How to End Islamic Terrorism.

The solution is very simple, it merely requires testicular fortitude and an understand of the goal of all Muslims.


Now, you might think this is a extremist or radical suggestion. But really, is it? Islam literally means submission, every single Muslim is commanded by Mohammad in the Quran to wage Jihad until the entire earth is brought under Islamic subjugation. If you are not a Jew or Christian, Muslims are commanded to offer you the choice of converting to Islam, or dying. If you are a Jew or Christian, Muslims are commanded to offer you the choice of converting or submitting to Islam and becoming a second class citizen known as a dhimmi and paying a dhimmi tax known as the jizya.

You say… But what about the moderate Muslims or the peaceful Muslims. I say this to you. In every army, only 10% are in actual combat positions. The rest of the army is logistics and support. There are no moderate or peaceful Muslims, there are Islams combat troops (The extremist terrorists) and the logistics and support personal, which is the entire rest of Islam.

You cannot coexist peacefully with anyone, if that anyone genuinely believes that their obligation to their god is to conquer you and force you to submit to them as their slave. Muslims are proud of saying “We will defeat you, because you love life, and we love death”. It is a fatal mistake to believe that that is hyperbolic rhetoric. Islam has proven over and over for the last 1400 years that it is not braggadocio.

Until Islam has drained the very last dredges from the cup of death and destruction and can no longer stomach its taste, it will continue killing every and anyone who refuses to submit. Only when Muslims have had so much death and destruction forced upon them that they can no longer stand it, will there be peace with Islam.

Toto has pulled the curtain back to expose the Wicked Witch of the East? #PizzaGate Connection!!!

The rumors have been circulating, they began even before his body had grown cold. Who killed Seth Rich and why. Seth was a Democrat National Committee staffer, his position as Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC, placed him in a unique position. In short, it gave him access to DNC party officials email accounts.

During the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a very large number of incredibly damaging emails from the Clinton campaign were released by Wikileaks. Email’s which it now turns out were delivered by Seth Rich to Gavin MacFadyen who published them on Wikileaks. It was those leaks which begun the speculations behind a number of Clinton Campaign scandals.

Perhaps the most controversial and shocking of those scandals is known as #PizzaGate.

Internet is Obsessed With Bizarre Hillary Clinton ‘PizzaGate’ Conspiracy Theory

At its core, “PizzaGate” theorists allege that Clinton and Podesta are involved with a pedophile ring that operates out of the aforementioned DC pie joint. According to boards on 4Chan and Reddit, the theory simply expands from there, ensnaring thousands of high-profile politicos, entertainers and, of course, contemporary artists, in a pizza-driven orgy of Democratic politics, Satanic sacrifice, murder, dismemberment and child sex.

The pizza rumors have their origin in a few, select Podesta emails, posted by Wikileaks, that reveal the senior strategist’s penchant for Italian food. Podesta often mentions going out to get pizza, asks friends to pizza dinners, and even, allegedly, has a “pizza handkerchief” that has a DC “map of pizza” embroidered on it.

The #PizzaGate rumors have found purchase with certain indisputable facts. Bill Clinton was documented on multiple accounts of visiting Jeffrey Epstein private island (Pedoisland) aboard what has been nicknamed the #Lolita Express, Epstein’s private jet. Bill was even reputed to have ditched his Secret Service protection detail on more than one occasion in order to make such flights.

Accusations of being a sexual predator are nothing new for former president Bill Clinton, those go all the way back to his days as Governor of Arkansas, where he is reputed to have used Arkansas State Police to secure women for him. Accusations of rape nearly brought his tenure as POTUS to an end. Nor is there any doubt that he used his position as POTUS to illegally quash investigations into those rape allegations.

Nor is Bill Clinton alone in the rumor department as rumors of Hillary Clinton’s sexual deviance have likewise circulated for decades. Fueled by a reputed claim by none other than Bill Clinton that Hillary was at a bare minimum bisexual.

The 2016 President election cycle brought something even more disturbing into the public consciousness. Something that nearly every America alive today has known of, has suspected, and even had a deep dark fear existed. The 2016 election cycle brought out into the open, the DEEP STATE. The Deep State are appointed bureaucrats and federal employees, utterly unaccountable to the voters. Employees who decide which elected officials policies actually get implemented and how.

