To rage against the world…

Right now, this very second, I want to break things. I want to break things on a scale most people cannot even begin to imagine. To see worlds burn, galaxies explode, to see the very universe in flames. I want to see oceans of blood. I want to kill my enemies

But there is a problem. a problem the size of the entire Universe. There is no one to blame for that which causes my rage. In 1959 my Grandfather died of Prostate Cancer, in 2001 my father died of lung cancer, in 2006 my brother Guy died of brain cancer, in 2011 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer( She survived), in 2015 my sister died of bone cancer, and now, in 2016 my brother Cliff has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, to hear the lamentations of their women.

The problem is… My enemy is a disease, its not a person. I can’t shoot it in the fucking head and watch it die. I can’t slowly disembowel its children and its wife while it watch and dine on its suffering as everything it holds dear and precious is slowly painfully forced to suffer the most degrading and painful of deaths. I can’t rip its left eye out and slowly skull fuck it as it suffers the indignity of feeling its impotency of being forced to watch me shred every single bit of it and its families dignity.

I have found myself trapped in the lowest of Dantes circles of hell.

I do not know what the future hold. Perhaps, like my mother my brother will survive this. It doesn’t even come close to being a sure bet. I can hope against statistical hope. I can pray that God intervenes, sometime he does, sometime he doesn’t.

Life is not fair, that is just the way it is. My brothers fate is not in my hands. Hell, it might even be my own fate.

Hmmm, Something odd going on here.

For about the last 6 months or so, somebody has been running my articles through a plagiarism checker. I’m really not sure what to make of this. I write everything on my blog and I write everything as my own original thoughts.

Are my thoughts inspired by the work of other people? Well, DUH… I quote other sources and attribute via links whenever I quote someone elses work. Anything else would be dishonest and, well, plagiarism.

Just for the record, since it actually seems to be an issue here of late. I am not a plagiarist, I do not steal anyones work. What you read here, are my thoughts on any given subject. They may have been influenced by what other people have expressed, but they are my own carefully thought out ideas.

Whomever it is that keeps running my articles through plagiarism checker, I don’t know why you are doing this, but knock yourself out. I have nothing to hide and I am not an intellectual thief. Perhaps I should be flattered, as I write what I write for the specific purpose of attempting to make people think about the subject that I am discussing. I do not expect or attempt to get people to blindly agree with me, I am not in the business of propaganda. I want people to think about why they hold the views and opinions that they hold.

I want people to challenge their own beliefs systems and see if what they believe actually can be supported by the facts, or if what they believe is simply a case of confrontational bias. There is nothing in all of the human condition more difficult then performing a fearless and searching moral inventory of ones own beliefs.

So, by all means, Mister or Misses Anonymous please continue running what I write through plagiarism checker, what you will find here really is what I think, and not something stolen from someone else.

FBI Edition: When liars protest.

Barack Obama tipped his hand, yet again.

In off the cuff remarks to a Television talking head, Barack Obama made it pretty damned clear that he has absolutely no intention of allowing any serious investigation or criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton clearly and indisputable violated the law. Hillary Clinton is at the very upper echelon of the Political Aristocracy. The Laws that apply to regular subjects, yes subjects not citizens, simply do not apply to those in her social class.

The United States of America has passed so far from being a Republic that even Banana Republics now look more legitimate. The Department of Just-us, or as some of us now recognize it, the Department of Injustice only serves to protect the political aristocracy. There is no longer even one single individual possessing integrity or honesty in the Department of Injustice or the FBI, they simply cannot afford it. Telling the truth or having integrity is the surest way to end up being prosecuted in the fatally toxic environment that now suffocates Mordor on the Potomac.

Speaking through a former, but now retired senior F.B.I official, mysterious and unnamed F.B.I. officials are protesting that they are not to blame in the failure to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

A spokesman for the F.B.I. declined to comment. But Ron Hosko, a former senior F.B.I. official who retired in 2014 and is now the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, said it was inappropriate for the president to “suggest what side of the investigation he is on” when the F.B.I. is still investigating.“Injecting politics into what is supposed to be a fact-finding inquiry leaves a foul taste in the F.B.I.’s mouth and makes them fear that no matter what they find, the Justice Department will take the president’s signal and not bring a case,” said Mr. Hosko, who maintains close contact with current agents.Several current and former law enforcement officials, including those close to the investigation, expressed similar sentiments in separate interviews over several days. Most, however, did so only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

This is the kind of CYA that only occurs in utterly corrupt organizations. Everybody knows that they are about to issue a completely bogus and false assertion, they all know that nobody will believe that assertion, and like rats fleeing a sinking ship, they are trying to make sure they are not held personally responsible for the bullshit that they are shoveling.

