Operation Fast and Furious Ver. 2.0?

Conspiracy theories should always be regarded with great skepticism until substantive evidence moves them from unlikely speculation to substantiated fact. Given this caveat, historically documented events must also be given consideration when any radical theory is presented as a possibly explanation for an event that seems to have little information to explain it.

There are a couple of very disturbing paragraphs in the following article providing a hypothetical explanation for the actions of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. Disturbing because they do in fact have more than one historically well documented precedent.

Hotel Guest Next To Vegas Shooter Just Blew Investigation WIDE OPEN With What He Said He Saw

— snip —

An unproven theory currently being circulated by someone claiming to be an FBI agent is downright chilling, and supports the theory that there was in fact more than one shooter. In an email that was supposedly sent by an FBI agent seeking to remain anonymous, the text reveals a conspiracy of Benghazi-level proportions. The shooter was actually a FBI agent who was involved in a gun running scheme similar to what happened in Libya. But things unfortunately didn’t go as planned. A screenshot of the email is below, whose text reads:

“The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders.”

“Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious. Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS operatives who were going to meet him learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddock’s true identity. They killed him and carried out the massacre, and then fled the scene.”

The email concluded that people within the police department are “disgusted” and are “pushing for this information to be released to the public.”

While this email cannot be confirmed as being written by an actual FBI agent at this time, this theory makes perfect sense. It’s entirely possible that this was a gun-running scheme gone wrong, and once ISIS realized they were being set up, they decided to retaliate. Remember that ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, although they wouldn’t provide any proof as to why.

— snip —

Yes, I know, at first glance this is one humdinger of a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. However, that said, the fact that the FBI gun running fiasco known as “Operation Fast and Furious” is still languishing in Deep State protective custody instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day and prosecuted plus the fact that we have since learned that “Operation Fast and Furious” was not a one off rouge FBI operation means that as far fetched and tin foil hat conspiracy theoryish as this might at first glance seem, it cannot be disregarded out of hand.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department was running guns through Libya into Syria and is mostly likely the real reason for Benghazi, another mega scandal that instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into the light is still languishing in Deep State protective custody.

So as disturbing as this theory is, and yes it really is, there is well documented historical precedent for exactly this kind, type and level of incompetence and bad judgement on the part of the FBI and even more incriminatory, their ability and willfulness to knowingly and willfully commit felony crimes to cover such disastrous failed operations up.

Take the theory with a few pounds of salt, but remember, the FBI has done this in the past.


Dr Seuss WAS NOT A Racist.

Back in the early 1980’s I attended college for the first time. To do so, I worked as a gardener/landscaper. ONE OF THE Clients the company I worked for was a gentleman named Theodor Geisel, the vast majority of you know him as Dr Seuss.

When I was growing up in San Diego, California back in the 1970’s, San Diego was a military town, and a very conservative one at that. My father as it just so happens was a career enlisted man in the United States Navy. I grew up your typical military brat. My father was as patriotic and conservative as it is possible to be.

Meeting Dr Seuss, whose books and TV specials I grew up with and loved was something of a dream come true, but also a rather shocking wake up call regarding the nature of reality and politics in America. Theodor Geisel was not a Conservative. He was what today is described as a Classical Capital L Liberal.

Dr Seuss would meet me at the side gate to his house promptly at 7am twice a month still wearing his housecoat and slippers. Since he lived in La Jolla in a very expensive community firing up my lawn-care equipment at 7am, while technically legal was frowned upon.

Oddly, it was Theodor who insisted we get there at 7am. His solution to the unofficial ban on lawn-care equipment at 7am, was for us to sit and have English muffins and coffee/tea until 8am. During this time we would discuss world events while listening to the BBC on his radio and discuss what he wanted to do in his yard. (His back yard could well and justifiably be described as a traditional English Arboretum)

During the two years I was privileged to spend that hour sitting and talking with Dr Seuss on those mornings, we spoke on an enormous range of subjects. To be honest, many of the idea’s that Theodor espoused were more than a little disquieting to me. I will not get into what those idea’s were, suffice it to say I was a young conservative being exposed to Liberal idea’s for the first time and did not agree with many of the things that Theodor Geisel said ad believed.

