Tribute, well, sort of, to Graham Kerr.

Tonight’s entree, is Cherry Chicken flambeau, with Farfelle Alfredo and fresh snow peas.

We start with a nice hand filleted chicken breast.

Which we slowly cook in Olive Oil.

When I am cooking, it’s either in olive oil or butter. yes, it’ll probably kill me, but… Hey… Who is actually going to live for ever???

Now… the real trick here as Graham Kerr stressed more time than anyone can remember… Is to schedule the cook time right. Not everything cooks at the same speed…

So, technically, I put the snow peas on first, then the Farfelle. Once they were beginning to reach the proper temperature, then and only then did I start the chicken.

Time for that Graham Kerr tribute… Yea… Sorry… If you did not grow up watching The Galloping Gourmet, and no, I do not mean watching one or two episodes, you are not like\y to get this.

Now for those of you who do not already know this. I “technically” speaking am a disabled person. I was born with clubbed feet. That is a physical disability. I have an amazing amount of corrective surgery starting from about the time I was 8 days old to mostly correct this disability. Both of my feet were clubbed. I did not learn to walk until I was about 8 years old. Yes, I WAS that kid in the old photo’s with casts on both legs and a metal bar connecting them at the ankles.

Consequently, I spent a lot more time in front of the TV them the majority of my peers. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s if you were watching TV during the mid afternoon, odds are you were watching bullshit. TV generally sucked back then, which is not to say that it doesn’t suck now as well. However, in my personal opinion, Julia Child’s and Graham Kerr were two of TV’s redeeming characters back then.

They showed you how to make things to eat that were wonderful.

Personally, as I became an adult, I began to suspect that Graham Kerr hated what he was doing. I cannot even begin to speculate on why, but there were little hints. Hints that I picked up on at the time, but didn’t understand. If you watched enough Graham Kerr, you might have noticed that he drank a tad bit. I always thought it was simply because he was cooking. A shot of sherry for the Veal, a shot of Sherry for Graham. This was a theme that while perhaps not obvious to his casual viewers, was a giggle snort amongst his hardcore fans.

As a kid, I had trouble keeping up with all of the other kids physically. I was slower, and less coordinated, less agile. At sports, I generally got my ass kicked. On the other hand, things that didn’t required me to kick the neighborhood bullies ass, I did pretty damned well at. Graham Kerr was one of my childhood hero’s, because he gave me a more than level playing field upon which to compete. It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, if you can’t cook a souffle, you can’t cook a souffle, all the muscles in the world won’t help you.

I once heard, (I think it might have actually been Graham Kerr who said it) that cooking was like building model cars or rockets, except that when you were done, you got to eat what you had built. Even with the simplest ingredients, food does not have to be boring. Your imagination is the only limit.

Nice simple ingredients. Nothing complex at all about them.

However.. Fortunately for me… This stuff literally grows like a weed where I live. Yes.. that is the Herb Rosemary. There are, at last count (of mine which is not by any means a scientific consensuses, 5 varieties of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) which grow wild here in the part of Southern California (There are at least 24 varieties of Rosemary, all of them safe for cooking with: ‘Arp’, ‘Blue Spires’, ‘Collingwood Ingram’, ‘Golden Rain’, ‘Gorizia’, ‘Hill Hardy’, ‘Miss Jessup’s Upright’, ‘Prostratus’, and ‘Tuscan Blue’) where I reside. As it just happens, Rosemary is one of my favorite Herbs.

So… Without any further babbling…

A little Flambeau courtesy of Hiram Walker’s Cherry Brandy, (flambeau is the french art of setting your food literally on fire, without rendering uneatable)

and here you have it.

Betrayal comes in many forms.

UPDATE:… Ok, looks like I fell for a hoax. Man I really hate it when that happens. That said… Everything else still applies. Had this been real, all of the implied conditions still exist.


The most successful betrayal’s in history have nearly always come from the least expected places. A close friend, a confident, a lover or spouse, even from sibling or parents. Hence the passage from Machiavelli’s “The Prince”.

The new Prince must strive to hold close his allies, but it is of more importance to hold close his enemies…

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Just Had A Federal Judge Issue An Order To Exhume A Body

For the first time in history, a US Congressman has asked that a body be exhumed in connection with an investigation by a House intelligence committee. Judge Harmon Watson agreed to issue the order for a work crew in Fairfax, Virginia to exhume the body of Vince Foster for autopsy.

The order came just minutes after evidence turned up in the case of a murdered reporter who had an “if anything ever happens to me” letter delivered to his publication that implicated Hillary Clinton in a 23-year-old crime, which put it right around the time of Foster’s supposed “suicide.”

During the 2016 presidential campaign Trey Gowdy was a #NeverTrumper. Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Trey Gowdy has been one of Congresses most spectacular crowing peacocks, all ” a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing” yet mysteriously achieving absolutely nothing. Ok, perhaps not nothing. Perhaps Trey Gowdy has been the grandest of Potemkin village carnival barker’s or the most masterful Kabuki kanji, or perhaps just “a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more”.

Whatever Trey Gowdy is up to in exhuming the body of Vince Foster, his past record must be taken into account while speculating on his motives.

1) Trey Gowdy has information that justifies the exhumation.

2) Trey Gowdy is getting ready to throw a shiny squirrel on the stage.

3) Trey Gowdy, the #NeverTrumper is seeking to damage President Donald Trump.

