With friends like these…

I find myself doing things that I cant seem to understand why, like reading the putrid blathering of so called conservative columnist David Brooks.

This guy is about as much of a conservative as Anton LeVay was a Christian. How in Gods name did this progressive socialist get designated a conservative spokes person?

My best guess is that the Fifth Column Media anointed him in the hopes of confusing and deceiving individuals who think of themselves as conservatives but dont actually know what conservative values are.

The Fifth Column Media lives by the mantra of the end justifies the means, to them what individuals who believe in the US Constitution would consider treason and sedition are simply justifiable means to achieve a political ideology.

Theirs is a world devoid of absolute morals and ethics, it is a place where situational morals and ethics dictate acceptable behavior. Where what were inexcusable actions today can be justified tomorrow if those actions achieve a desired objective.

Enter stage right David Brooks, a self confessed liberal before “coming to my senses”. Yea right, this man never came to his senses, he found an opportunity to burrow into the conservative camp and corrupt it from the inside out.

Like Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs he is not and never was a conservative, just a man of no moral or ethical stature who saw a chance to make a shit load of money off conservatives who were gullible enough to fall for his so called epiphany.

With friends like David Brooks and Charles Johnson who really needs enemies?