I spent many hours talking with him and regardless of whether I agreed with him or not, never ever did Theodor Geisel i.e. Dr Seuss ever respond to my disagreements with him with anything other than a combination of RESPECT and Humor.

The Marxist Lefts attack on Theodor Geisel/Dr Seuss’s personal character, his moral and ethical make-up is so far beyond the pale as to virtually constitute a crime against humanity. I do not care how much you hate President Donald Trump, casting such vile reprehensible aspersions upon Dr Seuss’s character is disgusting and utterly unacceptable.

Theodor Geisel was a true and genuine champion of human rights, a defender of the defenseless, and an opponent of oppression of all kinds. Dr Seuss was one of the kindest, gentlest, most caring and loving human beings I have ever been privileged to meet.

To this day I am and remain an ardent Conservative. Dr Seuss did not change that. But my discussions with him did impact many of my ideological perceptions. I am not prone to defending Liberals and will never defend a Marxist. Theodor Geisel was a Classical Liberal, more conservative in many ways than those so called conservatives collectively known as “Conservative Inc.”

I am angered and insulted down to my soul that the left has besmirched Dr Seuss with these false and utterly repulsive allegations that he, or any of his work were in any way, shape or form racist or oppressive. Dr Seuss was not only not a racist, that assertion is about as far from reality or the truth as it is possible to get. It embodies the lefts “The End Justifies the Means” corrupt vile and evil ideology and does not nor should it even be imagined or entertained to exist in any reality inhabited by Theodor Geisel/Dr Seuss.

Pumpkinhead is alive and well in the African American Community.

1988 saw the creation of one of America’s darkest Horror Films.


Here is the plot synopsis.

After his son dies in a hit-and-run accident, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) seeks revenge against the teenagers responsible. With the help of a local witch (Florence Schauffler), Ed summons the vengeful demon Pumpkinhead to hunt and kill the group of friends. But when Ed discovers a bond between himself and the creature, he begins to have second thoughts about employing the vicious monster, and he fights to end Pumpkinhead’s murderous rampage before it is too late.

What the plot synopsis leaves out, is that in order to summon Pupkinhead, the person summoning him has to agree to sacrifice their immortal soul to hell for Pumpkinheads services. The service that Pumpkinhead provides is to exact the most violent painful revenge on whomever the supplicant asserts has wronged them. The cost of that revenge is eternal torment in hell.

The moral lesson underlying the Pumpkinhead movie, is that there are people for whom no price is to great to extract their revenge on whomever they believe has wronged them. It should also be very clearly stated here, we are not talking about imagined wrongs or minor trivial wrongs. But real genuine wrongs, devastating unaddressed wrongs. But, as the movie makes clear, obtaining such revenge often means exacting it not only on those who genuinely wronged you, but on innocent individuals as well.

During the 1930 and 1940 Marxist violent revolutionary advocate and “Community Organizer” Saul Alinsky, carefully and faithfully following the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels made his entry into the Harlem Community. Where he began a systematic program of indoctrination and propaganda based on Marx and Engels doctrine of creating civil unrest in minority communities.

At no point should it be assumed that the African American Community during the 1930’s and 1940’s did not have very real and legitimate grievances with American society as a whole. The path towards redressing those legitimate grievances was a minefield littered with the corpses of naive and well intentioned individuals. Racism was the legacy of America’s most bloody and violent war. It was the legacy of ruthless unscrupulous individuals with unbounded political ambition.

Attempts to heal the savage wounds of America’s Civil War were sabotaged by power hungry vindictive individuals literally from the moment John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. It was Lincoln’s desire to reintegrate the South into America by pardoning Confederate Soldiers and granting them the status of Honorable Members of the United States Military who served with courage and distinction for fighting for their convictions.

