that were it a corporation it’s entire executive staff would be facing criminal charges for negligence and fraud is looking to raise taxes on San Diego Residents again to fill it’s shortfall. A shortfall that is the result of not just poor management, but outright fraud and mind-numbing waste.

Enter fire season to San Diego’s rescue. The last two major wildfires (2003 Cedars Fire and the 2007 Witch Creek Fire) were perfect examples of extortion masquerading as mere criminal negligence. Millions of acres, thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses burnt (not to mention the dozens of people who died) to the ground while fire fighting assets were intentionally left unused by CalFires.

Sometime within the next 24 to 48 hours you can be as sure as the sun rising in the east that the not so subtle message will be given the Resident of San Diego County that the only way to avoid a repeat of the 2003 Cedars Fire and the 2007 Witch Creek Fire will be a needed tax increase, or San Diego and the State of California just wont have the money necessary to pay the firefighter to protect peoples homes.

Like I said above, Say, that sure is a nice house/community/town you guys got there, sure would be a damned shame if it burnt to the ground.

2012 Solar Eclipse From San Diego County

Well, today was the last significant Solar Eclipse to be seen from San Diego County until 2071. Yes, there will be a lot of partial before then, but today’s, which covered 76.82 percent of the sun is the last one that will cover that much of the Sun until 2071, when it will cover 94 percent of the sun. So here are a couple of photo’s I took from my cell phone, though a welding shield.

Could we really build Starfleet’s USS Enterprise?

Normally I prefer to ridicule any article written for MSLSD, er MSNBC, because, well, their idiots. But this time they have a genuinely thought provoking article up on their site.

Spaceship Enterprise in 20 years? Beam me up!

By Nancy Atkinson
Universe Today
updated 5/12/2012 12:13:38 AM ET

In Star Trek lore, the first Starship Enterprise will be built by the year 2245. But today, an engineer has proposed — and outlined in meticulous detail — building a full-sized, ion-powered version of the Enterprise complete with 1G of gravity on board, and says it could be done with current technology, within 20 years.

“We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise — so let’s do it,” writes the curator of the Build The Enterprise website, who goes by the name of BTE Dan.

A little background here is perhaps in order. In the 10th grade in high school I started taking college credit physic’s class, by the time I got to college I already had 2 years of college credit physic’s. I spent the first three years of my college experience as a physic’s major. I changed my major after it became painfully obvious that the Three Mile Island accident had pretty much killed the nuclear industry in America. So I switched my minor and major around a ended up with a B.F.A in music.

In 2005 one of my dreams finally came true and I was hired by an Aerospace contractor where I worked on a number of spacecraft, Communications Satellites and other project’s including a number of International Space Station projects. I am a member of an incredibly small fraternity, individuals who have interplanetary graffiti to their credit. That’s right, my name and crude artwork can be found between the layer’s of carbon-fiber composite that hold together various object either in orbit, such as the robotic grappler arm on the International Space Station or the petals on the landing platform of the Mar’s Rover Spirit .

Was I a fan of the Television Series “Star Trek”, absolutely, was I a Trekie? No, not by a long shot. Am I an advocate of manned space exploration, you bet your life I am. Unlike some people I fully understand the value of the Space Program, it isn’t a mulitbillion dollar boondoggle. You can thank the Space Program for things like, Personal Computers, Cell Phones, Satellite TV, 3D Sonograms and dopplar Radar. In fact, the space program may quiet possible be the only federal government funded program to ever give the public an actual return on it’s investment, which is currently estimated to be between $12.00 and $20.00 returned on every dollar invested.

If BTEDan is right, and my own experience in the Aerospace industry suggests to me that he most likely is, not only can we build the first Starship Enterprise, but we should. I guess one of the things that really hit’s me about this is that BTEDan isn’t the only person thinking along these lines.

Your next job: asteroid miner?

But the entrepreneurs behind Planetary Resources have a track record of profiting off space ventures. Diamandis and co-founder Eric Anderson pioneered the idea of selling rides into space to tourists, and Diamandis’ company offers “weightless” airplane flights.

Investors and advisers to the new company include Google CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and (James)Cameron, the man behind the blockbusters “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

“The pursuit of resources drove the discovery of America and opened the West,” Schmidt said in a statement on the site. “The same drivers still hold true for opening the space frontier.”

Anderson says the group will prove naysayers wrong. “Before we started launching people into space as private citizens, people thought that was a pie-in-the-sky idea,” Anderson said. “We’re in this for decades.”

Think about that for a few minuets and let it sink in. Do you really want Google building and owning the Starship Enterprise?

Build the Enterprise