Breaking news in America’s Newrooms…

In what can only be described as a 9.9 earthquake moment the collective newsrooms of America suddenly became aware of a totally unexpected reality today.

Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High

For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 57% now saying this is a record high by one percentage point. …

Trust in the media is now slightly higher than the record-low trust in the legislative branch but lower than trust in the executive and judicial branches of government, even though trust in all three branches is down sharply this year. These findings also further confirm a separate Gallup poll that found little confidence in newspapers and television specifically.

Nearly half of Americans (48%) say the media are too liberal, tying the high end of the narrow 44% to 48% range recorded over the past decade. One-third say the media are just about right while 15% say they are too conservative. Overall, perceptions of bias have remained quite steady over this tumultuous period of change for the media, marked by the growth of cable and Internet news sources. Americans’ views now are in fact identical to those in 2004, despite the many changes in the industry since then.

Yet, this isn’t what the 9.9 earthquake moment is. The 9.9 earthquake moment is the Mainstream Media’s response to learning that the vast majority of Americans refuse to trust them. The mainstream media’s response to learning that American’s don’t trust them is not to ask why, but to double down on all of the tactics that earned them that coveted position of being trusted only slightly more than that of congress, which America is about to send to the largest bloodbath in the history of American politics.

That’s right, instead of asking how do we regain America’s trust the mainstream media’s response is how do we continue to push our hated political agenda down the throats of the American people. Continuing their drum circle chants that TEA Party supporters are racist homophobic violent far right wing Nazi extremists, Obama is a god/messiah, we’re all socialists now, global warming is going to kill us all, America is the root of all evil meme as if it wasn’t in fact exactly this strategy that cratered their creditability in the first place.

Somewhere in the recent past, oh say 50 years ago a collection of college professors had what they believed to be an epiphany, the way to advance their Marxist political ideology was to redefine the role of the journalist. Journalism had fought a huge battle to distance itself from Randolph Hearst’s who had created yellow journalism and damaged the creditability of everyone who practiced the craft of journalism. How tragic could it then be that these college professors adopted Hearst’s definition that journalists were social engineers creating the new truths for the simple minded public to believe.

Adopting the methods of Joesph Goebbels to promote the ideology of Karl Marx using the tactics of William Randolph Hearst how could they possible fail?

Enter the Prophet Albert Gore Jr. and his damned invention, the Internet, invented in actual fact by by a group of scientist working for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) while Al was still only a small child (internet invented between the late 1950’s and the early 1970’s).

Who invented the Internet

Despite what he may have said, Al Gore did not invent the Internet. The Internet was invented in the United States during the late 1950s to the 1970s by a group of researchers and scientists at the newly formed Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) after the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik. Realizing that the United States had suffered a great technological blow by allowing the USSR to hold the first successful satellite launch, ARPA set out to create a brand new technology unlike anything that had ever been done before; and the Internet was the result of their hard work.

Although there were many people working for ARPA on the Internet project, there are five individuals who can really be credited with actually creating the Internet. Among them was J. C. R. Licklider, the head of the Information Processing Technology Office at ARPA. In his position, he thought up the idea of the Internet itself as a way of potentially unifying humans from around the United States (and the world) through a universal network.

OK so maybe it wasn’t Al Gore, but the internet definitely came along and ruined all those wonderful Marxist college professors brilliant plans to indoctrinate the general public into the perfect utopia producing political ideology of Karl Marx. Somewhere at an American university like Columbia there are college professors of journalism gnashing their collective teeth cursing and muttering under their breath what is perhaps the single most famous line from the 70’s television cartoon Scooby Doo… “And we would have gotten away with it if it werent for those meddling kids”…

In this case, those meddling kids are just everyday average people, not the ivory league ivy tower elitist journalists who are suppose to tell stupid gullible Americans what they are to think, but in fact those very stupid gullible Americans who are suppose to fall for anything.

Strange thing happened on the way to the Marxist utopia though, average everyday people discovered that they could actually check the supposed facts being told to them by the ivory league ivy tower elitist journalists employed by the mainstream media. From practically the very second everyday average Americans started doing that they discovered they were being mislead, deceived and outright lied to by a profession once cherished in America as Benjamin Franklin’s “Fourth Estate”.

