Olympus has fallen…

Long long ago, in a University far far away… Harvard was the Zenith of academic and intellectual achievement. It was where the brightest of the best and brightest were sent to hone their intellectual chops to the razors edge capable of splitting the very atoms themselves. The standards required for admittance were the top 1% of the top 1%.

Ah, but those days are long gone now. As with pretty much all of Academia in America (if not the entire world) it has been infiltrated and overwhelmed not so much by mediocrity, as by Marxist Educational Theory. Yes, I know, that is a rather redundant statement if somewhat contradictory. Marxist Educational Theory is after all designed to destroy Western Civilization while claiming to bring about a new age of enlightenment.

To be in possession of a graduate degree from Harvard used to mean that you were not just the best and brightest that Ivy league universities could produce, but that you had ascended to the very top of the intellectual Ivory Tower itself. Oh those were the heady days of old. When a man of letters and education was a man not to be trifled with. When the Crimson of Harvard spoke volumes about you, and said at the very least, “Here be a man capable of shaking the very heavans themselves”.

Then came the Cigar Store Indian years. Princess Liawathia of the Fauxcahontas Indians of Taxachusetts that great scholar from Harvard herself could not have chosen a greater representation of the depths to which the once hallowed halls of Harvard have fallen.

Enter… The newest bright and glowing star to grace Harvards hallowed Halls.

‘NRA’s Worst Nightmare’ David Hogg to Attend Harvard

Yet…he is heading to Harvard despite an SAT score of 1270. The bottom 25% of accepted students at Harvard have an average test score of 1460…

Rejected from 12 other Colleges for essentially being an imbecile studying to be a moron and failing miserably, it therefore must be a foregone conclusion that Harvard would be the University that would embrace him as the future of best and brightest of the best and brightest.

At this point, a sheepskin from Harvard is good for, well, wiping ones ass, and apparently little else. The prestige and honor once accompanying graduation from Harvard now is a mere hollowed out shell of what it once was. A online degree from the University of Kathie’s Garage carries as much assurance that you are hiring a well educated and intelligent individual as one from Harvard. How far the mighty have fallen.


Congress got some Splaining to do.

How did Donald J Trump manage to get himself elected as the 45th President of the United States of America? Despite the rhetorical nature of this question, this is actually a very serious question. Tragically, it has become nearly fatal in its humorous aspect as one watches the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machines Talking Heads try to answer it. Even worse, is watching the GOP Establishment assholes attempt to answer it as well.

Everyone knows the answer. The lying sacks of shit masquerading as journalists know thew answer, the Marxist traitors masquerading as Democrat know the answer, and the fucktard sellout Uniparty bastards masquerading as Republican Establishment Leadership Elitists know the answer. Fortunately, even the average American citizen knows the answer, even through all the lies and deceit spun my the Very Fake Media.

Donald J Trump managed to become the 45th President of the United states of America by speaking to the American people and saying to them the things that the vast majority of Americans in fact wanted to hear. The average American’s top number one priority was and remains, Illegal Immigration.

Now, we must also take into account a certain very special aspect of Trump’s campaign that put him over the top. It was and remains a very special aspect which has the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine, the Marxist Democrat and the Fucktard GOP Establishment utterly and insanely furious with President Donald J Trump. Its the whole and entire reason that the #NeverTrump movement exists.

What is that aspect you ask? Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States of America has a genuine Super Power. He has the ability to make people take off the masks they are wearing, and expose their true face for everyone to see. He made the Democrats take their masks off and show the world that they are Saul Alinsky disciples of Karl Marx.

He made the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine take off their masks and show the world that they are propaganda merchants for the Marxist traitors masquerading as Democrats. And he made the Republican Party Establishment Leadership Elite take off their masks and show the entire world that they are members of the Marxist Uniparty.

This Genuine Super Power is the real reason why the media, the Democrats and the GOP Establishment hate President Trump. Because he forced them to show the entire world who they really are. But also, because they instinctively understood the single greatest threat that President Trumps Super Power represents. Trumps Super Power is not some inexplicable unattainable gift that only Trump posses. It is in fact, a learned Super Power. A Super Power that almost anyone can learn to posses and wield. That is what terrifies the political elite and their propaganda ministers.

Enter United States Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage Jr.

Brian is a triple amputee Veteran of the Iraq war. Brian has pulled a Donald J Trump act of Super Power projection. So, yes you can expect the 3 evil stooges to gang up on Brian and do everything in their quiet considerable power to destroy him for his efforts. Brian, has begun a campaign to privately fund the construction of a border wall between the US and Mexico.

We The People Will Fund The Wall

As of this writing, Brian’s GoFundMe efforts have received over $3.6 Million dollars out of its $1 Billion dollar goal. At a rate of 1 million dollars a day which is what Brian’s gofundme page is currently taking in, his goal should be reached in another 970 days. Provided it remains at $1 million per day in incoming funding.

Ok, so you are asking, how does Brian’s success in fundraising represent an application of Trump’s super power? Very simple. The Republican Party’s Establishment Leadership Elitists have been pretending for quiet some time that they would like to support Trump’s Border wall. But the truth of the matter, is that they were and are every bit as much opposed to building that wall, as their Marxist Treasonous Democrat Uniparty partners are.