4) Trey Gowdy is playing useless imbecile and being played for a fool.

One more thing to keep forefront in your mind, the Orc’s and Trolls (Congressmen and Senators) of Mordor on the Potomac play the most duplicitous and deceitful of games. Only a fool takes anything they say as truth or at face value. Whatever Trey Gowdy is up to, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of, it is not a straight forward search for the truth.

If Trey Gowdy did not think that there was some political leverage to be gained in this exhumation, he would not be doing it.

Political leverage
a) for himself.
b) for his political master’s.
c) for his Establishment Elites companions.
d) for his political party
e) For the Republic

The actual truth, yea, that’s so far down the list it doesn’t even get an alphabetical character to represent it.

I say this directly to Mr Trey Gowdy. It is both a joy and a pleasure to watch you don your prosecutorial gowns and strut your hour upon the stage. Even so, make no mistake, it has not escaped my notice that despite your strutting and crowing, your grand gestures have in the end, achieved less than nothing. All they have done is to protect the illusion that Congress is anything other than a corrupt oligarchy run by self anointed elitist aristocrats who have no intention of serving the electorate, only their own corrupt self interests.

Ziti and Broccoli in a Cheese Sauce.

The pasta is Ziti, with pork sausage, Rosemary, Garlic, Thyme, Sage and Parsley.

The sauce is Blue Cheese, Mozzarella, Sour Cream, about 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, a 1/4th cup of beef broth, and just a dash of Habanero.

The Broccoli is steamed in a double boiler for 10 minutes.

The sauce goes on both the Broccoli and the Ziti.

While a nice Zinfandel would no doubt have gone with this quiet well, frankly I really am much more of a beer kind of guy. So, it’s once again that unnamed India Pale Ale to the rescue.

Beef Stroganoff and Sauteed Asparagus…

Tonight, its beef stroganoff with sauteed asparagus.

Approximately 1/8th of a medium sized sweet onion, or more realistically, 2 1/2th inch wide slices, which were then cut in half.

1 cup of extra wide egg noodles.

1 pound of beef tenderloin strips cooked at medium temp for about 5 minutes in Robust Olive Oil.

The above onions which were sauteed in butter together with a pound of sliced baby portobello mushrooms at medium low temp, sprinkled with garlic and black pepper.

1 can of asparagus being sauteed in butter over medium heat. Yes, the asparagus does get a few light sprinkles of garlic and black pepper.

Once the mushrooms and onions were finished sauteing, which took about 8 to 10 minutes, they were added to the tenderloin. 1/2 cup of beef broth was added, and two cups of sour cream. 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and only after the sour cream and completely dissolved into the sauce, 1 tablespoon of flour was added in as a thickening agent. (I find it easier to mix the flour on cold water before adding it to sauces so I don’t get lumps in my sauces)

Tonight’s adult beverage… Is a nice India Pale Ale the name of which is being omitted because they don’t pay me to advertise for them.

Veal Parmesan and a Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

The Veal is pan fried rather than the traditional baking, it is heated once to temp by frying, then breaded. Once breaded and returned to the frying pan, the breading is sprinkled with Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine actually helps both in the flavor, and in keeping the breading on the veal.

An Italian spiced tomato sauce, (Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic, Black Pepper and Basil) goes on top of the veal, followed by 2 teaspoons of Parmesan cheese, and finally by a handful of Mozzarella cheese.

The Mediterranean Pasta Salad starts with Farfalle pasta, then gets cucumber, olives, red onion, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella cheese balls, garlic, Rosemary, red wine vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, salt and just a tad bit of Cabernet Sauvignon.


And of course, a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Real Environmentalism, vs Marxist Fake Environmentalism.

I just finished watching this Environmentalism video, which, quite frankly I both agreed with and enjoyed.

I am and have been a “Conservative” Environmentalist since the early 1980’s. One of my Oceanography Professors back in college placed me on this path. What I am not, is a rabid Marxist extremist using Environmentalism as a tool for the acquisition of power and influence. Without a source of clean water, fresh air and soil capable of growing food, the human race is as doomed as the dinosaurs. I do not believe that the carrying capacity of a health planet earth is only a few million human beings.

I do believe mankind must be rational stewards of our environment.

I believe that it is possible to be a rational capitalist environmentalist and not destroy the environment, while at the same time, not decimating the human race.

The true tragedy here, is that it is the Environmental Movement that has done the most harm to the environment. Through profoundly obvious lies, distortions and exaggerations, they have caused people who would have otherwise been sympathetic to the cause of protecting the environment to want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Yes, without question, wherever man enters a virgin habitat, his presences requires a careful management of that habitat from then on. But let us not ever fall victim to the delusion that humanity is ever going to cull itself down to a few hundred million humans so that the “Snail Darter” can survive.

Yes we both can and must do better at protecting our environment, but lying to people and deceiving them is the most certain path to ensuring that it never happens. The end absolutely never ever justifies the means. It only ensures that the worst possible outcome becomes the only possible outcome.

You want to protect the environment, you absolutely must quit assuming that people are too stupid to do what is in their own best interests unless they are lied to, deceived and frightened. You absolutely must show them the unparalleled beauty of the natural environment, make them understand how important a healthy environment is, and make them fall in love with a healthy environment.

If you cannot do these things, you are doing more harm to the environment then anyone who might be despoiling that same environment.