How Barrack Obama could win in 2012

By now everybody has seen President Obama’s solid black campaign tour bus, the simplest way for Obama to generate the buzz he needs to win the upcoming election in 2012, would be to paint the wings of Darth Vaders TIE fighter on the side of his bus. And then every time he stepped out of that bus quote one of Darth Vader’s catchy lines from the various Star Wars movies.

It really would be that simple, he could show America who he really is, i.e. a Dark Sith Lord, while at the same time allowing him to do that which he seems to prize above all other things, deceive the American public while looking them right straight in the eye as he told them the complete unvarnished truth. What he would be doing were he to do that, is to tell the American people that he has a genuine sense of humor, which of course does not.

He could bask in all his dark malevolent glory, right in America’s face, and America would refuse to accept that he was telling them once again the truth about who he really is. Americans would flock to see his bus by the millions, for the pure sake of his bus, which would allow him the opportunity to use his hypnotic oratory power on them while dragging the once faithful back under his nefarious spell.

Use your imagination here for a moment, Barrack Obama, on the stage in front of the podium, addressing a crowd of once faithful followers. He glances sternly at the crowd…. (Obama is actually pretty good at those stern sideways glances) Hold his right arm up, hand extended with his thumb and forefinger in a pincer like gesture and says to them… “I find your lack of faith most disturbing”…

Frightening as it is to contemplate, the crowds would eat that up like, well like deep fried butter at an Iowa State Fair.


Obama Opens his piehole… Market responds by dropping 634 points.



S&P 500 $SPX


Nobody could possibly be this stupid or incompetent, this can only be intentional.

Even with an extra 50 minutes to think, the president still couldn’t come up with something new to say

There is little doubt that the Obamanation Administration is intentionally engaging in the Cloward-Pivens strategy. High Crimes and Misdemeanors at the barest minimum.

Fast and Furious, Cloward-Pivens, Tony Rezko, Joe Sestak, Libya, at what point does Congress wake up and act? Or could the leadership of both the Democrat and the Republican Parties fully informed and consensual conspirators?

Financial Markets respond to Boehnor/Reid super deal, freefall 180 point within minuets.

If you know nothing else about the Boehnor/Reid budget deal, this one simple reality tells you everything you need to know.

At exactly 2:00pm EST…



S&P 500 $SPX


Forget Moodys, forget the Whitehouse claims, forget what both Republicans and Democrats claimed. The facts are incontrovertible, the science as they say is settled. Forget Tax Cheat Timmy forget Ben “gonna break you” Bernanke, forget Hank “Chicken little the sky is falling” Paulsen. The Market itself has spoken in one single unambiguous voice.

This deal SUCKS. America was betrayed by those who sworn to defend and protect it. Like Judas Iscariot, they sold America out for 30 pieces of silver.

Vice President Joe Biden called TEA Party members terrorist for demanding that the Federal government do what every American Tax payer has to do, balance their budget and not spend more than they make. Every single individual who voted for this bill should be in prison for financial fraud. Yes, it really is that simple. They knowingly and willingly committed the largest fraud perhaps in the history of the entire world.

The Market has spoken, the science is settled, this bill is fraud.

Biden: These Republicans certainly have acted like terrorists;

Obama’s speech: Evidence of just how little the debt deal accomplishes

Hey, President Obama: Where have all the civility police gone?; Update: Signed, sealed, delivered

UPDATE: And the Bell Rings… We now have official consensus.



S&P 500 $SPX


The Science is settled and we have official consensus, this bill was a betrayal of the American People.