The little tiny trial balloons of David Brooks

David Brooks is little more than a Marxist propaganda artist, his whole purpose in life it to launch little tiny trial balloons.

One of the primary rules to propaganda is, that those you wish to manipulate must be conditioned to think a certain way. And you do that conditioning by having allies in the media place certain small idea’s in front of them on a regular basis. Ideas that they would reject outright the first time they hear those ideas.

But expose them over and over and over to those ideas as part of their general discourse and you can eventually get them to not reject those ideas. Once you have them not rejecting an idea, their accepting and embracing those ideas is just a short step away.

That is exactly how the media brainwashed America into accepting homosexuality, a deviant sexual behavior practiced by less than 2 percent of the population, that as recently as the 1940’s was considered by 95 percent of the American population to be a perversion equal in it’s unacceptability to child molestation, that as recently as the American Civil War, was considered a capital offense that you could be executed for.

Homosexuality is not the only radical abhorrent idea that Americans have been brainwashed/indoctrinated to accept in exactly this same manner. During the 40’s and 50’s Communism/Marxism was correctly and accurately recognized in America as the most evil vile bloodthirsty abomination of a political ideology ever conceived of by human beings in the entire history of the human race.

The number of innocent human beings sacrificed in insanely imbecilic and futile attempts to implement Communism/Marxism hovers somewhere just south of 300 million. All of them, murdered in the last 70 or so years to prove that if only the right people were in charge, an ideology fundamentally and diametrically opposed to the very basic nature of life itself, could usher in a utopia the likes of which would make even god and the angles weep.

David Brooks now engages the Fifth Column Treasonous Media Mind Control Ray on the unsuspecting, unwary and mostly already brainwashed unwashed masses, the subtle message is quite clear. You little people need a ruling class aristocrat to manage your poor pathetic little lives for you, quit objecting and accept reality, allow your bettors to do what they have been born and bred to do.

Personally I have no use what so ever for Mr. David Brooks or any of his ilk, the sooner they drop dead, the sooner I can piss on their graves.