It also brought into an undeniable focus the degree and extent to which the so called “Fourth Estate” had ceased to be an unbiased guardian of the Republic and had become nothing less than a Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media machine.

Throughout the 2016 presidential race, political outsider and Republican candidate Donald Trump found himself constantly battling not just the Clinton Campaign, but the Deep State, the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media and the Republican Parties Elite Establishment Leadership. Upon entering 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the collective Deep State went into high gear making assertions that the Russian Government had hacked the DNC computer servers and released tens of thousands of emails between John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.

Consequently, we learned that Barack Obama had illegally ordered the electronic surveillance of candidate Trump and various members of his campaign. The wall to wall media accusations of Russian Government collusion with the Trump campaign we are now learning were not merely sensational speculation on the part of a media trying to capitalize on rumors. But were in fact nothing less than a highly coordinated campaign of intentional disinformation specifically designed to prevent anyone connecting the Seth Rich murder to the Wikileaks expose of the Clinton campaign emails which in turn exposed #PizzaGate.

In short, what we now know, is that Seth Rich gave those damning emails to Wikileaks, and that he was murdered for doping so. We know that John Podesta threatened to make an example of whomever was responsible for the leaked emails. Since it was John Podesta who is specifically named as a high level participant in the #PizzaGate scandal, which came to light because of those leaked emails, it becomes incredibly difficult to fail to see that threat in the light of Seth Rich’s murder, as being anything other than that of an outright ordering of a assignation contract.

Now comes the truly tragic part of this story. Enter James Comey, former Director of the FBI. James Comey was literally the face of the Deep State, but by no means the extent of the Deep State. When Comey, after listing in excruciating detail how Hillary Clinton’s State Department Private unsecured Email server was a blatant violation of National Security Laws, then extra-judicially added a non existent “Intent” clause to those laws, he did what everyone in America secretly feared the Deep state was doing.

He exposed a second full and complete legal standard that the most wealthy and politically connected people in America are able to hide behind. James Comey may be gone, but the Deep State is not. The unbelievably wealthy and powerfully politically connected individuals who make up the Deep State still all have their seats at the tables of power.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Barack Obama could literally be shown on video raping, murdering and then eating a 8 year old child in a Satanic ritual, and not a god damned thing would be done about it. As comforting and convenient as it is to suggest that this statement is merely tin-foil hat conspiracy hyper partisan hyperbole, the murder of Seth Rich tragically proves that it is actually reality.

The gate swings, the dog barks but nobody comes to investigate. The assassins work is done, the watchman paid off the police busy investigating their own navels. The newspaper headlines scream, man found shot 8 times in back of head, worst case of suicide in State history and everyone goes back to sleep. The #PizzaGate participants return to their pizza parties secure in the knowledge that they are safe.

Saying Goodbye to loved ones and the past.

Just carried out my third bag. About 50 pounds each. Memories and possessions collected here over the last 16 years. Representing 3 life’s. My brother Guy, my brother Cliff and my Mom. Things that my mom had clung to because of their sentimental value. Things I will have no room for. The job I have been holding out for doesn’t look like it is going to materialize in time for me to be able to keep my apartment.

I will be moving in with my youngest brother on June 1st. There is only so much stuff that I can take with me. So much that I simply do not have room to keep.

Maybe it will be good for me in the long run to leave here. Its kind of surprising how much stuff you accumulate if you live in the same place for a long enough time. Even more so when there is more than one person living with you. Every birth of a nephew or niece, every school picture, every graduation bring more memories, brings more stuff.

Birthdays and Christmases bring their own memories and their own accumulation of stuff.

Night has fallen on the life’s of my mother, my brother Guy and my brother Cliff. What little reminders of them I will be able to keep, will be small candles burning in the window of what remains of my life.

My Step-father was in the United States Navy, and when he went out to sea, old romantic that she was, my mother keep a centuries old tradition. She put a candle in the window every night before going to bed. The candle was there so that he could always find his way home.

