Eric Holder, you guys are only talking about Operation Fast and Furious because you are racists

Eric Holder Answers Fast and Furious Charges by Calling Accusers Racists

In an interview published over the weekend by the New York Times, Attorney General Eric Holder reminded us he will go to any length to conceal his culpability in Fast and Furious. His latest ploy is to declare as “racist” everyone who’s hounding him about the illegal guns sales, the gun smuggling, and the death, cover-ups, and other examples of lawlessness connected with the operation.

Yes, that’s right Eric, we are all racists who only care that you tried to subvert the United States Constitution because you and President Obama are African-Americans. You found us out, we don’t really care about what happened to Brian Terry, we don’t really care about what happened to Jaime Zapata, we certainly don’t care about what happened to the 2000 plus Mexican citizens that have died because of you and Obama’s illegal unconstitutional actions, no you’re absolutely 100 percent correct Eric, it’s only because we are racists and we’re out to get you and Obama because you are African-Americans, not because you broke the law.