Lincolns plan for Reconstruction was crushed within hours of his assassination by members of the Democrat Party who refused to forgive or forget the transgressions of the Republican Party and who saw an opportunity for political power in fanning the flames of anger and resentment caused by the violence and destruction of the Civil War.

It was those members of the Democrat Party who created America’s unjust and racist “Jim Crow” laws, who created the Racist Organization the “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan”.

Ku Klux Klan

Although there was little organizational structure above the local level, similar groups rose across the South and adopted the same name and methods.[26] Klan groups spread throughout the South as an insurgent movement promoting resistance and white supremacy during the Reconstruction Era. For example, Confederate veteran John W. Morton founded a chapter in Nashville, Tennessee.[27] As a secret vigilante group, the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans. In 1870 and 1871, the federal government passed the Enforcement Acts, which were intended to prosecute and suppress Klan crimes.[28]

The first Klan had mixed results in terms of achieving its objectives. It seriously weakened the black political establishment through its use of assassinations and threats of violence; it drove some people out of politics. On the other hand, it caused a sharp backlash, with passage of federal laws that historian Eric Foner says were a success in terms of “restoring order, reinvigorating the morale of Southern Republicans, and enabling blacks to exercise their rights as citizens”.[29] Historian George C. Rable argues that the Klan was a political failure and therefore was discarded by the Democratic leaders of the South. He says:

the Klan declined in strength in part because of internal weaknesses; its lack of central organization and the failure of its leaders to control criminal elements and sadists. More fundamentally, it declined because it failed to achieve its central objective – the overthrow of Republican state governments in the South.[30]

After the Klan was suppressed, similar insurgent paramilitary groups arose that were explicitly directed at suppressing Republican voting and turning Republicans out of office: the White League, which started in Louisiana in 1874; and the Red Shirts, which started in Mississippi and developed chapters in the Carolinas. For instance, the Red Shirts are credited with helping elect Wade Hampton as governor in South Carolina. They were described as acting as the military arm of the Democratic Party and are attributed with helping white Democrats regain control of state legislatures throughout the South.[31] In addition, there were thousands of Confederate veterans in what were called rifle clubs.

Saul Alinsky, a ardent and arguably brilliant Marxist Socialist revolutionary saw the African American Community as the perfect breeding ground for the civil unrest required according to Marxist theory to destroy American Capitalism and bring about a Marxist revolution in America.

He gained entry into the African America Creative Arts community in Harlem by seeming to sympathize with their plight and unjust social stigmatization. He preached to them that White America would never accept them as equals and would only grant them equal rights status if violently forced to do so. More importantly, Saul Alinsky knowingly and willfully played on their legitimate anger and resentment over their unfair treatment. Fanning the flames of their legitimate anger and resentment until it became a lust for revenge at any cost.

Saul Alinsky made the African American Community the original Faustian/Pumpkinhead deal. After fanning their anger and resentment into a insane inferno of hatred, he offered them a chance to obtain revenge. He played his amazing grasp of mob psychology against a people with legitimate grievances to the point that they were willing to sacrifice their souls and the souls of generations of their children to an eternity of unimaginable suffering for revenge.

Saul Alinsky’s legacy is indelibly carved all across the African American Community today. It can be seen in their reverence for violent criminal gangsters, for criminal activity, for the destruction of their nuclear family structure. The African American Community, deceived by Saul Alinsky summoned Pumpkinhead to exact revenge on America. Pumpkinhead, true to his demonic nature has claimed the souls of a large segment of the African American Community as well as the lives of many innocent people both in White America as well as in the African American Community.

Just as importantly, those members of the African American Community who like Ed Harley are having second thoughts, or who have decided to fight to end Pumpkinheads reign of terror and revenge are discovering much to their horror, that once summoned, Pumkpinhead is far more difficult to vanquish than imagined. Racism is a vile and evil mental psychosis, but it is by no means limited to White America. It is every bit, if not even more systemic in the African American Community. No one is immune to Racism, it is a mental psychosis born out of an ancient tribal fear of others.