Soon enough, night will fall on my time here in this apartment. When the dawn breaks, it will be a new day for me. But what kind of new day awaits me, I am no longer a young man at 56, but neither am I really an old one. It is without a doubt the autumn of my life, but autumn is not a bad time. A bit late perhaps to be starting over again, the bitterness of winter has not yet set in, soon enough to be sure, but not today, not yet.

The next three weeks, as I clean out my apartment, will be the most painful that I have ever known. I was born into a family of 5 kids. My mother, father and step father, and 3 of my sibling have shuffled off this mortal coil already. Perhaps the best thing about being born into a large family, is that you do not feel all alone. You always know that you have family.

Since February 6th, I have felt alone. While I still have one sibling left, I am still left with a profound sense of being alone, isolated in a strange and unfamiliar world. A world that I have never fit into, or felt a part of. A world that was alien, one in which only my family accepted me for who and what I am.

All of my brothers were younger than me. Only my sister was older. I never expected to out live any of them. To be truthful, I never expected to outlive my mother. I came into this world damaged, crippled, unfit to survive. Every day was an undeserved gift, and I took stupid risks and made bad decisions and bad gambles. I never expected to live this long. I never expected to bury my family.

I am reaping the rewards of my bad decisions. I do not blame anyone for what is befalling me, I made my decisions, not anyone else. I decided to reach for the golden ring, to try to be something more than I was. And I am the one who never planned for not grabbing that golden ring. I was going to be the greatest musician since Mozart, and that would provide me with fortune and fame to carry me through my life.

I was wrong. I’m not, and there was no fortune and fame. Just a very narrow skill set, of which, apparently I’m not all that particularly good at. So now at 56, jobs are damned hard to come by, and they aren’t particularly good paying ones either and I do not have skills that are in great demand.

Oh, I am not giving up, hell, I don’t know how to. But I don’t have any illusions about what is headed my way either. The future is going to be unpredictable and tough. Almost as tough as throwing away the things in my apartment. Almost as tough as letting go of the mementos of the lives of my brothers, my sister, my step-father and my mother.

With each bag of trash I carry out a little bit of me goes with it. Its hard, the hardest thing I have ever done.

Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: Louis Rossmann

Before anyone gets any idea’s. I am not gay.

Being the smoking hot nerd of the month has nothing to do with sexuality. It is a reference purely to someone who is smoking hot in their nerd abilities.

I recently stumbled across computer repair technician Louis Rossmann’s youtube channel. Dude lives in New York and owns his own computer repair shop. He is very good at what he does, which is, repair computers and cell phones, and God awfully ballsy for doing live webcasts of his work.

Give Louis a watch and I think you will both see why and agree with Louis being the Smoking Hot Nerd of the month.

A few simple thoughts on the repeal of Obamacare.

I am a supporter of President Donald Trump. I do not want anyone to be mistaken on this. However, after decades of betrayal at the hands of the GOP Establishment Marxist Elite, I simply am unable to blindly trust that they have or ever will do anything that is in the United States of America’s best interest unless they can personally make a substantial financial profit by doing so.

As a show of solidarity, I guess that’s pretty cool. The problem I have is that I still do not trust the GOP Establishment Elites. I am not celebrating the repeal of Obamacare until I know what those CONservatives in the GOP Establishment Elite have foisted off on us.

They could have repealed Obamacare 6 years ago, but didn’t. They wanted it every bit as much as their Marxist brethren in the democrat party did. At this point I’m not sure this is anything more than the Marxist Elite in our government trying to save their phony baloney jobs.

Now, with that said.

I was somewhat pleased to hear that…

1) The AHCA stripped Congress of its exemption to the AHCA, requiring them to have the exact same Health Care they intend to foist off on the rest of the Nation (at least until they vote to exempt themselves from it again).

2) Defunded Planned Murderhood.

So, I guess this might be a good start. Its much easier to change the course of a 1969 Cadillac Sedan de Ville when the engine is running and you are behind the wheel, than it is when its out of gas, you’re locked out of it and the emergency brake is on.