Its bad enough that after Erick Holder, we know that the current United States Attorney General is utterly and completely without honor or integrity. Loretta Lynch is a political puppet, placed in office to rubber stamp Barack Obama’s agenda. Utterly and completely incapable of acting independently or with honor and integrity. Like Barack Obama who appointed her, she has absolutely ZERO fidelity to the United States Constitution or to the oath of office she swore.

All of which makes the F.B.I’s pretense of protest all the more ironically humorous. Even if the F.B.I had the integrity and honor to do a genuinely honest investigation of Hillary Clinton, {or, well, actually for that matter, anyone or anything,} there is absolutely ZERO possibility that Loretta Lynch’s office would allow a prosecution case to be advanced.

The Obamanation Administration has used Loretta Lynch and the F.B.I as a paint brush, and with them in 100 mile tall letters written across the sky what many have suspected for decades. The Rich and Powerful and especially the Political Aristocracy are not equal under the Law, they live under a completely different legal standard than the subjects of the United States of America.

Yes, this is second time in this piece I have called American’s subject rather than citizens. The reason is as simple as it get’s. When there are two different standards of law, those above the law and those held to the law. Then all of those who are above the law are the ruling class, all of those held to the law are the subjects of the ruling class. Not citizens and only a moments displeasure of the ruling class from being a slave, incarcerated or even eliminated.

The F.B.I can protest all its innocence all it wants, but its protestations are empty, devoid of integrity and just plain insulting. Were anyone in the F.B.I or Lynch’s Department of Injustice to read this, they would no doubt be offended, outraged and insulted. That’s the way it always is when you have sold your honor and integrity for 30 pieces of silver and all you have left is the illusion of honor and integrity. You cannot through your actions prove that you still have something that you voluntarily relinquished long ago. You are left with anger as your only defense. You get angry, offended and insulted that anyone would question your honor and integrity. You get angry because deep down you know that the accusation is true and there is absolutely nothing you can do to restore that which you sold.

According to Dante’s Inferno there is a special place in hell reserved for people who betray. The F.B.I and the Department of Injustice and all who work for them have betrayed the American People and the Constitution of the United States of America. If there really is a ninth circle in hell, then surely these people deserve to be there.

Where were you when?????

Human beings are funny creatures. We number the years and name the seasons, and within our own lifetimes, when a monumental event takes place we almost always seem to place in in the context of the exact same question. Where were you when? When, John F Kennedy was assassinated, when Neal Armstrong walked on the Moon, when the Twin Towers came down?

Throughout our history, both record and unrecorded, there have been events which have had impacts far out of proportion to the extent to which they were reported at the time. From the discovery of fire to Galileo’s revelations of the heavens to Einsteins Theory of Special Relativity, the ripples that spread across time far exceed the sensationalism of their reporting.

Often times the greatest revelations initially produce seemingly inconsequential ripples, ripples that spread out over time, their true significance only becoming obvious decades or even centuries later. Newtons Laws caused a sensation in academic circles when he published Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, but their true significance was lost on the rest of the world until Neal Armstrong walked on the Moon.

A small group of academics with a passion for astronomy and Mars are currently in the process of releasing the fruits of many years of labor. Tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists will no doubt be among the first to take notice of their work. A tragedy to be certain, because it will diminish the significance of what these individuals have discovered. Worse yet, they will not doubt be the victims of endless and undeserving scorn and ridicule from their scientific and academic peers.

It is human nature to fear and ridicule that which we do not understand. You can pretty much be certain that when Ogg first discovered fire his wife was not pleased when he brought this new stuff home. Why can’t you be like other cavemen Ogg, you haven’t bonked me over the head and dragged me to the back of the cave all month.

This group of scientists and academics I refer to is collectively known as “Signiphi”. What they are about to revel has taken them more than 20 years to verify. Taken directly from them, it has all the excitement of a mathematical abstract published in an obscure Academic Journal. A real snoozer, if you get my drift. Like listening to chemists discus the nucleotide bonding sequence of peptides.

