The Awful Truth

Planet Earth is the habitat for three distinct life forms.

Chemosynthesic, is the biological conversion of one or more carbon molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic

Photosynthesic, is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

Animals, which can only survive by consuming the flesh of other once living creatures.

You and I are technically listed under the heading of Animals; in order for us to survive and propagate, we must consume things that were once living creatures. We have no other option for survival.

For every day we are alive some other living creature must DIE, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Whether it is a plant or another animal without their flesh or their reproductive systems, we die…

Scientific evidence now suggests that our intelligence is directly linked to a combination diet of both plant and animal flesh, heavy on the animal flesh.  The evidence also clearly indicated that a strict vegetarian diet results in shrinkage of the brain. Intelligence is directly linked to brain size.

We go to the grocery store and purchase food stuffs , we don’t kill our own food anymore (well most of us anyways). We have become removed from the death cycle and begun a new death cycle in the process.

We cannot sustain our current level of intelligence on a purely vegetarian diet. And a growing segment of our population cannot endure the grief of eating the flesh of animals.

These members of our society hide their revulsion of one kind of act mandatory for survival behind a hypocrisy of shades. Vegetables have no self-awareness they assert and are thus acceptable for consumption; it eases their sense of guilt at the cost of their survival.

Yet those plants are no less alive than any animal. The hypocrisy is that since plants are not ambulatory they some how are less deserving of their lives. This is hypocrisy of the rankest and most foul kind. It denies the indisputable reality that for them and you and me, something must die every day for us to remain alive and for us to retain our intelligence a significant porting of those things that must die are ambulatory animals.

This is the awful truth behind our civilization. We are killers and we must kill to survive and remain intelligent.


The Society for the Preservation of the Lunar Environment

Water, say’s NASA has been discovered on the surface of the moon. Soon every government on Earth will be clamoring to establish their own colony on the moon to exploit the moons natural resources.

Now while the moon is still a pristine environment must we act to prevent this ruthless exploitation. Thus in the name of Environmentalism I lay claim to the title,  The Society for the Preservation of the Lunar Environment…  TSFTPOTLE if you will..

We have only one moon and if we don’t protect it now from greedy corporations and immoral governments we may never have another chance to preserve it’s natural beauty for future generations.

It is our responsibility to act and to act now. Don’t let your voice be silenced by ruthless developers and corrupt governments who would spoil the natural lunar environment through commercialization and pollution.

This issue is far to important to be left up to politicians and government bureaucrats whose only interests are to line their pockets at the expense of the Lunar environment and future generations.

The Elephant in the Room

The State of California spends 492 billion a year on state regulations. A full one third of its yearly gross domestic product.  Keeping this in mind is there one single sane person in the entire United States who doesn’t instantly understand why California has a 12.2 percent unemployment rate.

When one third of the sixth largest economy on earth gets consumed by regulations can there possibly be any greater indication of government corruption or the affect that the Obama administrations ever increasing regulation of the entire rest of the United States economy is heading?

The common wisdom is that California is the Canary in the coalmine for the US economy, which is to say, as goes California so goes the US economy. To say that California’s economy is going to hell in a hand basket would be a profound understatement.

The solution to California’s economic problems mirror the solution the Americans economic problems. Reduce the rate of regulation to a rate that doesn’t strangle productivity, say 1/20th of the GDP.

The Elephant in the room is excessive government intervention into the regulation of lawful commerce, bring government intervention under reasonable control and the economy will thrive.

“Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things.”

If the Obama administrations number one rule is never waste a good crisis then their number two rule must surely be make every thing into a crisis.  Moreover, their number three rule must be, deflect attention from administration problems with small or imaginary crises.

The Obama administration has run into a brick wall with its health care agenda, suddenly half a dozen home grown Al Queda terrorist plots are publicly uncovered. Distract… H1N1 rears it ugly head… Distraction… Dictators speak at the UN  and Obama seems to get tough with Iran over its secret enrichment facilities, that the Obama administration has known about for 9 months… Distraction.   ACORN scandal begins to break… Distraction.

Are the Al Queda terrorist plots important? You bet your ass, but these are not breaking news events, they are ongoing investigation that are at least a year old.  The timing of them being reported on is not coincidence it is convenient to the point of being a distraction.

Swine flu? Of course it’s important, but again it’s the timing of a story once again breaking into prominence that is well over a year old.

Ahmadinejad, Kadifi, and Chavas speaking at the un, happens almost every year and everyone knows that they will spew out vicious bile about the United States and lie about themselves.  Again, nothing new or surprising here.

Obama seeming to get tough with Iran… Yawn….. So Obama is threatening to send Iran another harshly worded memo. And yet somehow this is important breaking news? No, it is just one more in a long string of distractions.

And finally ACORN… They more than anyone else are responsible for getting Obama elected, yet Obama didn’t know they were ear marked to receive 8.5 billion in public funds? More importantly he knew nothing about the O’Keef and Giles video tapes?

Bullshit, nobody and I mean nobody throws people under the bus more skillfully or frequently then Obama.

We are left with the glaring and indisputable conclusion; The Obama Administration is adhering to rules 1, 2, and 3 with a religious dedication.  Take nothing this administration does at face value, like any good lawyer (Hmmm, oxymoron there eh?) Obama is a master of obfuscation distraction and misdirection.

Observations on the Law of Unintended Consequences

Barack Obama campaigned on the promises of hope and change.

Hope that things would get better and a change in the direction that the nation would move.

He promised a greater degree of transparency in government and that government would become more responsive to the will of the people.

He promised to eliminate government waste and corruption and restore honor and dignity to the federal government.

These were the things that the American people responded to in his campaign.  These are the things that so far have been the furthest thing from the reality that Barack Obama has actually delivered.  And yet, in what can only be described as a near magical application of the law of unintended consequences they may actually turn out to be the Barack Obama legacy.

By being perhaps the least transparent administration in US history the Obama administration is provoking a degree of distrust and anger in the American public never experienced by any other administration.

With his connections to ACORN the degree of corruption within the Obama administration is quickly developing into a scandal that will make Nixon’s Watergate look like a couple of kindergarten kids stealing penny candy from the local drugstore.

His arrogant disregard for the US constitution is provoking an outcry within the general US public that may very well result in significant reductions in the size and scope of both federal and state governments.

Probes into his administration’s ethical standings are growing faster than the very universe is expanding and virtually no aspect of his ideological or political beliefs are avoiding  scrutiny.

Thus we return to law of unintended consequences.  While it is obvious to any honest and objective observer that Barak Obama has an agenda far different that that which he used to sell himself to the American people, the results of his over reaching arrogant and condescending behavior  may well be the provocation of the general public’s demands for exactly those things that Obama himself promised.

Greater transparency in the government, massive investigations into government corruption, reductions in federal and state bureaucracies and limitations on political terms.

The Law of Unintended Consequences…