By raising over 3 and a half million dollars in a mere 3 days, Brian has forcibly removed the Republican Party Establishment Elitists mask and exposed who they really are for all of the world to see.

Yes, in the coming days, the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine, aka the Very Fake News, will attempt to do the impossible (What other choice do they have really?) and both ignore what Brian Kolfage has accomplished, while at the same time demonize him as some kind of uber white supremacist homophobic misogynistic Islamophobic Imperialist. The Marxist masquerading as Democrats will demonize him as unAmerican, while the GOP Establishment will try to convince everyone that Brian does not represent who we as American Citizen are.

The truth of the matter is that what Brian Kolfage is doing, is exactly what got Donald J Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States of America in the very first place.

Yes, the Uniparty has to demonize this, and the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine has to cover this up, because if they do not, then the Republican Party Establishment Elite and the Marxist Party leadership will have some very very difficult questions they have to answer to the American people. Questions, the answers to which, could land a significant number of the aforementioned Uniparty traitors in prison for a very long time over.

That Donald J Trump’s Super Power can be learned, is the most terrifying thing that the Uniparty elite can imagine. They after all, maintain their power and status through deceit, lies and manipulation, most predominately, by wearing masks to deceive everyone around them of who and what they really are. Once their masks are pulled off, and their real identities exposed, they lose much of their power, if not their literal freedom.

Did Barack Obama, the FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA discuss assassinating candidate Trump?

Wow, this one is really out there, or, is it.

Everyone with two functional brain cells knows that there is something rotten and corrupt as hell in Mordor on the Potomac. The FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA all attempted to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. The Mainstream Media has done everything in their power to shield and protect this illegal 18 US Code 2384 & 2385 attempted coup d’é·tat.

Most of us assumed that this was because Obama Administration employees and Clinton supporters in those agencies had broken criminal surveillance laws in the attempt to get dirt on presidential candidate Donald Trump. Failing that, they then doubled down and tried to frame him for actions that are not even criminal in an attempt to remove him from office.

If they could remove him from office, then their criminal actions in attempting to prevent him from being elected could be forever swept under the carpet and they would not face the possibility of criminal prosecution. Simple as that.

But, what if what they are really hiding actually is the discussion of a plan to assassinate presidential candidate Donald J Trump?

Yea, it sounds pretty fantastic to me, but, after what we have witnessed over the course of the last 2 years its no longer something that I can confidently say that the individuals involved would not do. The dishonesty and blatant corruption that has come to light since Donald Trump became POTUS is more than enough to be described as “Shocking to the Conscience of the Nation”.

Fiat justitia ruat caelum…

Laughing my ass off to combat soul wrenching bitterness.

Last night Twitter pundit Bill Mitchell prognosticated that today Hillary Clinton will be indited for her role in the Uranium 1 scandal.

He went on rather breathlessly to imply that there were going to be many arrests of Deep State Aristocrats today.

All hell is suppose to break loose today in Mordor on the Potomac.

All I have to say on this subject is……….. BULLSHIT.

The unbelievably corrupt Deep State, aka Department of Injustice, and the Fibbing Bureau of Instigation have ZERO interest or intention of prosecuting any of their aristocrats. There is not one single employee of either organization with the authority to engage in such prosecutions with the honor or integrity to do so.

Bill Mitchell can engage in all the hyperbolic rhetorical pontificating he wants to, but that will not change a damned thing. The Department of Injustice and the Fibbing Bureau of Instigation are not going to break ranks and serve justice to their own under any circumstances. And that is all there is to it.

December 7th 1941, A date that will live in Infamy.

Tomorrow is the 77th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Perl Harbor, the event that drew the United States of America into WWII.

World War 2 was a titanic struggle against Marxist attempts to subjugate the entire world to Marxist tyranny. 77 years later, we are once again facing that same Marxist struggle to subjugate the entire world to Marxist tyranny.

Only today, it is the children and grand children of those heroic and valiant men and women who defeated those Marxist efforts who are now threatening the entire world with Marxist subjugation.

The philosopher and poet George Santayana warned the world, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The Marxist took that warning deadly seriously. They infiltrated the bedrock foundational Institutes of every Western Civilization Nation and rewrote their History so that it was inevitable that the conflict of WWII could be replayed, and they did so entirely in the hopes that this time they would prevail and thus subjugate the entire earth to their evil ideology.

I was born 20 years after the attack on Perl Harbor. I was not alive when it happened, but I grew up in its shadow. Tragically that shadow and its profound meaning seem to have passed from memory, just as George Santayana warned.

Can we finally call this Evil?

As I was growing up in America, there were thing going on far beyond my perception. Things that basically fell into that bizarre category Donald Rumsfeld once defined as “The unknown unknowns” which he described as categories of thing we did not know that we did not even know we did not know. Or, to quote him directly, “There are thing you know, there are things you do not know, and there are things you do not know that you do not know.

Having been born in 1961 in America, I was literally surrounded by things I knew, things I did not know and an entire world of things that I did not even suspect that I did not know. As a consequence, I grew up blissfully ignorant of the things that I didn’t even suspect that I knew nothing about.