Yea, its math, its Fibonacci sequences and golden ratio’s and highly abstract mathematical concepts give weird names like Keplerforms. But buried underneath all of the arcane mathematical and academic jargon is a genuinely profound conclusion. A conclusion many have been anticipating for decades. Yet one that never the less has the very real potential to sends unprecedented shock-waves down throughout the centuries.

A discovery that will shape the future of the human race in ways we cannot even imagine.

So, please put your tray in the upright position, make sure your seat-belt is buckled have your oxygen mask handy, and get ready for the ride of your life, because when Signiphi goes public with what they have discovered, life on earth genuinely is never going to be the same.

Conservatives verses the Republican Party.

There is a civil war going on in the Republican Party. It is not a violent bloody civil war, but it is a civil war none the less. As such, a lot of hurtful and false information is being thrown around. This civil war is between the Republican Base and the Republican leadership. The Republican Base is overwhelmingly Conservative, 70 percent of the Republican Base are Conservative, only 24 percent of Republicans are moderates.

Yet this is not the make-up of the Republican Party Leadership though. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have declared war on the Conservative Republicans in the house and the Senate, stripping them of positions and influence. Even in some cases going so far as to deny them Republican Party funds to defend their congressional or senate seats.

Neither Boehner nor McConnell can honestly be called Conservatives, they are at best moderate Republicans. Their dealings in the House and Senate have a difficult time even being called moderate. Moreover, both men have heavily stacked the Republican Parties leadership with like minded congressmen and senators, not conservatives, but moderate to liberal Republicans. More importantly though, is that despite the vast majority of the Republican Base being Conservatives, the vast majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate are first and foremost, REPUBLICANS, loyal to the Party, and the Party Leadership rather than to the Base which elected them.

When John Boehner steps down at the end of October as Speaker of the House, it is widely believed that his hand picked successor will be Kevin McCarthy, who like Boehner and McConnell can clearly be seen to be among the most liberal Republicans in the House. The Party Leadership unlike the Party Base are not by majority Conservative.

The degree that this is true can be seen in Donald Trump’s popularity. It is not that Conservatives believe that Donald Trump is a Conservative, they know that he is not. Trump is a Moderate with Conservative leanings and sympathies. No, Trumps popularity is a reflection of the Conservative Base of the Republican Party’s anger at the GOP Establishment Leadership, which is totally out of sync with the party base.

After years of raging against President Obama, unhappy conservatives have a new target for their anger and disgust: the Republicans in Congress.

The GOP seized control of the House in 2010 and four years later took the Senate. Yet even with those majorities, Republican lawmakers have failed to achieve such conservative priorities as rolling back Obamacare, their derisive name for the national healthcare law, or cracking down harder on illegal immigration.

The controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is no closer to being built – indeed, it may soon be dead – tough antiabortion legislation has languished in the Senate, and a fiercely disputed nuclear deal with Iran seems virtually certain to take effect, despite near-unanimous opposition from Republicans in Congress.

In short, as many see it, the promise of the 2010 tea party movement and its 2014 echo have been dashed on the marble steps of the Capitol.
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“People feel betrayed,” said Greg Mueller, a longtime conservative activist and campaign strategist. “They feel like they keep working and fighting to elect Republicans to get us back to a limited government approach to life, and all they get is more spending, more taxes and people who are afraid to fight liberal Democrats.”

A big beneficiary of that frustration has been Donald Trump.

One of the curiosities of the 2016 presidential campaign has been the way the blunt-spoken billionaire surged to the top of Republican polls despite his relatively short party residence and history of statements —favoring higher taxes on the well-to-do, endorsing government-run healthcare, backing certain gun controls — at odds with so much of the party’s prevailing orthodoxy.

Trump has trimmed some of his positions and reversed others — he now opposes legal abortion, for instance — as he seeks the GOP nomination, a process he likens to Ronald Reagan’s evolution from New Deal Democrat to conservative icon (a comparison that glosses over the length and depth of Reagan’s conversion).

But Trump’s appeal is not so much about issues as attitude.

The reason for his success is simple, observers say: Trump is giving unsparing voice to the contempt many conservatives feel toward the political leadership in Washington, Democrat and Republican alike. The scorn runs so deep, it overrides whatever differences voters may have with Trump over his garish lifestyle, his patchwork philosophy or past stances on particular issues.