The very institute envisioned by America’s founding fathers as the greatest safeguard of the republic had in fact become nothing less than a “Fifth Column” saboteur. From defender of the republic to traitor to the constitution in just a few short generations and only detected because of a bunch of “meddling kids” who were goofing off on an invention (this is where the real hardcore irony comes in) created to prevent the Marxist political ideology driven Soviet Union from gaining any significant military advantage over the United States.

Yes, a 9.9 earthquake event has taken place across the newsrooms of America, but it isnt the fact that America doesnt trust the mainstream media, it isnt that the mainstream media doest know that America doesnt trust them, it is the shocking revelation that journalists in America are zombies, unable to engage in honest self examination, unable to accept that Americans have no intention of accepting their Marxist agenda, unable to re-evaluate their ideologies and decisions or make course corrections that would regain them the trust of Americans.

The mainstream media has totally embraced the philosophical ideology of “The end justifies the means” and along with it the willingness to commit any atrocity and the inability to admit that they have made a mistake. They have doomed themselves to an ever shrinking role in both American politics and American society in general. Once a proud and honorable profession journalist have corrupted journalism from being a trusted and reliable source of information to being a outlet for propaganda with even less veracity than William Randolph Hearst’s legendary Yellow Journalism.

How long before the prostitutes of the 60′ and 70’s find themselves with a more respectable reputation then the journalist of today? Not America does not trust the mainstream media, and they do not for damned good reason.


U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry self-anointed aristocrat elitist.

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation.

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday…

Rarely have so many been mocked and deceived so thoroughly and repeated as the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They elected this imbecilic buffoon and continue to re-elect him time after time as if he were a member of that other famous family of Massachusetts born professional parasites, the Kennedy’s.

Despite being from that parasitical political family John F Kennedy at least served in the United States Navy not only with distinction, but for genuinely honorable reasons. Even Robert Kennedy whose military service barely constituted attending college served with more honor than John Kerry.

John “Fucking” Kerry as the vast majority of those who actually served with him in Vietnam so lovingly refer to him as, was a complete and total disgrace to the uniform he wore and a stain upon the reputation of the United States Navy that the US Navy may never be able to erase. He was a coward and a liar who took a movie camera to war with so that he could film his heroic actions to use as political commercials to get himself elected to office when he returned home.

His antics according to those who served alongside him jeopardized the lives of those around him and his recreations suffered little to no resemblance to the actions that they supposedly were depicting. His commendations and awards were fabrications worthy of Hollywood recommend to his superior officers by none other than John F Kerry himself and at least one of them, for which he received the Silver Star rather than meriting him a commendation should have gotten him courtmartialed and imprisoned for war crimes.

If his actions in Vietnam themselves weren’t bad enough his visit to Paris to negotiate with the North Vietnamese as a American Citizen not representing the United States Government should have resulted in his arrest and trial for treason against the United States. He topped this consistent pattern of behavior off with his testimony at the “Winter Soldiers” hearings where he outright lied to congress, a little thing called perjury, and accused American military personal of committing atrocities and war crimes which he claimed to have witnessed himself for which absolutely zero evidence was every produced.

Now this lying philandering womanizing douche bag has the audacity to suggest that tens of millions of American citizens, members of the TEA Party movement only oppose Democrat policies because they are ignorant lazy slobs lacking the intelligence or ambition to understand the glorious implications of Democrat policy which really is for their own good.

News flash John Fucking Kerry you worthless sack of hyena crap, the American people oppose you and your fellow self-anointed aristocrat elitist cocksuckers agenda precisely because we have researched it and do know what you are attempting to do and what it means and will do. You can take this to the bank you worthless fuck, your time is short. Enjoy what little time you have left in the senate, because the TEA Parties are coming for you, and your political career is going to end.

Fareed Zakaria can FOAD.

Fareed Zakaria editor of Newsweek International whose column appears in Newsweek, Newsweek International and The Washington Post on September 4th 2010 opined that America had overreacted to 9/11/01.

No Fareed, America did not overreact, had America reduced Mecca to molten glass and turned Iran, Iraq Saudi, Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Libya to radioactive wastelands it would not have been an overreaction. America’s reaction was tepid and weak and showed only that America’s leader have lost their spines and their courage to lead.

When Al Qaeda devised their attack on America they did so with the hope and belief that by disassociating themselves from any formal government they would be able to wage a full fledged violent conflict against the United States without giving the United States a reciprocal target. Without a reciprocal target the United States is forced into a engagement of attrition which it cannot win against.