Caveat: In the event that the Cadillac in question has already been given the Thelma & Louise treatment and is 400 feet in the air doing 120 mph headed straight for the ground, being put in the drivers seat really is the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Definitely not SpongePuppy sneaks in and steals the freshly baked bread day.

Hey, hows everybody doing today? Just thought I would pop in and make sure we are all on the same page today. Today is freshly baked Italian bread and homemade stew day. It definitely is not SpongePuppy sneaks in pretending to be searching for the extremely rare and highly elusive Scottish Beer Hens and steals the freshly baked Italian bread and homemade stew and runs off to cozmo’s backyard to eat it all by himself day.

Ok, so Its going to be a few hours before everything finishes cooking… So, if ya’ll don’t mind, please keep an eye out for that sneaky puppy, and give me a heads up if you see him sneaking this way…


Oh, look, freshly baked homemade Italian bread…


And finally the Pickle Soup is ready…. Shhh… Don’t anybody tell SpongePuppy that the Stew is really Pickle Soup… IMG_20170430_170152.jpg

The Unholy Religion of Global Warming.

New York Times columnist and former Wall Street Journal writer Bret Stephens is tasting the less than delicious fruit of questioning the lefts newest sacred unholy religion of Globull Warming.

Times columnist blasted by ‘nasty left’ for climate change piece

Lets be perfectly crystal clear about this. Anthropogenic Global Warming aka Climate Change is a 100 percent pseudo-scientific religion.

In order for AGW to be real science, it would by necessity be required to conform to the Scientific Method.

Steps of the Scientific Method


The overall process involves making conjectures (hypotheses), deriving predictions from them as logical consequences, and then carrying out experiments based on those predictions to determine whether the original conjecture was correct.[6] There are difficulties in a formulaic statement of method, however. Though the scientific method is often presented as a fixed sequence of steps, they are better considered as general principles.[30] Not all steps take place in every scientific inquiry (or to the same degree), and are not always in the same order. As noted by William Whewell (1794–1866), “invention, sagacity, [and] genius”[11] are required at every step.
Formulation of a question

The question can refer to the explanation of a specific observation, as in “Why is the sky blue?”, but can also be open-ended, as in “How can I design a drug to cure this particular disease?” This stage frequently involves finding and evaluating evidence from previous experiments, personal scientific observations or assertions, and/or the work of other scientists. If the answer is already known, a different question that builds on the previous evidence can be posed. When applying the scientific method to scientific research, determining a good question can be very difficult and affects the final outcome of the investigation.[31]

A hypothesis is a conjecture, based on knowledge obtained while formulating the question, that may explain the observed behavior of a part of our universe. The hypothesis might be very specific, e.g., Einstein’s equivalence principle or Francis Crick’s “DNA makes RNA makes protein”,[32] or it might be broad, e.g., unknown species of life dwell in the unexplored depths of the oceans. A statistical hypothesis is a conjecture about some population. For example, the population might be people with a particular disease. The conjecture might be that a new drug will cure the disease in some of those people. Terms commonly associated with statistical hypotheses are null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. A null hypothesis is the conjecture that the statistical hypothesis is false, e.g., that the new drug does nothing and that any cures are due to chance effects. Researchers normally want to show that the null hypothesis is false. The alternative hypothesis is the desired outcome, e.g., that the drug does better than chance. A final point: a scientific hypothesis must be falsifiable, meaning that one can identify a possible outcome of an experiment that conflicts with predictions deduced from the hypothesis; otherwise, it cannot be meaningfully tested.

This step involves determining the logical consequences of the hypothesis. One or more predictions are then selected for further testing. The more unlikely that a prediction would be correct simply by coincidence, then the more convincing it would be if the prediction were fulfilled; evidence is also stronger if the answer to the prediction is not already known, due to the effects of hindsight bias (see also postdiction). Ideally, the prediction must also distinguish the hypothesis from likely alternatives; if two hypotheses make the same prediction, observing the prediction to be correct is not evidence for either one over the other. (These statements about the relative strength of evidence can be mathematically derived using Bayes’ Theorem).[33]

