More trouble with Robots.

I recently wrote a snarky piece about robots taking jobs away from low and semi skilled blue collar workers. One of my readers pointed out that there is already software being written that writes. (H/T Ms Jackie)

Well, it seems that the threat isn’t confined to just low and semi skilled blue collar workers, or even to writers. The robots or actually in this case, computer software is also gunning for highly skilled white collar office workers.

The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street

This might sound like bragging. But Nadler was primarily recounting those reactions as a way of explaining his concern about the impact that start-ups like his are likely to have on the financial industry. Within a decade, he said, between a third and a half of the current employees in finance will lose their jobs to Kensho and other automation software. It began with the lower-paid clerks, many of whom became unnecessary when stock tickers and trading tickets went electronic. It has moved on to research and analysis, as software like Kensho has become capable of parsing enormous data sets far more quickly and reliably than humans ever could. The next ‘‘tranche,’’ as Nadler puts it, will come from the employees who deal with clients: Soon, sophisticated interfaces will mean that clients no longer feel they need or even want to work through a human being.

‘‘I’m assuming that the majority of those people over a five-to-10-year horizon are not going to be replaced by other people,’’ he said, getting into the flow of his thoughts, which, for Nadler, meant closing his eyes and gesticulating as though he were preaching or playing the piano. ‘‘In 10 years Goldman Sachs will be significantly smaller by head count than it is today.’’

Goldman executives are reluctant to discuss the plight of their displaced financial analysts. Several managers I spoke to insisted that Kensho has not yet caused any layoffs, nor is it likely to soon. Nadler had warned me that I would hear something like that. ‘‘When you start talking about automating jobs,’’ he said, ‘‘everybody all of a sudden gets really quiet.’’

Goldman employees who lose their jobs to machines are not likely to evoke much pity. But it is exactly Goldman’s privileged status that makes the threat to its workers so interesting. If jobs can be displaced at Goldman, they can probably be displaced even more quickly at other, less sophisticated companies, within the financial industry as well as without.

So there you have it. In the quest for ever higher profit margins, certain members of the ultra elite 1 percent, are pouring money into developing both machines and software that basically are designed to replace human beings. I have to laugh somewhat at this though. If they succeed, then eventually not only will they replace all of their employees, but it is almost certain that they will find themselves bitten by the law of unintended consequences.

Therefore, I ask this Reductio ad absurdum question? If software can replace the highly skilled white collar financial analysts at Goldman Sachs, then how long after that before they can and do replace senior executive level management? How long after that before we see the first billionaire robots?

Google is threatening the end of manual labour.

Google robot is ‘the end of manual labor’: VC

Kensho, whether Nadler realizes it or not, is threatening the end of intellectual labour. Where is the insatiable lust for ever greater profit margins leading? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist level genius to see what is coming. The top 1 percent of the 1 percent owning pretty much everything until they themselves suddenly find themselves made redundant by their own creations. In a world where machines do all the labour, not just the manual labour, but all labour, how do the 99 percent feed themselves? How do they pay their bills? How do they purchase the products and services that allow the 1 percent to be the 1 percent?

Good looking out guys, what could possibly go wrong, eh?


EDIT: Ok, so I just had a strange thought, with the Robots taking everyones jobs, what about politicians? Would you vote for a Robot politician? Would you vote for a Robot Congressman or Senator? How about a Robot President of the United States of America?


A silly Sunday morning thought to ponder…

So, after the SC primaries, and given a speech he made, there are some out there who are suggesting that Newt Gingrich might be in the running for a spot as Trumps’ Vice Presidential Runningmate.

Now we all know that Trump’s basic platform is, “Let’s Make America Great Again”… What if Newt ran on a similar platform, “Let’s make NASA Great Again”…

How many of you could get behind that ticket if Newt and Donald promised that Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton would be the first Americans to land on Mars? And by land, I mean, become permanent residents there. (ok, yea that’s hyperbole, neither of them should be allowed to go)

John F Kennedy really pushed America to the forefront of science and technology with his program to put a man on the moon. Newt would like to see both a permanent base on the moon, and a manned mission to Mars. Newt understands (even if he doesn’t really know it) something that the Book of Proverbs tells us about human beings and especially Nations.

Proverbs 29:18

Without a Vision, the People Perish.

Both Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich get this on a gut sort of level. In my personal opinion, the way to get America back on the right track, begins with giving the Nation a lofty, yet achievable vision. Lock that vision in stone as JFK did with the mission to land a man on the moon and return him safely, and America begins to correct its tragically self indulgent and narcissistic floundering.

Defeating Islamic Terrorism, sad to say, is not a noble and lofty goal, its a harsh and brutal necessity, its the kind of goal that makes a nation bone weary. What America desperately needs is a gloriously noble and lofty goal to aspire to, a goal that will lift us up so that the bone wearing task of defeating Islamic Terrorism does not leave us dead inside.

Now I have said my piece, what say you?

T800 to take your job.

Well hell, as if it weren’t bad enough that illegal aliens are crowding the job market and taking jobs from citizens, now there is another threat to peoples jobs.

Humanoid robots to manufacture planes

Humanoid robots that can carry out difficult tasks during plane manufacturing are being developed by Airbus and the Joint Robotics laboratory.

Using humanoids on aircraft assembly lines will make it possible to relieve human operators of the most laborious and dangerous tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on more valuable tasks that cannot be carried out by machines.

The four year project will attempt to research and develop solutions for a number of issues around using humanoid robots in manufacturing.

One of the most prominent difficulties for these robots will be to work in a confined environment and move without colliding with the numerous surrounding objects.

This is the first issue researchers will have to solve by developing new algorithms for the planning and control of precise movements.

Due to the size of aircraft, and the very high number of tasks that need to be executed on a limited number of units, the use of specialised fixed-base robots, like those already in use by the automotive industry, is impossible in the aeronautical industry.