Pumpkinheads reign of terror and revenge will only be brought to an end, when rational reasonable people of all races see that using fear, anger and revenge motivations for political power are EVIL tactics that need to be treated with the same disgust and rejection as slavery was.

Here There Be Monsters.

Many years ago, a long long time ago. Which is to say, way back in the darkest mists of time long time ago, back even before the almighty Internet was created. There were crazy people living on the face of the earth. People even crazier than the Flatearthers who dwell over in Youtubeland. People with even fewer functional braincells than the Hillary Clinton supporters.

These cray-cray people used to do the most absurdly insane things. Things like going to actual real physical places, not Google Maps Satellite view places. Places that they did not really know where they were. Places that did not have Yelp reviews. Places that they could not google directions to get to. Yep, those people were stone cold cray-cray crazy.

But… Believe it or not, they weren’t even the most cray-cray of the crazies. Their were other cray-cray crazies even crazier. When the first group of cray-cray crazies would go out on their cray-cray crazy adventures (no website ordering pizza deliver places) some of them would take pen and ink and paper and draw stone knife and bear skin primitive versions of Google Maps and send them of the other even cray-cray crazies so that they could follow the cray-cray crazies on their no delivery pizza adventures.

When those cray-cray crazy people drawing those fake not current un refresh-able paper versions of Google Maps quit exploring (probably so that they could go find a proper Pizza place) and they still had blank paper on their fake Google Maps drawings, they would draw pictures of sea serpents and other monsters and write big bold warnings in those otherwise blank spaces that said “Here There Be Monsters”.

Even cray-cray crazy people accidentally get a small detail right every now and then. Everyone with 1/10th of a functional brain-cell (your typical #Antifa or Black Lives Matter Activist for example) knows that there really are places where there are monsters. The Dark Web for example, or your local Planned Parenthood Execution facility, the ACLU or SPLC, or a CNN Broadcast facility, or your local Islamic Mosque. No shortage of real places where there certainly do be Monsters.

Funny (funny as in tragic how the hell did this happen, not funny ha-ha) thing happened in America while America was sleeping. A group of Monsters hooked chains to America and silently dragged it from the place on the fake paper version of Google Maps that said, “You are Here” over to the spot that said, “Here There Be Monsters”.

Now people all across America, people older than dirt, people older than your big brother, meaner than your big sister, people as dumb as your parents, well, actually, people just like your rent’s are waking up to discover that they are surrounded by Monsters. Monsters you probably think are cool. Cool because they are destroying everything your rents and grand’s built.

As it turns out, there are tons of places here in America now that really should have mile tall flashing Neon warning signs that say, “Here There Be Monsters”. Places like Berkeley California, which quiet frankly really should be walled off like New York City Prison was in the 1981 Documentary “Escape from New York”.

Berkeley California is the place where home grown American Monsters send their children to be sacrificed by the high priests of Karl Marx to the God’s of the Market Place on the alters of the Temple John Jay College. These are modern day followers of Baal whose prehistoric predecessors used to roll their children down into the red hot outstretched hands of Baal which were right over a large fire pit for the promise of financial reward, a pay raise, and a office cubical with a window. Same group, they just moved from Carthage to Berkeley California.

The Administrative Staff at John Jay College are recruiters for #Antifa. They hire Violent Marxist Revolutionaries to “Fundamentally Transform” the Monsters tragically deformed unMonster Children into genuinely soulless Monsters just like their Rents. Since the Monsters snuck in while America was sleeping, America has had a new national pastime foisted off on it.

This new national pastime is a very special virtue signaling competition. Its a competition to see who can “Fundamentally Transform” their own healthy decent children into the most deviant perverted heinous of Monsters. Berkeley California’s John Jay College is where the Varsity Team send their children. Its where the Jeff Zuckerberg social class wannabes make their sacrifices to the God’s of the Marketplace for a better paying job, an office with a view and an extra marital affair that doesn’t cost them half of their fortune.

