Operation Fast and Furious Ver. 2.0?

Conspiracy theories should always be regarded with great skepticism until substantive evidence moves them from unlikely speculation to substantiated fact. Given this caveat, historically documented events must also be given consideration when any radical theory is presented as a possibly explanation for an event that seems to have little information to explain it.

There are a couple of very disturbing paragraphs in the following article providing a hypothetical explanation for the actions of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. Disturbing because they do in fact have more than one historically well documented precedent.

Hotel Guest Next To Vegas Shooter Just Blew Investigation WIDE OPEN With What He Said He Saw

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An unproven theory currently being circulated by someone claiming to be an FBI agent is downright chilling, and supports the theory that there was in fact more than one shooter. In an email that was supposedly sent by an FBI agent seeking to remain anonymous, the text reveals a conspiracy of Benghazi-level proportions. The shooter was actually a FBI agent who was involved in a gun running scheme similar to what happened in Libya. But things unfortunately didn’t go as planned. A screenshot of the email is below, whose text reads:

“The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders.”

“Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious. Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS operatives who were going to meet him learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddock’s true identity. They killed him and carried out the massacre, and then fled the scene.”

The email concluded that people within the police department are “disgusted” and are “pushing for this information to be released to the public.”

While this email cannot be confirmed as being written by an actual FBI agent at this time, this theory makes perfect sense. It’s entirely possible that this was a gun-running scheme gone wrong, and once ISIS realized they were being set up, they decided to retaliate. Remember that ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, although they wouldn’t provide any proof as to why.

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Yes, I know, at first glance this is one humdinger of a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. However, that said, the fact that the FBI gun running fiasco known as “Operation Fast and Furious” is still languishing in Deep State protective custody instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day and prosecuted plus the fact that we have since learned that “Operation Fast and Furious” was not a one off rouge FBI operation means that as far fetched and tin foil hat conspiracy theoryish as this might at first glance seem, it cannot be disregarded out of hand.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department was running guns through Libya into Syria and is mostly likely the real reason for Benghazi, another mega scandal that instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into the light is still languishing in Deep State protective custody.

So as disturbing as this theory is, and yes it really is, there is well documented historical precedent for exactly this kind, type and level of incompetence and bad judgement on the part of the FBI and even more incriminatory, their ability and willfulness to knowingly and willfully commit felony crimes to cover such disastrous failed operations up.

Take the theory with a few pounds of salt, but remember, the FBI has done this in the past.