Today the robots are building aircraft, tomorrow, what? Barista at Starbucks? Will they be doing the jobs American’s refuse to do, like picking fruit and vegetables? Insurance salesperson? Doctor? Lawyer? Would you go see an all robot band? Robot heavyweight boxer? Will your next meal at a restaurant be cooked by a robot cook?

GOP Establishment betrayal still Alive and Kicking.

Well, it would seem that the verdict is now officially in now. The GOP Establishment has not learned a single fucking thing from the popularity of the Trump campaign. Make no mistake about this, whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, his popularity as a candidate is driven primarily by the Republican Party Bases anger at the GOP Establishment’s constant and unending betrayal of of their own base.

It now appears absolutely certain that they are about to betray their base and all of America yet again.

GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick

Even before Mr. Obama stated his case, there were signs that Republican unity was wavering on the notion of blocking any nominee out of hand.

SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, didn’t rule out confirmation hearings and a vote by his panel on an Obama selection.

“I would wait until the nominee is made before I would make any decision,” Mr. Grassley said Tuesday in a conference call with Iowa radio reporters. “In other words, take it a step at a time.”

Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina Republican, voiced caution about blocking any Obama nominee automatically.

“I think we fall into the trap if [we] just simply say, sight unseen, we fall into the trap of being obstructionists,” Mr. Tillis said on Tyler Cralle’s radio show.

But Mr. Tillis added of the president, “If he puts forth someone that we think is in the mold of President Obama’s vision for America, then we’ll use every device available to block that nomination.”

A top aide to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, responding to Mr. Tillis’ comments, predicted that Mr. McConnell will eventually retreat from his stance of blocking any Obama nominee without a hearing.

There you have it folks, the face of betrayal. If their are any Republicans that deserve to be primaried and kicked to the curb, here are two perfect examples.

Barack Obama has already nominated and had confirmed two of the least qualified and most liberal Justices in American history. The damage to America that Kagan and Sotomayor not only already have done, but indisputable will do is incalculable. Now Obama is seeking to increase that damage by appointing yet another Marxist Justice onto the SCOTUS.

ANY Republican Senator or Congressman who does not adamantly oppose allowing Obama to seat another Justice to the SCOTUS deserves nothing less that to be primaried and sent packing. It is 100 percent within the power and authority of the Senate to prevent Obama from further corrupting the SCOTUS. Any failure on their part, can only be seen as another GOP Establishment intentional betrayal of not only their party base, but all of America.

Higidly Pigdly portage and pie…

Sooo… It turns out losing your fucking mind really isn’t so bad after all. If I had known I could save so much money I would have done it years ago. All the movies I have rented, all the books I have read, all the trips I have taken. A complete waste of time, energy and money.

Not to mention all the money I have wasted on beer and, well, other stuff…

Come on, who knew you could have so much fun staring at paint splotches trying to decode the ancient alien language? Or figure out how the aliens managed to put those messages there in the first place?

Ok…. SO…. Yea… I am actually confessing to one of my guilty pleasures in life. I love me some totally whacked out fruity loop youtube video’s. Ok… I really have no idea what is going on here… But damn it these video’s are funnier then watching a polar bear smoke pot through an Escimo’s kayak..

Millions of years old vehicle/sledge tracks; Phrygia Valley, Forbidden Archeology Documentary

Editorial clarification:

Just thought I should make a little something perfectly clear here.

I am not a professional paid blogger. I have no ambition to be one. I do not make one single dime off the traffic that goes through this place.

When I write, what you are reading are a combination of my opinions, views and reactions to things I am seeing around me in the world. I have spent the majority of my life, either as a professional musician or a blue collar worker in manufacturing or construction.

I am not trying to mastermind a revolutionary overthrow of Hot Air or any other professional blog.

The only thing that I demand of those who visit and comment on this site, is be civil to each other. I firmly believe that it is possible to disagree with someone else, without it turning into a blood vendetta. I don’t mind if you swear, I even do not mind if you argue with each other, provided it does not get out of hand and personal.

I believe we learn by disagreeing and arguing, so long as those disagreements and arguments do not become personal attacks on each other.

While I am a Conservative, I do not take great offence at other opinions, so long as they are not insulting or condescending. So, speak your mind, speak it honestly, and try not to be insulting or condescending and we will be cool. Start insulting people or picking fights, and I WILL delete your comments and show you the door.

Hot; the light have gone out…

Well, we knew this was coming. In a manner that we have all become all to familiar with, Hot Air has made its transition to Facebook. Just as the GOP Establishment didn’t give a shit what its actual base wanted, neither did Ed/Salem Communications. They gave the people who brung them in the fist place the old, Do it our way, or go fuck yourself.

Basically is comes down to this, Ed Morrissey, Allahpundit and Salem Communication wanted more money. They wanted to spend less time earning that money and to earn more at the same time. It is and has been all about money for quiet some time. Anything that gets in-between them and increased profits has to go.

In short, they have become utterly indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton. Mo money, mo money, mo money, wif out using yo money… And there it is folks. Just like what the GOP Establishment did to its Conservative base. They sold out their principals for mo money. Not to say, or suggest or imply that Ed Morrissey or Allahpundit every had any principals that weren’t for sale to the highest bidder. Even since his Captains Quarters days, Ed was always a GOP Establishment useless imbecile.

The Captains Quarters was always a gimmick, Ed was never a Captain of any sort and his wife and kids were never shipmates. It was just a writers gimmick to attract a customer base.


EDIT: As a caveat I should add, that Ed and Salem Communication fully expect  most of their old customer base to surrender and sign up for Facebook, because, after all, where else do you have to go. Just like the fucking traitors running the GOP Establishment.