Follow up to: A Legislative Accountability Act.

A Legislative Accountability Act…

Congress shall be restricted from passing any budget that exceeds 85% of gross tax revenues actually collected the previous year.

Any congressperson attempting to pass any budget or budget amendment that would exceed, or cause the existing budget to exceed that level of spending shall be charged with a federal felony and subject to no less than 10 years imprisonment and $100,000.00 dollars in fines and shall be subject to full forensic financial auditing and all of their personal and corporate assets seized and forfeited.

Congress shall be required to invest no less than 10% of yearly gross collected Tax revenues in dividend paying stocks, the proceeds of which shall be returned to only those citizens who actually pay taxes in the form of tax rebates.

Congress shall be required to cap all public and civil service maximum compensation levels at the mean average for the national average salaries.

Congress shall make the act of lobbying a federal felony punishable by no more than 5 years imprisonment in a federal prison and $50,000.00 in fines.
Any individual or member of congress caught engaging lobbying activities shall be subject to full forensic financial auditing and all of their personal and corporate assets seized and forfeited.

Congress shall pass a law baring any individual convicted of a federal felony from serving in any capacity in the federal government. Or receiving any funding for any reason from the federal government.

OK, let’s hear what you guys think so far, and please make suggestion to further enhance this Bill…


Tucson and the Reichstag fire…

January 8, 2011. Nineteen people were shot, six of them fatally, during a meeting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Within hours the entire Liberal Marxists blogsphere and most of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media had blamed Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and the Conservative TEA Parties for the tragic actions in Tucson. As the actual facts became embarrassingly clear that the shooting had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with either Sarah Palin, Glen Beck of the TEA Parties and were the apolitical actions of a schizophrenic madman the Liberal Marxists blogsphere and most of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media responded by doubling down on their their blood libel accusations.

OK, the the Liberal Marxists blogsphere and most of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media reluctantly admitted, maybe this time Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and the Conservative TEA Parties violent hateful rhetoric wasn’t 100 percent to blame for this tragedy, but surely it will be next time, and besides the right’s violent hateful rhetoric clearly has poisoned the well of public discourse and made such future incidents unavoidable.

Perhaps no other single event in the past 50 years in America has so clearly and indisputably placed on public display the Liberal Marxist Left’s most fundamental ideological foundational belief. The End Justifies the Means. Right up until the elections held on Nov. 2nd 2010 the Liberal Marxist Left believed themselves to be on the very verge of transforming America into a Marxist Utopia. That delusional dream came crashing to the ground in flames reminiscent of the German passenger airship Hindenburg.

The Liberal Marxist Left’s desperation has been hanging in the air since Nov. 2nd 2010 like the rancid stench on the road where a skunk as been run over and killed. The shameless antic’s and unconscionable behavior of the Liberal Marxist Left has grown more shrill and vitriolic by the day until January 8, 2011 when it came spewing forth into every living room in America as blood libel accusations against those who dare to oppose their Marxist Utopian dream.

On February 27th 1933 a fire broke out in Germany’s Reichstag building, historians have never determined exactly who was responsible for setting that fire. But what is incontrovertible regarding the Reichstag fire, is that Hitler’s National Socialist party blamed it on their political opponents and used it as an excuse to ban any and all media dialog considered by the National Socialists as being not friendly to the National Socialist Party. This was the tragic event that allowed Hitler to gain utterly unopposed stature in German politics.

In the days immediately following January 8, 2011, the Liberal Marxist Left in America began making every obvious effort to obtain the exact same ability to silence their political opponents as the National Socialist has following the Reichstag fire. They began just like the Nazi’s had with the utterly false accusations that their political opponents had blood on their hands and not only could not be trusted but clearly had open revolution against the legitimate government in mind.

America’s Liberal Marxist Left has been attempting for years to eliminate AM Talk Radio and place massive restrictions of internet communications aimed at silencing Conservative Blogger’s and websites. Considering what they have been attempting for years and what they believed to have held in their grasp right up until Nov. 2nd 2010 who can possibly deceive themselves into believing that, especially after so many Liberal Marxist Left said Barrak Obama needed a Oklahoma City tragedy to look presidential, the intentions of the Liberal Marxist Left was anything other than to turn the tragic events in Tucson January 8, 2011 into their very own magical Reichstag fire moment.

A moment when they could first blame their political opponents and then silence their political opponents and destroy any possibility of their ideological agenda ever being threatened or derailed again. The push, the energy, the refusal to concede that they were wrong all add up to one single convincing argument. America’s Liberal Marxist Left manufactured accusations of blame out of whole cloth, painted with a broad brush, blood libeled and demonized their opponents knowing fully well that none of their accusations contained a single ounce of truth, and even now, after their lies and blood libels have been exposed for exactly what they are the Liberal Marxist Left has issued no mea culpa’s, no admissions of error or wrong doing.

Instead they double down with arrogant insistence’s that Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and the Conservative TEA Parties should have remained silent and not argued in their own defense when the Liberal Marxist Left accused them of blood libel, of being responsible for the deaths of six people and the wounding of thirteen others. They continue to insist that Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and the Conservative TEA Parties are responsible for a public environment of incivility because of their violent hateful rhetoric.

No, there can simply be no doubt, America’s Liberal Marxist Left was waiting for an opportunity to come along, a tragedy like that which occurred in Tucson on January 8, 2011 that took the lives of six innocent people including a 9 year old girl, waiting desperately to use it as the Nazi’s had used the Reichstag fire, to silence any and all opposition to their political agenda. What is equally obviously true, is that true to their foundation of their ideological beliefs, there is and was no limit to what they were willing to do to achieve their end goal.