“They don’t see any difference between Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner, or Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell,” said Sal Russo, a longtime GOP strategist, referring to the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate.

“People are just sick and tired of politics as usual, where nothing ever changes,” said Russo, who helped engineer the rise of the tea party protest movement. “Anybody who helps them vent their frustration at the system is an appealing candidate.”

There are a lot of News Talking-heads and Pundits who are watching the Republican Civil War with a profound degree of disbelief and confusion. The Talking-heads and Pundits can see that the Base is angry as hell with the leadership, but what they cannot understand is the manner in which the party leadership is responding to the bases anger. Rather than addressing the core issues that are angering the base, the party leadership is doubling down on those issues and threatening and insulting the party base.

What the Talking-heads and Pundits don’t seem to understand, or perhaps they have a vested interest in not understanding, is that the GOP Establishment Leadership isn’t as clueless as the Talking-heads and Pundits think they are. The GOP Establishment Leadership actually do understand that they are in a very real and serious fight for control of the Republican Party. John Boehner’s decision to step down as the Speaker of the House came after 3 attempts by Conservatives in the House to oust him.

Conservatives Inside and Outside the House Caused John Boehner’s Downfall

Outgoing Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)
says he’s not being pushed out of the job he’s held for five years.

John Boehner acknowledges, however, that he wants to avoid the continuation of the “churning” that’s taken place within the Republican House caucus. Over the past several months, conservative members—who have become increasingly unhappy with his inability to provide meaningful opposition to President Obama’s far-left agenda—have mounted a steady rebellion.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)
has been the most visible member of that opposition, but unrest has spread to other members of the Republican House caucus whose support, until recently, Boehner has been able to count on.

Opposition to John Boehner has come from both inside the Republican caucus and outside the House. And 2016 presidential primary politics are playing a big role in why outside pressure has had an increasingly significant influence on the behavior of members of Congress.

Leading the conservative grassroots opposition from outside the House have been several groups, including an informal coalition known as Groundswell, which has met regularly on Capitol Hill once a month for the past five years. The goal is to chart a limited government path of activism to counteract the unholy alliance between the far-left and the Republican establishment that has had a death grip on Washington since the beginning of the Obama administration.

“Boehner’s fall is​ connected to why Cruz and Trump and Carson and Carly are rising because if you hear the frustration [of the conservative grassroots],​ you know citizens want the Congress to stop Obama’s [fundamental] transformation​ [of the country],” Ginni Thomas of Liberty Consulting, an activist and Groundswell member tells Breitbart News

40 percent of Americans are Conservative, 70 percent of Republicans are Conservative, yet the GOP Establishment Leadership is not Conservative. John Boehner did not so much step down, as he was thrown out. The Republican Party Base are pissed off because they are not being represented faithfully by the Party Leadership. The GOP Establishment Leadership however has no intention of going gently into that good night. House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy is believed to be John Boehner’s hand picked successor, and if confirmed as the next Speaker of the House, he will be the GOP Establishment Leadership’s paladin, their champion seeking to ensure that they retain control of the Party.

Kevin McCarthy is already making it clear that it is his intention to use even more ruthless and strong-arm tactics than John Boehner did in order to force House Republicans to surrender their allegiance to their constitutes and instead march in lockstep with whatever agenda the GOP Establishment Leadership dictates. Tragically, regardless of the percentage of the Party Base that is Conservative the majority of House Republicans have to date followed the GOP Establishment doctrine that loyalty to the GOP Establishment Agenda is more important than loyalty to the voters who put those House Republicans in office in the first place.

The probability that the Republican Party will lose control of either the House or the Senate, or quiet possibly both on November 8th 2016 as the Republican Bases anger continues to grow keeps increasing with every move that the GOP Establishment Leadership makes to keep control of the Party. There are likely to be more challenges to incumbent Congressmen and Senators. Since the GOP Establishment Leadership has chosen to defy and fight the Party Base all that is left for the Base, is to fight it out with the the party leadership.

The Party Leadership has billions of dollars to fight with, the problem that they face, is its the Base who actually do the voting. The Base is not getting less angry, they are getting more angry. The only question is, will enough of the Base join the insurgency.

Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

As Donald Trump strode onto the political stage with an unusual gait and confidence, something unexpected happened. A little girl from Kansas’s rather notorious dog repeated his most infamous trick. He pulled back a curtain and exposed for the entire world to see, a collection of old men pretending to be almighty wizards.