Without a reciprocal target the United States can only strike at the visible combatants, can only play whack-a-mole as it were. No Army with an unchallenged financial base, manufacturing/supply base or recruiting base can ever be defeated. You cannot force them onto the field of combat, you cannot cut off their supply chains, you cannot destroy their command and control structure. You cannot make the cost of continuing the conflict greater than they can bear.

This was Al Qaeda strategy and it is called asymmetrical warfare, they knew that if they tried to stand toe to toe with the United States they would be obliterated. They knew that to have any chance at all against the US they had to present an enraged America with as small a silhouette as possible. So Al Qaeda recruited it’s soldiers from all over the Islamic world so as to not provide a single target for the United States to retaliate against.

Sadly America fell for Al Qaeda’s strategy, America failed to grasp who had attacked it, whether out of moral cowardice on the part of her leaders or blind-sightedness on the part of her military leaders America was deceived into thinking that a terrorist group named Al Qaeda was solely responsible for the attack on 9/11/01. Al Qaeda’s strategy of asymmetrical warfare worked, the true culprit behind 9/11/01 was and is off the hook and America is playing whack-a-mole against pawns and shadows.

Meanwhile the true culprit behind 9/11/01 sends it weasels into America to spread Islams poison and turn America’s Constitution into the very suicide pack Thomas Jefferson once proclaimed that it wasn’t. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf the Muslim cleric who is building an Islamic Victory Mosque on America’s most hallowed ground to commemorate Islam’s conquest of the United States has even gone so far as to threatened America with a massive increase in violent attacks should his Victory Mosque be denied construction.

No Fareed Zakaria America did not overreact, she under-reacted and you can fuck off and die and rot in hell.

Climbing into the Watchtower

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

There is coming a day of reckoning, not that one referenced in the passage from Revelation above, but one here in the United States of America. It comes on November 2nd 2010 in the form of elections, and like the devil referenced above their most assuredly are those who know their time is short and they have a great wrath, and they will seek to unleash their vengeance while they still may.

There are those even in America who believe themselves to be more than just special, they believe they are elite, entitled to rule. They believe their intelligences, moral and ethical compasses and educations place them in a special privileged class, a class above the mere common unwashed masses. It is their belief that they have the wisdom and strength to make decisions that ordinary common people cannot even understand let alone have the courage to make correctly.

These people, these special privileged elite people are used to getting what they want. They make promises for the sole and exclusive purpose of obtaining positions of power that they have no explicit intention of fulfilling. That special moral and ethical compass of theirs allows this because for them the end justifies the means. They are allowed to lie to and deceive the little people because it’s for the little peoples own good. The little people after all need them, the special privileged elite, to guide them through their meaningless little lives, lives that the little people are unable to manage on their own.

November 2nd 2010 is coming and when it is passed little will have changed. The special privileged elite will still be in power dictating the daily affairs of the unwashed masses, the little people will still be the little people. What will change is that the little people will remind the special privileged elite that it is in fact they, the little people, who decide who the special privileged elite are, and for just how long they sit at the seats of power.

Moreover the little people will also remind the special privileged elite that being a member of the special privileged elite class is not entirely without consequences. Even in the realm human affairs and politics the laws of nature and physics as spelled out by Sir Isaac Newton hold sway. For every action their is indeed an equal and opposite reaction.

Come November 2nd 2010 many currently sitting at the big table will have their seats removed, not enough of them in this writers humble opinion, but many just the same. Many of them are all to aware that their tenure at the big table is just about up, and they will take actions for their futures. Actions against the wills and desires of the little people who seated them at the big table in the first place. Most frighteningly of all is that again, just like the devil in the scriptures referenced above, it will never ever occur to these people that it is the fact that they are responsible for their own actions and it is their own actions that is the reason they are loosing their seat at the big table.

No, sadly little will change come November 2nd 2010, the special privileged elite will still rule, not enough of them will loose their seats and even fewer of those who replace the ones that do will genuinely be the advocates that they promised to be or that the little people hope and pray they will be. The corrupt will become more corrupt, the special privileged elite will continue to anoint themselves as America’s new aristocracy and the little people will continue to be used and abused.

But for a moment their will be a slight reprieve, a few days while the chattel changes hands from old taskmaster to new. For a time the new taskmaster hand will be gentler than the old’s because the newly seated special privileged elite still remember and fear the little people who placed them at the big table. That will pass all to quickly, how long it lasts will depend entirely on how many old guard special privileged elite lose their seats and how many brand spanking new replace them.