Gunwalker suddenly become Obama’s Watergate.

The Nixon Administration discovered to their horror that it wasn’t the misdemeanor break-in at the Watergate Towers that was their worst nightmare, but the attempt to cover it up which brought about their destruction. This is a lesson that the Obama Administration obviously has not learned.

Most transparent administration ever seals Gunwalker records on agent’s death

The crimes involved in “Fast and Furious” are so egregious that they make Watergate pale into insignificance. Now suddenly the Obama Administration has come to the startling conclusion that what happened regarding Brian Terry has to be hidden from the America people at all costs. The only possible conclusion that any rational person can come to in the light of these developments is that the Whitehouse knows that the trail of evidence of culpability in the deaths of two US Law Enforcement officers and over 2000 innocent Mexican citizens leads directly to the Attorney General and most likely right straight from Eric Holder to none other than Barack Obama himself.

Will the Fifth column Treasonous Media pick up this story and run with it like they did Watergate, no they will not, not under any circumstances. They have become worse than the infamous Baghdad Bob, lacking in anything even vaguely resembling honesty or integrity, liars and traitors the whole bunch of them. what they will do is make every conceivable effort to hide or misrepresent the truth from the American people.

The American Mainstream Media have achieved a level of dishonesty and propaganda spin for the Marxist Democrat party that makes the old Soviet Era Pravda look like genuine honest aggressive investigate journalism. They have earned in full measure the moniker “The Fifth Column Treasonous Media” and the American people are waking up to their dishonesty in drove as can be witnessed to by the pols showing that the American people no longer trust them.

51 congressperson and 3 presidential candidates have called for Eric Holder to resign, Eric Holders response, to blame the Daily Caller for ginning up controversy where none really exists.

Holder a little testy over that whole, “why don’t you resign” thing

That 51 congresspersons and 3 presidential candidates have called for Eric Holder to resign sadly is not the disgraceful aspect involved in the Gunwalker “Fast and Furious” scandal, what is disgraceful is that they have called on Holder to resign instead of demanding a special prosecutor bring charges against Holder or demand that impeachment hearing be held against President Barack Obama for his involvement in the Gunwalker.

There is not one single honest person in America who can claim that were Sarah Palin president of the United States of America and the Gunwalker “Fast and Furious” scandal broke under her administration that every single democrat in the house and the senate would not be filing articles of impeachment against her over this scandal.

They can not claim that had this occurred under a Palin Administration that every single member of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media would not be running this story day and night none stop until she was either impeached or forced to resign. This is the ugly glaring truth telling us just how corrupt and dishonest the Fifth Column Treason Media and the Democrat party have become. They do not care one damned bit about America or it’s citizens, they only care about their Marxist ideology and power.

Edit: More on the corruption of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media…

The article Newsweek gutted–proof of FBI corruption
by Eric de Carbonnel – Market Skeptics
Published : November 30th, 2011

According to Vanderboegh

.the Spanish Inquisition began at Newsweak within two hours of the posting Friday of “Hiding mass murder behind ‘national security. What Newsweak & the FBI didn’t want you to know about PATCON and the OKC Bombing.” [Here is the link again]

Tina Brown is said to very angry and is determined to find out who leaked the details of the story she didn’t want to surface. Wombat reports that the screaming was largely focused on the fact that Tina has decided that she really, really doesn’t like me. Really.

Various editors, reporters and sources are under suspicion.

Vanderboegh further indicates that sources have informed him that the White House, the DOJ, and the FBI are sore at him as well for putting the story out there for the public to see. The fear is over possible blow-back…

… there is not much that can be done in terms of damage control once the genie has been let out of the bottle.

Sipsey Street Irregulars reports an SSI Exclusive: Hiding mass murder behind “national security.” What Newsweak & the FBI didn’t want you to know about PATCON and the OKC Bombing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011
SSI Exclusive: Hiding mass murder behind “national security.” What Newsweak & the FBI didn’t want you to know about PATCON and the OKC Bombing.

[Read this article for the actual text that was taken out of the Newsweek article.]

When you take the gutted version of the story …, there is one thing that leaps out at any independent observer — the full truth about the FBI’s involvement in, and prior knowledge of, the Oklahoma City bombing has yet to be even scratched.

Newsweek is evidently so compromised by political considerations that it cannot tell these truths.

It remains to be seen if there are any other “mainstream media” outlets who can, or will.

But at least, gentle readers, you know now the extent of Newsweek’s perfidy in hiding the truth that threatens both the comfortable bureaucratic existence of the FBI and the reputations of people such as Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano…


Energy Secretary Stephen Chu dives on his sword to save The One…

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, good little Marxist that he is, has gone before congress to take a bullet for Barack Obama.

Chu takes responsibility for Solyndra — but not blame

The Department of Energy and the Whitehouse knew as early as October of 2010 that Solyndra was going to file for bankruptcy. They knew long before that that Solyndra not only had flat sales, but were selling at a loss just to maintain those flat sales, yet they intentionally deceived the American people. They even went so far as to persuade Solyndra to hold off on upcoming lay-offs until after the November 2010 elections in an effort to minimize the political fallout for their corrupt actions.

And yet we have the Fifth Column Treasonous Media still trying to convince us that the Obama Administration is scandal free.

Obama Miracle is White House Free of Scandal: Jonathan Alter

I doubt even Joesph Goebbels could have made such obviously false claims with a straight face. Jonathan Alter cannot possibly make the claim that he has never heard of Gerald Walpin

In violation of a law established to keep the watchdogs independent and free of political pressure or interference, Obama has refused to explain why he got rid of the inspector general charged with investigating the government’s so-called national service programs.

Nor can he claim that he never heard of Joe Sestak,

Did Joe Sestak/Bill Clinton Conversation Break the Law?

According to Jonathan Alter, Fast and Furious also clearly is not a scandal, regardless of 200 plus Mexican citizens and 2 American Law enforcement officers dying as a direct result of the Obama Administrations attempts to circumvent the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Did the DoJ attempt to manipulate Fast & Furious media coverage?

Nope, no scandals in the Obama Administration, nothing to see here, move along.

The American people no longer trust the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and Jonathan Alter is a perfect example of why. From Journolist to Jonathan Alter the litany of lies, deceits and deception committed by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media seem to have no limit. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu clearly knows he can count on the Fifth Column Treasonous Media to spin and lie on his behalf, giving him the cover he needs to protect Barack Obama from yet another scandal.