On the Issue of an Israeli-Palestinian solution.

American Presidential administration after administration has labored under the fallacious and mistaken belief that it would be the administration that would find and broker a peace solution between Israel and Palestine. This has been going on every since 1948 when Israel became a nation again. Every presidential administration since that of Harry S Truman has made and continued to make the exact same mistake.

That mistake is both painfully simple and amazingly complex. The complex side of the equation, is the American arrogance and hubris. The simple side, is Islamic theology.

Lets look at American arrogance and hubris first, as it represents the stumbling block that every American administration to attempt a Middle East Peace process has stumbled over. America is a nation both literally and figuratively built on the “Can Do” attitude. Americans are people both unfamiliar with and uncomfortable with the notion of failure. They know all to well that the concept of failure exists, but consider and treat it as temporary set back due to a failure to plan, innovate and execute. In short, in the mind of the average American, failure is the result of not doing your homework, not working hard enough, and giving up to soon.

Americans believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved given enough time and hard work. Inherent in this belief is that everyone involved in solving whatever given problem is being addressed actually wants the problem to be solved, and that equally, everyone involved perceives the problem in the same way. America became the most powerful nation on earth because, amongst other reasons, this mentality is so pervasive within the collective America psyche. When everyone works together towards a common solution, that solution eventually becomes inevitable.

This collective attitude has led to Americans being perceived around the world as overly confident and boastful. It is a common complaint both in Europe and Asia that Americans walk around like they own the entire world. Another near equal complaint is that Americans neither know, nor care to know anything about other cultures.

America was once subject to a monarchy, albeit a absentee monarchy. During the time that is was subject to that absentee monarchy, what it was not subject to, was an aristocracy. This small and rather trivial fact actually plays a significant role in the American psyche. Americans have never had to take a step back, bow down or look at the ground as a monarch or member of the aristocracy passed by. They have never had to hold their tongue or speak in hushed whispers for fear of offending the sensibilities of any member of the aristocracy.

This reality has played an enormous role in the creation of the American “Can do” spirit. In America, the value of any idea is not weighed based upon the social standing of the individuals advancing that idea. It is instead judged upon the quality of the idea itself. This is the heart and soul of the American entrepreneurial spirit. That same spirit that so much of the rest of the world perceives as arrogant and boastful. If you work hard, there is no limit to what you can achieve, no barrier to the social strata you may rise to.

This American hubris comes complete with a self defeating flaw. That every problem has a solution, that success builds alliances, and alliances create communities, that communities create mutual interests and mutual interests create trust. In America, almost everything is negotiable. Almost everything is negotiable because (at least in principal) everyone is subject to the exact same laws.

Here is where we come upon the great American failure to negotiate peace in the Middle East. The stumbling block every American administration has stumbled over. The American arrogance and hubris that has time and time again doomed the Middle East peace process. The inherently American belief that for every problem there is a solution, that success builds alliances, and alliances create communities, that communities create mutual interests and mutual interests create trust.

What makes this a self defeating flaw, rather than the strength that has served America so well in the past, is that a huge part of the America psyche is predicated upon Judaeo-Christian morals, ethics and values. Within those moral’s ethics and values is the notion that intentional perfidy is an exceptionally grievous and unpardonable offense. Thus what we arrive at, is that nearly everything is negotiable, that a solution is inevitable, a contract will be drawn up, and that all sides to that contract will make every attempt to abide by the terms of said contract.

Enter Islamic Theology. American administration after administration have fallen victim to the above hubris and failed time and time again because they either do not understand Islamic Theology, or refuse to take Islamic theology into account.

Islamic Theology is one of conquest and domination. Moreover, in direct contrast to Judaeo-Christian Theology, Islamic Theology not only does not consider perfidy to be a grievous and unpardonable offense, as long as it advances the overall goal of Islamic conquest and domination of the entire world, it is actually considered a virtue.

The Palestinians have repeatedly stated that their goal is the utter and complete destruction of Israel.

The PLO Charter Still Calls for Israel’s Destruction

The Palestine Liberation Organization was created in 1964. Like most revolutionary movements, it wrote a Charter to define its aims and fundamental policies, including:

Article 17: The partitioning of Palestine, which took place in 1947, and the establishment of Israel are illegal and null and void, regardless of the loss of time…
Article 18: The Balfour Declaration, the Palestine Mandate System, and all that has been based on them are considered null and void. The claims of historic and spiritual ties between Jews and Palestine are not in agreement with the facts of history or with the true basis of sound statehood. Judaism… is not a nationality (and) the Jews are not one people with an independent personality…
Article 19: Zionism is a colonialist movement in its inception, aggressive and expansionist in its goal, racist in its configurations, and fascist in its means and aims…
Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, (or) on the Gaza Strip.

Contrary to belief in some quarters, the Charter has never been amended and in fact, fealty to “armed struggle” (i.e., terrorism) was reasserted as late as 2011. In pursuit of its goals, Palestinian terrorism has killed more than 5,000 Israelis since 1949. Airplane hijackings; sniper shootings (including an infant in her father’s arms), bombings on buses, in cafes and in restaurants; little boys bludgeoned to death; children murdered in their homes in front of their parents. Raw anti-Semitism pours today from Voice of Palestine Radio. School children learn that Israel is only a temporary impediment to Palestinian aspirations and that killing and dying is the highest good.

American administration after administration has chosen to ignore this unequivalently stated and reiterated position and the reality that Islam considers perfidy to be a perfectly acceptable and valued strategic tactic. Each successive administration has failed to grasp the significance of these two facts, and thus failed to achieve anything other than failure.

In the Palestinian mind, the problem is not violence, violence is the solution, the problem is Israel. The only peace acceptable in the Palestinian mind, is that of the Israeli grave. As long as American administrations continue to judge Palestinian actions by Western Judaeo-Christian standards, and refuse to take them at their word, this long unbroken succession of failure will continue.

Tragically, it is unlikely that the administration of President Donald Trump will any different in this respect. It will likely makes all of the exact same mistakes of previous administrations. It will ignore the role perfidy plays in Islamic culture, it will ignore the actual unequivocal stated goal of the Palestinians and will continue to believe that the goal of peaceful coexistence is shared by both the Israeli’s and the Palestinians.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Until both the American and Israeli public’s and especially their political leaders accept the reality, that when a Muslim says he wants to kill you he is dead serious, and that his position absolutely cannot be negotiated and that said Muslim will joyfully commit perfidy to achieve that goal, this nearly 70 year old dance of failure will not only continue, it will do so at the cost of innocent lives.

To honestly negotiate a peace treaty with Israel in good faith with the full intention of abiding by that treaty is and would be, in terms of Islamic Theology, an abomination worthy of Allah’s greatest and most excruciating wrath. This is absolutely and utterly nonnegotiable, any American administration that does not, cannot or refuses to comprehend this simple reality, including the administration of Donald Trump, has doomed itself to failure before they have even begun.


4 thoughts on “On the Issue of an Israeli-Palestinian solution.

  1. It’s been apparent to me for a long, long time the so-called 2-state solution is a pipe dream of people living in a fantasy land.

    There can be no peace with people who openly call for the murder of your citizens and the destruction of your country. This reality is blindingly obvious. Failure to recognize it reflects a magnitude of denial & delusion that boggles the mind.

  2. Today Hamas and ISIS have announced that they are joining forces to train their leaders at the same base in Egypt. Clear enough for any American do-gooder?

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