Yes, there are indeed places in America that should be marked with warning signs reading “Here There Be Monsters” Berkeley California, any CNN Studio, Mordor on the Potomac. These places however are not marked, and they are not marked with warning signs, because the Monsters running them do not want them marked. Because Ted and Gail down the street, who are sacrificing their daughter Zoe to the God’s of the Marketplace by handing her over to the high priests of Karl Marx at the Temple of John Jay College do not want them marked.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, his second greatest trick was convincing American’s that his High Priest Karl Marx was a brilliant educator. America’s foundational institutions have by and large all been infiltrated by violent Marxist revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the United States Constitution and the Constitutional Republic that it created and sustains. Berkeley’s John Jay College is a perfect example of a public well that has been poisoned and is now infecting American’s with the Zombie plagues.

Yes indeed, “Here There Be Monsters”.

The Cradle of the Free Speech Movement. (An exceptional Marxist Lie)

Over and over again the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Mainstream Media continues to push one of its favorite lies. That lie? That UC Berkeley is the “Cradle of the Free Speech Movement”. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Mainstream Media are 100 percent fully aware of this. They are knowingly, willfully and with a full forethought of malice lying to any and everyone foolish enough to listen to them when they make that assertion.

Let’s take an honest look at that so called “Free Speech Movement”.

1960s Berkeley protests

The Berkeley protests were a series of events at the University of California, Berkeley, and Berkeley, California, in the 1960s. Many of these protests were a small part of the larger Free Speech Movement, which had national implications and constituted the onset of the counterculture era. These protests were headed under the informal leadership of students Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg, Brian Turner, Bettina Aptheker, Steve Weissman, Art Goldberg, Jackie Goldberg, and others.

Here is your cast of leading actors in this farcical play.

Mario Savio

The Free Speech Movement and the Negro Revolution

by Mario Savio, Eugene Walker, Raya Dunayevskaya

This classic 1965 pamphlet recovers a crucial link in the history of revolt has a critique of education that remains just as incisive today reveals the underlying humanist philosophy of the Black revolution and of the Free Speech Movement relates the movement’s revolt against alienation to Marx’s and Hegel’s concepts of alienation and its transcendence.

And that literally is all you need to know about Mario Savio, like nearly all Marxists Revolutionaries/Activists of generations prior to 1980, he went to great lengths to hide his Marxist affiliations and engaged in the traditional practice of changing word meanings. Yet, when examined critically, the bedrock foundation of his message is clearly exposed as Marxist Ideology.

Jack Weinberg

Weinberg joined the Independent Socialist Club in 1966 and helped organize it into a national movement—the International Socialists—of which he was a national council member.[4]

Again, all you need to know.

Suffice it to say, that I could go through the entire cast of leading characters and the exact same trail of bread crumbs would follow. Always leading back to Marxism, Socialism or Communism.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist

Now Marxists, Socialists and Communists will nearly all argue strenuously that they are not the same thing. The Socialists and Communists will argue that they are not Marxists, they will even insist that there are different flavors of Socialism and Communism which diverge from each other. In a way, this is true. Not all poison is cyanide.

If, however, you have ever actually read the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels then you know that what they believed and taught was that Socialism and Communism were necessary and required steps towards Marxist Socialism.

However, and this is absolutely key to understanding the FSM. Marxism, Socialism and Communism all have the same root system. It was a 17th century so called “Enlightenment” ideology which was predicated upon the violent destruction of the three main socioeconomic systems of their time. Mercantilism i.e. Laissez Faire Capitalism, Aristocracy, and Judaeo-Christian Religion.

While their asserted goal was to over throw at any cost the tyrannical oppression of the masses by the powerful elite of those three systems and place governance of the masses into the hands of the masses, the truth was much more nefarious. Their real goal, just as with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, was nothing more noble or humanitarian than to overthrow the current powerful and elite and replace it with themselves.