This is an investigation of whether the real world behaves as predicted by the hypothesis. Scientists (and other people) test hypotheses by conducting experiments. The purpose of an experiment is to determine whether observations of the real world agree with or conflict with the predictions derived from a hypothesis. If they agree, confidence in the hypothesis increases; otherwise, it decreases. Agreement does not assure that the hypothesis is true; future experiments may reveal problems. Karl Popper advised scientists to try to falsify hypotheses, i.e., to search for and test those experiments that seem most doubtful. Large numbers of successful confirmations are not convincing if they arise from experiments that avoid risk.[9] Experiments should be designed to minimize possible errors, especially through the use of appropriate scientific controls. For example, tests of medical treatments are commonly run as double-blind tests. Test personnel, who might unwittingly reveal to test subjects which samples are the desired test drugs and which are placebos, are kept ignorant of which are which. Such hints can bias the responses of the test subjects. Furthermore, failure of an experiment does not necessarily mean the hypothesis is false. Experiments always depend on several hypotheses, e.g., that the test equipment is working properly, and a failure may be a failure of one of the auxiliary hypotheses. (See the Duhem–Quine thesis.) Experiments can be conducted in a college lab, on a kitchen table, at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, at the bottom of an ocean, on Mars (using one of the working rovers), and so on. Astronomers do experiments, searching for planets around distant stars. Finally, most individual experiments address highly specific topics for reasons of practicality. As a result, evidence about broader topics is usually accumulated gradually.

This involves determining what the results of the experiment show and deciding on the next actions to take. The predictions of the hypothesis are compared to those of the null hypothesis, to determine which is better able to explain the data. In cases where an experiment is repeated many times, a statistical analysis such as a chi-squared test may be required. If the evidence has falsified the hypothesis, a new hypothesis is required; if the experiment supports the hypothesis but the evidence is not strong enough for high confidence, other predictions from the hypothesis must be tested. Once a hypothesis is strongly supported by evidence, a new question can be asked to provide further insight on the same topic. Evidence from other scientists and experience are frequently incorporated at any stage in the process. Depending on the complexity of the experiment, many iterations may be required to gather sufficient evidence to answer a question with confidence, or to build up many answers to highly specific questions in order to answer a single broader question.

In short,

Make an Observation

Form a Question

Form a Hypothesis

Conduct an Experiment

Analyse the Data and Draw a Conclusion.

There are certain requirements that any theory must satisfy before it can be deemed a scientific theory, let along an accurate one. The arguably most important criteria is, that your theory must make a verifiable prediction. If your theory does not make a testable verifiable prediction, then it is not a scientific theory. Equally important, is that if independent testing fails to reproduce your results, your theory is said to have been falsified, or proven false.

This is the foundation of what is known as the “Peer Review” process. As it was originally designed, the Peer Review process is not designed to confirm that your theory is correct, but that your peer’s involved in similar or related research are unable to falsify or prove that your results and conclusions are false.

The point at which your research and conclusions are deemed falsified, is when your theories predictions are shown to be in error by a deviation of +/- 5 standard deviations points. To be considered an actual scientist conducting genuine scientific research, you must adhere to these principals. If your theory is deemed falsified, you are required to go back to the very beginning and start over.

That means, new observations, new questions, new hypothesis, new experiments and new conclusions.

What you do not get to do and still remain an actual genuine scientist, is keep readjusting your old observation, questions, hypothesis, experiments and conclusions until you get the results you want. That is scientific fraud.

Anthropogenic Global Warming aka Climate Change failed the falsification process literally dozens of times when every single one of its prediction were repeatedly shown to have a deviation greater than +/- 5 standard deviation points. More importantly, those engaged in attempting to foist this fraud on the general public knowingly and willfully violated the dictates of the Scientific Method which required that when the predictions of their theory were independently shown to be in error, they did not adhere to the principals of the Scientific Method and return to the beginning with all new observation, questions, hypothesis, experiments and conclusions.

Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”

Physicist William Happer Schooled The CNBC Crowd On Global Warming

John Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud

So, #NeverTrump jerk and so called journalist Bret Stephens kicked the religious faithful, and is now getting mauled by them. That sucks for Bret, perhaps her should have stuck to writing safer political fiction and fantasy.