Obama’s Kroll Theater moment…

In 1937 Adolph Hitler gave speeches that were considered oratorical masterworks, he galvanized Germany as no other individual in prior German history had.

By the year 2000 the average American when looking back on German history and World War Two invariable asks the question, how did the German people allow themselves to be so deceived by Hitler.

One need look no further than the cult of Obama to answer that question, who would have believed in 2000 that an American president could or would turn a funeral memorial service into a rock concert styled campaign event complete with custom mass produced Tee-shirts?

If and when America ever wakes up again, Obama’s Tucson speech will be seen as his Kroll Theater moment. Not as the moment of his crowning glory as an oratorical master, but as the moment when the world looks at America and in years to come asks, how the hell did the Americans allow Barrak Obama to so completely deceive and mislead them?

The raucous crowds screaming in a near religious euphoria wearing their event specific tee-shirts at a funeral memorial service resemble nothing less than the crowds filling the Brandenburg Gate with lite torches marching in military precision lifting their arms in perfect unison to the “Sieg Heil” chant as they deify their messiah.

Obama the classic textbook Narcissist Personality Disorder can almost be excused, save that even a classic textbook Narcissist Personality Disorder sufferer should understand that funeral memorial services are event of great sadness, not heroic events to celebrate ones climbing of Mount Everest.

70 years after World War Two the German people are still burdened with the question, how could you have followed Adolph Hitler, how many decades or even centuries from now will America still be being asked, How could you have followed Barrak Obama?

There is little doubt that when history is written regarding the Obama speech in Tucson historians will not mark it as a great moment in the healing of the American psyche, but as one of the most embarrassing and disgusting moments in American politics. Obama’s speech in Tucson at a funeral memorial service will surely be considered his Kroll Theater moment.

A moment when his every word and deed seemed destined to those in attendence to be the oratory of a god destined to bring about a new world order and utopia. A moment indelibly recorded in history when the people chose to follow a madman, to cast aside all rational thought, surrender to base emotion and loose any semblance of their own self determination.

Adolph Hitlers Kroll Theater speech was the zenith of his career, it was the moment when he ceased to climb towards the heavens and began his fiery decent to the pit below, dragging behind him in his wake all of those cheering masses transfixed and spellbound by his oratorical brilliance.

Barrak Obama, welcome to the Kroll Theater…

Blaming Sarah Palin…

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media is once again showing why the majority of American’s have ceased to trust them. A tragic and horrific incident in Tucson resulted in 19 people being shot and six dying. What was The Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s first response? Why to blame Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties of course.

Did they have any evidence what so ever to support their assertions that Sarah Palin or the TEA Parties were in any way shape or form connected to this tragedy? Absolutely not, but they believed that this tragedy offered them a chance to attack and diminish the public support for their two greatest political objects of fear and loathing. Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties.

Once it became impossible to support their intentionally false assertions that Jared Loughner was a rightwing TEA Party activist acting on the influence of the supposed hate filled political rhetoric of Sarah Palin and the TEA Party members the Fifth Column Treasonous Media produced a gymnastic midair twist that would have house cat turn green with envy.

Their switch from blaming Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties was an example of pure unadulterated reflex, suddenly Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties were suppose to shut the hell up and not object to having been demonized and characterized as co-conspirators in a politically motivated mass murder, they were told to “Turn the other Cheek” and be reasonable and polite after being blood libeled in public for four days.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media is pulling pages from the Joseph Goebbels manual on propaganda dissemination and political manipulation, and doing so with absolutely no shame or conscience. They have not merely surrendered any pretext of objective reporting of the facts, but pressed forward at maximum speed into Pravda territory in their quest to establish and support a Marxist Utopia driven agenda.

Even Randolph Hearst, the creator of Yellow Journalism would no doubt be feeling nausea if he were to see the depths to which the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has sunk today. No longer are they the beloved and cherished Fourth Estate that America’s Founding fathers envision as the champions and protectors of this great Republic, but instead they have cloaked themselves in the mantel of “Enemies Domestic” referred to in the US Constitution whom the President of the United States of America swears an oath to protect the American people from.

To make matters worse, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in concert with various tin plated swaggering dictator wannabes with delusions of Godhood currently infesting Congress and the Senate not only embrace and protect the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, but are actively engaging in subversive campaigns to silence anyone or organization that does not toe their political line.

When The Net Neutrality Act could not get passed in congress, the Democrat controlled FCC stepped in and ruled by fiat that they could and would begin regulating what American Citizens could post on the internet and what they could say political over talk radio. Not since the rise of Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Party in German has the western world seen another Democratic Republic make such blatant attempts to ignore the will of their citizens, void their constitutionally guaranteed right and force a political ideology on their people which the people themselves found abhorrent.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media isn’t merely complicit in this attempted political Coup in America, they are nothing less than active co-conspirators, their knee jerk response to the tragedy in Tucson in attempting to blood libel Sarah Palin and the TEA Party people nothing less than an attempt to silence and destroy the greatest threats to their political agenda. I do not place the word Treasonous in the phrase Fifth Column Treasonous Media lightly or on accident. It is in point of fact, the most accurate and applicable description of the actions taken by them available in the English language.

No, Sarah Palin and the members of the various TEA Parties were not in any way shape or form responsible for the actions of the homicidal schizophrenic Jared Loughner, their political rhetoric did not induce his actions but mere facts no longer have the ability to temper the actions of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, their dreams of establishing a Marxist Utopia in America are genuinely being threatened by Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties.

In true form for every Marxist supporter, their driving mantra is “The End Justifies the Means” they will use everything at their disposal to ward off the threat presented by Sarah Palin and the TEA Parties, they will do so with no compunction, remorse or sense of guilt or shame. They are indeed Fifth Column Treasonous Media and Domestic enemies of the United States Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.

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