During the 1920’s and 1930’s in America efforts by Marxist, Socialist and Communist revolutionary activists brought upon those Marxist, Socialist and Communist revolutionary activists the hostile attention by the American political system that attempts to violently overthrow any government naturally would. As a consequence, the Marxist, Socialist and Communist revolutionary activists found it expedient to continue their fight via deceptive means.

They created secret organizations and publicly disavowed Marxist, Socialist or Communist ideologies. They began their long march through America’s most influential institutions. All the while engaging in a careful plan of manipulation of word meanings designed to allow them to preach their Marxist, Socialist and Communist message without the intended recipients of that message being aware that they were being indoctrinated into Marxism.

The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” became “From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs”. When confronted with this fact, Mario Savio and his Free Speech Movement Marxist cohorts feigned ignorance and pretended that it was mere coincidence that their message was a literal paraphrasing of Karl Marx’s ideology. This despite giving speeches defending Marxism and decrying the alienation to Marx’s and Hegel’s concepts of alienation and its transcendence.

Mario Savio and the other Free Speech Movement Student Leaders were in fact disciples of and putting into practice the teaching of America’s most successful and notorious Marxist Revolutionary Activist Saul Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, they cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within”. And that is exactly what Mario Savio and the other Free Speech Movement Student Leaders did. They went undercover, cut their hair, put on suits and became the establishment. But make absolutely no mistake about this.

At no time ever was the so called “Free Speech Movement” about “Free Speech”. It was always and even to this day remains a Marxist campaign to allow Marxist Revolutionary Activist to wage a campaign of indoctrination and public opinion manipulation to make Marxism palatable to average American’s by deceiving them into believing that their own long held and cherished beliefs were in fact those of Marxism.

This can be thought of in terms of how Obamacare was foisted off on the American public. Where Traitor Harry Reid, in the middle of the night to a bill that had already passed, removed everything from the bill except its title and inserted a completely different bill and deemed it to have passed.

This is the dishonestly being foisted off on the American people with regards to the “Free Speech Movement”. Its cradle was not UC Berkeley, the real and true cradle of the Free Speech Movement was either New York City or Philadelphia and it was not in the 1960’s, it was back in the 1770’s. Free Speech was enshrined in the United States Constitution as the foundational bedrock of the US Constitution in Philadelphia in 1776 with the creation of the United States Constitution.

Amendment 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The so called “Free Speech Movement” in Berkeley was never anything more than American Marxists engaging in an attempt to overthrow the American Constitutional Republic through deceit and deception. Because of WWII Marxism, Socialism and Communism had become anathema to the American public in general.

Yes, the real truth is that the Nazi’s, Stalin’s Communists and Chairman Mao’s Communists were in fact Marxists. Though their brands of Marxism differed in various details, the only true significant differentiation between them, remains the exact same differentiation between all Marxists, Socialists and Communists today, and that differentiation is, who ends up in the drivers seat. Who rules the new Marxist Utopia.

Cthulhu will devour the Sun

Cthulhu will devour the Sun today because evil old white slaver owner Donald Trump is icky and mean. Only George Soros can save us by deploying his mighty legions of Antifa BLM warriors to do battle with Cthulhu and wrest the sun back from Cthulhu terrible grip.

Be on your guard as the evil Trump has given his legions of Racist Nazi’s White Supremacists orders to stop George Soros angelic freedom fighters from doing battle with Cthulhu. Trump and his evil Racist Nazi’s White Supremacists seek to entomb first America and then the entire world in a suffocating blanket of darkness so that their lord and master Cthulhu may walk the earth devouring the souls of the servants of humanities true Lord and Savior Karl Marx.

Be strong oh mighty Antifa BLM warriors, raise your voices against Cthulhu, shout him from our sky, raise your holy fists and smite the servants of Cthulhu and his false prophet Donald Trump. Remember oh mighty Antifa BLM warriors, “There is no God but Karl Marx, and George Soros is his messenger.”

More Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media Lies and Deceits.