The New Media was fast over taking the Old Mainstream Media. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages were replacing the dinosaur print media while online sites like The Blaze and OANN (One America News Network) were chasing hot on the heels of FoxNews and CNN.

Middle Class American’s by and large have figured out that the GOP Establishment, or the Republican Party’s Elitist Leadership if you will, hold them, the Republican Party Base, in contempt and disregard. As House Speaker John “Bonehead” Boehnor and Senate Majority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell launched into vicious attack after attack against Conservatives and especially those Conservatives associated with the TEA Party sentiment it dawned on all but the densest of the Low Information Republican Voters that the Party Leadership was intentionally betraying them.

The anger at this unexpected revelation began to first simmer, then to approach a slow roiling boil. It was however an anger with no real focus point. The base was angry, but what could it do. All across the Blogsphere that anger found outlet, but it had no rallying point. The Pundit’s fed that anger for page clicks, milking it for every penny it was worth.

And then the unspeakable happened.

A focal point appeared out of nowhere. And following right behind that focal point was that damned little dog from Kansas, working its pesky little magic.

Not only were the corrupt Elitist GOP Aristocrats holding the base in contempt… But so were a significant majority of the blogsphere Punditry. It was bad enough that so called Conservative Talking heads and dinosaur print media columnists like Charles Krauthammer and George Will were in reality members of the corrupt elitist political aristocracy, but then it turned out that so were so many Blog pundits. Brave Sir Erick the Yellow (formerly of the supposedly Conservative Blog RedState) had to bravely run away. In those few and precious moments before he pulled his vanishing act, that damned little dog from Kansas once again pulled its little act.

Erick Erickson’s loyal peers in the Blog Punditry knee jerked and came screaming to his defense, thus exposing what was already becoming painfully obvious. That they were not actually Conservatives at all, just writers employing a business strategy of catering to Conservatives to earn a living. In reality, they were lieutenants GOP Establishment, tasked with keeping the dirty smelly ignorant hoi polloi of the Republican Party in line. Day after day they spewed vitriolic diatribe after vitriolic diatribe predicting the eminent demise of the Trump Campaign. Yet despite the best effort to run a IBM styled FUD campaign to destroy Donald Trumps ascending popularity, The Donald just kept getting more popular.

When FoxNew sexbait Megyn Kelly attacked Donald Trump repeatedly during the first Republican Presidential Debate, they gleefully again predicted Trumps demise. Imagine their impotent furry when instead of collapsing into obscurity, Trump surged yet again in popularity and in the polls. One can almost hear Brave Sir Erick the Yellow and his friends yelling back and forth to each other.. “Will no on rid us of this troublesome man?”

The GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocrat heir apparent Jeb Bush was getting crucified in the polls by that damned New Yorker with bad hair and politically incorrect opinions. Yet, just like Louis the XIV and Marie-Antoinette, neither the corrupt GOP Establishment elitist aristocrats nor their lieutenants in the New Media could smell the torches or see the pitchforks that their very own dirty smelly ignorant hoi polloi were carrying as they boldly marched on the Gates of Mordor on the Potomac.

The New Media had nearly succeeded in wresting control away from the old dinosaur mainstream media. The old dinosaur mainstream media had taken nearly 2 centuries to corrupt itself from being watchdogs protecting society, to become Gatekeepers of the precious information that shaped public opinion. What had taken the old dinosaur nearly 200 years to achieve, was taking the New Media closer to 2 decades to achieve.

Indeed, Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss. The new Gatekeepers of the precious information that shapes public opinion, and make no mistake about it, Brave Sir Erick the Yellow, when he said, “You will be made to care” was not just talking about the agenda of the Social Justice Warriors. He was telling you how the New Gatekeepers were going to dispense the precious information that shapes public opinion. You will be made to care…. About what the New Gatekeepers want you to care about. And it is not what the average Christian Conservative Republican Base cares about.

So, here comes Donald Trump, whose inexplicable popularity comes more from the Republican Conservative bases desire to stick the proverbial knife in the Corrupt GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocracy’s chest than from his politically incorrect opinions. The Corrupt GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocracy can no more smell the burning torches or see the glint of pitchforks than Louis the XIV and Marie-Antoinette could.

Vive la Revolution… Molon labe baby… Molon labe…