America’s Maria Antonieta

John Kerry, the Dishonorable Senator from the once great State of Taxachusetts, has called every American concerned or angry with a unresponsive federal government hypocrites.

“I think there’s a comprehension gap,” said Kerry.

Let me translate that from self anointed aristocratic double speak for you, “You Tea Party People are to stupid to understand what we are doing on your behalf.”

Maria Antonieta, Queen of France, was famously (though incorrectly) quoted when informed that her subjects had no bread to eat, “Let them eat cake then.”

That statement as attributed to her, wasn’t about bread or cake, but a symbolic definition of Frances aristocracies attitude regarding the French people.

The aristocracies of the past derived their authority to rule not by the consent of the governed, but by divine decree. They had a heavenly mandate to order the affairs of their people.

This heavenly mandate made their rule absolute and irrevocable. The consequence of this absolute and irrevocable rule was that the aristocrats lost the capability to empathize with with those individuals whose lives they were controlling.

America has found itself subject to a new kind of aristocratic rule, not a mandate from heaven or one of the consent of the governed, but a self anointed dictate of individuals entrusted by the public as public servants, not as aristocrats.

John Kerry’s statements that American’s are hypocrites lacking the ability to comprehend what is best for them is the optimity of aristocratic arrogance.

It’s defines the profound difference between public servants elected to represent the governed and aristocrats who are completely unaccountable to the governed for their actions.

The United States of America fought a revolutionary war to set ourselves free from exactly this kind of tyranny. Our founding father’s in their inspired institution of a representative democracy made every attempt to prevent exactly this kind of situation from happening.

It is still within our power to correct this, to return our nation to the representative democracy that our founding fathers bequeathed us. It’s not going to be easy because our new aristocrats are not going to relinquish the power they have amassed to themselves.

Adding to the problem at hand is the infiltration of our public institutes by a political ideology whose sole intent is the destruction of our representative democracy and the intention to replace it with a political system based upon the teaching of Karl Marx known as Socialism.

Our educational, judicial, journalistic political institutes are by and large administered by individuals who subscribe to varying degrees to the political ideology of socialism.

To further their political aims it is in their best interest to encourage and support the arrogance of the new American aristocracy. It provides them the political leverage to change the fundamental nature of the United States Constitution and a scapegoat to blame for the destruction of the American economy.

If we are to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America we have to recognize exactly what the threat to it is. What we face is a multi-leveled threat worthy in nature to be compared to one of Bobby Fisher’s finest chess gambits.

The condescending arrogance of the self anointed aristocratic class that John Kerry and his ilk represent is simply the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of the iceberg lays below the surface unseen by the majority who have been indoctrinated to believe that “it cant happen here”.

Highly controversial political commentator Glen Beck has been diligently striving to sound the warning regarding the true size and nature of the iceberg now threatening the USS United States.

In many respects Glen is correct, sadly however I suspect that Glen is neglecting the aristocratic aspect of that threat. It is those self anointed aristocrats who hold the keys to the socialist velvet coup over our representative democracy.

Those embracing the socialist political ideology are banking on the arrogance and corruption of the political class to hand them control over the United States of America.

If we do not eliminate those self anointed aristocrats and severely curtail the power of future elected representatives they will continue to erode our freedoms and liberties and eventually betray the American people and the United States Constitution.

They will do so for the exact same reasons tyrants have always done so, they will do so to protect themselves and the power they have stolen from the American people.