Journolist CNN and Godwins Law.

Journolist is the blistering hot smoking gun proving indisputably that the Fourth Estate bequeathed to the citizens of The United States of America by Benjamin Franklin have committed treason and become Marxist agitprop attempting to subvert and destroy the Constitution of the United states of America.

Joesph McCarthy was the most notable American to attempt to expose the Marxists who had infiltrated the Fourth Estate, the legal profession and the government itself. For his heroic efforts he received the single greatest demonetization to every be inflicted upon an America citizen.

The power wielded by the treasonous Fifth Column Media can be measured by the general public’s views on McCarthy in general and more significantly by the members of the conservative movement in specific.

How many conservatives believe the lies, distortions and outright fictional accounts created by enemies of the United States who had infiltrated the Fourth Estate to this very day? Not only believe them but carry the Marxist water fighting the Marxist fight against McCarthy whenever the subject of McCarthy or McCarthyism is brought up?

Senator Joesph McCarthy was exposing them and their agenda, they (the Marxist members of the America progressive movement) launched the most successful smear campaign against him in world history. So successful was their campaign that to this very day the mere mention of McCarthyism is enough to make 98 percent of all Americans surrender right then and there on the spot.

The members of Journolist were recently following in the footsteps of their father Joesph Goebbels, practicing the tactics of Saul Alinski beating the war drums in an attempt to develop a strategy to shut down FoxNews. The reason? FoxNews dares to practice something that still bears a resemblance to ethical standards Benjamin Franklin envisioned the Fourth Estate practicing.

The founding fathers believed that the Fourth Estate existed for the sole purpose of protecting the democratic republic that they had forged from raw courage determination and an unwavering dedication to truth justice and honor. They believed that without a healthy free honest truthful Fourth Estate the republic was in the gravest of dangers.

For decades America’s Fourth estate has been compromised, it has fallen victim just as Senator Joesph McCarthy warned to the infiltration and subversion by the Marxist practitioners of the American Progressive movement. These individuals have manipulated deceived and misled the American people with regard to every significant important event for over 60 years.

In the 60’s these treasonous Fifth Column impostors convinced the America people to surrender to a foe that they had already defeated in Vietnam. So powerful persuasive and unchallenged had their position become. Since the 60’s their agenda has been the constant attack on every single one of the moral and ethical values of the American people.

Their goal, to dissolve the fundamental foundations underlying America break the American people eliminate the US Constitution and replace it with a “newer better” Marxist constitution. In short, their goal was and is nothing short of a political revolution.

The American people are a unique people, unlike any other nation on earth. Because unlike any other nation on earth, the America people are all of the peoples of the earth. We come from every corner of the earth and represent every people to inhabit the earth. When those who wished to enslave us infiltrated our public and most trusted institutes and began their attempted coup of our government they made a mistake.

That mistake was in failing to understand who we were. The American people began to have an uneasy feeling regarding what was suppose to be their Fourth Estate. In what could only be described as a genuinely typical American response to that growing sense of alienation they created a method of sidestepping the Fourth Estate.

A vast network of computers known as the internet became a new medium for the free unfetter exchange of information and idea’s. Not always untainted by the corrupt bias that has poisoned the Fourth Estate but by far more trusted than the disease ridden carcass of the old Fourth Estate.

Thus it comes as no surprise as the heirs of the Marxist Fifth Column scramble to silence not just FoxNews but the Blogs and Fourms which constitute the new incarnation of the Fourth Estate, it is no surprise that CNN calls for shutting down the alternative news outlets, or that the varrious government around the world are attempting to place draconian restrictions on the internet.