Despite the Media’s best efforts the truth is slowly leaking out.

Charlottesville was a setup. An event intentionally manufactured by the “Resistance” in the hopes that violent clashes between the Alt-Right who they intended to paint entirely as “White Nationalists” or more precisely as “White Supremacists” and the so called peaceful counter protestors, who were in fact the ultra violent leftist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports that Jason Kessler, the organizer of last Saturday’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is rumored to be a former Occupy Wall Street activist and supporter of Barack Obama.

The left-wing SPLC is often partisan and overzealous in targeting hate groups, lumping legitimate conservative organizations together with actual extremists. Therefore its identification of Kessler’s left-wing roots is significant.

The SPLC notes:

Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.

Charlottesville’s Mayor.

Michael Signer

Michael Signer is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia[1] and an author, advocate, political theorist, and attorney. He is a Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. He is a lecturer at the University of Virginia.

He has worked for the Center for American Progress and worked with John Podesta on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team.[2]

What did Micheal Singer do?

Police Ordered to STAND-DOWN In Charlottesville, Paid Protesters Exposed


Did Micheal Singer intend for anyone to die? Probably not. But his actions however clearly caused that result. What indisputably was the intent, was to create a media made to order clash that could be used as a weapon against the Trump Administration.



With their narrative on what happened in Charlottesville already threatening to collapse, the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media is already attempting to create a fall back narrative.

Trump blames ‘both sides’ for Virginia violence as many Republicans balk

By Amanda Becker and Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump inflamed tension after a deadly rally by white nationalists in Virginia by insisting that counter protesters were also to blame, drawing condemnation from some Republican leaders and praise from white supremacists.

In a combative news conference, Trump backed off from his Monday statements explicitly denouncing the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacists for the violence that erupted at a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, and reverted to his weekend contention that “many sides” were to blame.

“You had a group on one side that was bad,” Trump said on Tuesday. “And you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that. But I’ll say it right now.”

Trump later said, “I think there is blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it,” adding that there were “very fine people” on both sides.

At the weekend rally against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, commander of the pro-slavery Confederate army during the U.S. Civil War, many participants were seen carrying firearms, sticks, shields, and lit torches. Some wore helmets.

Counter-protesters came equipped with sticks, helmets and shields.

In other words, the evidence is now mounting that this was a setup. The Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media was invited to this event knowing full
well in advance that the Mayor’s office intended this event to become violent. That the Mayor had ordered the police to stand down and allow the ultra violent Antifa and Black Lives Matters extremist groups to violently confront the Alt-Right group.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media was there to capture specific violent events that they would the in turn use as anti-Trump propaganda.

FLASHBACK: Charlottesville Mayor Declares City ‘Capital Of The Resistance’

Signer reacted to the violence Saturday by blaming Trump, arguing that blame for the incident “goes right to the doorstep of the president and the people around him who chose to dance with the devil in their presidential campaign.”

Signer defended his statement Saturday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, citing the “intentional courting” of white supremacists by the Trump campaign as well as Trump’s failure to mention the racist ideology animating the riot.

Signer continued to blame Trump for the riot Monday, saying that Trump “had his opportunity” to respond to the day’s events and he “whiffed” during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.” (RELATED: Charlottesville Mayor: Trump ‘Whiffed’ On Response To Riots)

While Signer has been quick to blame Trump’s campaign messaging for the riot’s tragic outcome, a number of those present at the rally said the violence escalated dramatically as a direct result of police inaction.

President Trump clearly has very good intelligence on the events in Charlottesville and isn’t falling for this false flag propaganda staged theater. Nor does it appear that Trump is giving any ground to the Marxist infiltrators within the Republican party that are and always have been #NeverTrump.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media will continue to lie and deceive about what really happened in Charlottesville for as long as they can. When they can no longer support or justify their lies and deceits, they will quietly drop the story and move on to the next false flag operation.

Charlottesville is Berkeley all over again, except this time one of the Antifa rioters died.