Godwins law postulates that the first individual to invoke a reference to Hitler or the Nazsi’s in any internet discussion that isn’t directly related to WWII looses the argument. The Marxist adherents to the progressive agenda have created their own variation on Godwins law, Call it McCarthy’s law, under the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s version of McCarthy’s law, anyone who notices or attempts to expose the treasonous Marxist behavior of the Fifth Column Media is instantly tarred and feathered with the stigma of McCarthyism.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that Senator Joesph McCarthy was a nutcase or just plan bad person is likewise labeled a nutcase or bad person. Not matter what you do, do not examine the evidence or question the established wisdom. While you are not doing this consider this, who in their right mind allows their enemies to decide if they won or lost a conflict? If you know you are in a conflict a war if you will and the person standing next to you is telling you that you have lost, wake the hell up and understand that the person telling you that you have lost is not on your side.

When Nevada Congressman Harry Reid stood up before the American people and declared the war in Iraq lost he was committing treason, plain simple and indisputably. When America’s Fifth Column Media chose to demoralize the American people during the Vietnam war, it was treason, just as when they chose to do the same thing during the Iraqi war and the Afghanistan war. When the New York Times and the Washington Post leaked classified information regarding American intelligence gathering methods they were committing treason.

When the President of the United States brings a lawsuit against one of the sovereign states of the United States of America for attempting to uphold the sovereignty of the United States of America, that is treason. You as an individual need to make the decision, are you a citizen of the United States of America, or are you a revolutionary attempting to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America.


Why the White Witch is all Wet…

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

The super duper rocket scientist genius’s over at HotAir have spent the last year and a half proclaiming that anyone who has any questions regarding the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama are just crazy conspiracy theory believing N’irther’s.

Well hey, what else could they be right? It’s not like President Obama has come out and said that American citizenship “not a matter of blood or birth” or anything, right?

Moreover it’s not as if the very birth certificate President Obama presented the public as proof of his eligibility for office didnt actually list his father as being the citizen of a foreign nation or anything. Oh wait, that’s right, it did list his father as one Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. a citizen of the British Colony of Kenya.

Which according to the legal definition of Natural Born Citizen invalidates Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to serve as POTUS. But hey, it not like the US Constitution needs to be adhered to or anything.

We can, like Ed and AP just declare that anyone born in the United States is a natural born citizen and end any question or debate on the subject, regardless of the fact that such a declaration would clearly and obviously be in complete opposition to the indisputable intentions of the framers of the US Constitution.

Sorry to disappoint you Ed, AP. We cannot simply ignore or side step the intentions of the framers of the US Constitution. We cannot change the definition used by them in determining who constitutes a “Natural Born Citizen” either without creating a Constitutional Crises.

In order for “Natural Born Citizen” to only constitute someone physically born within the jurisdiction of the United States we have to consider the reason and justification used by the framers for adding that specific restriction to the eligibility requirement for POTUS.

Their specific concern was that of divided loyalties. Their specific intention was, that no individual who was not born in the jurisdiction of the United States to parents (that means both parents) who held citizenship could be eligible to the office of POTUS.

In order for their specifically stated intentions to be superseded the Constitution of the United States of America needs to be specifically amended to remove the “Natural Born Citizen” clause, just changing the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” fails because changing the definitions upon which the Constitution of the United States is based completely undermines the entire US constitution.

Logic, honesty and integrity clearly are not the friends of Captain Ed or Allahpundit as the following catastrophic failure in logic and rational thought prove.

Besides, if being an American is a matter of faith, then the religion in question is devotion to the rule of law. We have created the laws by which we live through representative democracy within a framework set by our Constitution. Breaking the law to get into the country isn’t an expression of faith; using Obama’s construct, it’s actually heresy.

Ed and AP’s abundant willingness to abandon the framework of the US Constitution for political expediency undermines their creditability and displays their true motives for all to see. They aspire to be the new Dan Rather’s of the information age.

The Nirth Certificate is their throbbing memo, never mind the facts, the US Constitution or the statements of Barack Hussein Obama himself. Pay no attention to their own use of the issue for propaganda purposes, in the words of the Fifth Column Drive-by Media, “Nothing to see here, move along”.

Good job there Ed, AP, spin this story to reflect only Obama’s desire to enact amnesty for illegal aliens and do what ever is required to obfuscate any causality behind the rational for his position.