Recent events have resulted in my having to spend a considerable amount of time rethinking things I had grown up believing were true. Like, I suspect the vast majority of White American’s, I grew up having no particular pride in the color of my skin. I was not ashamed of it, I just wasn’t proud of it either. It wasn’t a thing to be grasped for the simple reason, that it was not something that I had any control or say over.

I, just as I imagine the vast majority of White American’s did, grew up in a household and community where the things you took pride in, were accomplishments. I was proud of my grandfathers, not because of their ethnicity, but because of what they had done.

One of my grandfathers was a Colonel in the United States Air Force. He had earned that rank during the Korean War, but had survived both world wars 1 and 2 prior to that. He was what was known as a Brevet Officer, having had his rank elevated as a consequence of his combat actions.

The other was a simple Wheat farmer.

The fact that both of them were white was about as relevant as the time of day on Jupiter was. In other words, it wasn’t relevant at all. I was raised to give no importance to the color of an individuals skin, because that individual had absolutely no control or say over that aspect of who they were.

In other words, the America I, and the vast majority of other white American’s were born and raised in was a society known as a “Meritocracy”. Who your ancestors were, who your parents were, who you and your siblings were and who your own offspring were, was determined not by their ethnicity or skin color, but by what you accomplished.

My mothers father was a simple humble wheat farmer. His wife was a native American who never made much of a deal about her native American heritage. My own mother was not a big fan of her mothers side of the family, because according to my mother, “They were a bunch of no good drunks and lay-a bouts who never achieved a damned thing”.

So, here we are, in America as 2018 is coming to a close. The last 10 years have been profoundly disturbing to say the very least. I have been informed repeatedly and viciously that I am a White Supremacist Racist Nazi Fascist so many times that I have quite literally lost count. I have been told, that I need to check my White Privilege and that my complete unawareness of said privilege is proof of my racist Nazi Fascist privilege.

When people of color, who neither have I ever met, nor who likewise have never met me, and are completely unaware of my existence other than in the most abstract manner, insist that I am a racist, I find it both disconcerting and more than a little offensive.

There are the thing you know, the things you do not know, and the things you do not know that you do not know.

Until recently, I did not know, that believing that every individuals worth was to be defined by what they did, not by the color of their skin or their ethnicity was white supremacist racist Nazi Fascist behavior. The thing that I did not know that I did not know, was why this could be so.

All revolutions represent 1 thing, and 1 thing only. It is the only reason any revolution ever takes place. It is always the transference of power and wealth from one group to another. Quiet often that transference is beneficial to the vast majority of people who are tricked into achieving that transference by way of extreme violence.

One of the things that made the United States of America unique in the history of the world, was that for once in human history, that transference of power and wealth did not go to an elitist group of aristocrats who by virtue of their wealth and title maintained a strict hierarchy of social status that everyone was locked into from birth.

This was because America’s founding fathers believed in creating a Meritocracy. A society where each individuals standing in society transcend class barriers and was predicated upon what they were able to achieve, not based on who their ancestors were, or were not.

That thing that I did not know that I did not know, and would not come to understand until I was in my 40s, was that hiding in the shadows of America were violent hateful revolutionaries hell bent of a new transference of wealth and power in America. This new transference would not be based on merit. It would be based on political ideology.

Those with the right ideology, who spoke the right words, who believed the right ideas would be the recipients of this new transference of wealth and power, except, that they wouldn’t. They would just be allowed to keep, maybe, what they had acquired under the old system, but, they would be granted the right to stand in the public market square and virtue signal for the entire world to see their glorious new virtue.

More shocking was how many of those being exterminated, i.e. White People were convinced that they were part of the new class upon whom this transference of wealth and power would be, and all they had to do to enjoy this privilege of glorious righteousness while systemically being exterminated, is to flagellate themselves while castigating and denigrate anyone who just happens to be white for not being joyous about being the victim of genocide.

Yes. I was unaware that I did not know that Marxist revolutionaries had infiltrated America and were engaging in a Marxist revolution which was designed to destroy the United States of America’s Constitutional Republic. Moreover, I was also completely unaware that I did not know that the primary tool they would use, was class warfare fomented through racism.

Yes, I grew up knowing that America had issues with racism. Like the vast majority of American’s I grew up knowing about our past with slavery. I grew up believing that slavery was one of America’s repugnant past practices. A practice that we thankfully decided was morally and ethically inexcusable and put behind us at a truly horrendous cost. But that we had in fact put it behind us, and that we were making steady constant progress in making our society the meritocracy for Americans of all ethnicity’s that we believed it both was, and should be.

So, imagine my shock when I discovered that despite my never owning a slave, never oppressing anyone, never judging a person by the color of their skin and never having any privilege in society, that my completely lack of awareness of my own privileged status was proof of my racist attitudes and proclivities.

Then imagine my shock and anger when I realized that it was necessary for me to be labeled and branded a white supremacist racist fascist Nazi in order for a group of Marxist revolutionaries to overthrow the nation I had grown up in, that my family had served in the military’s of for generations, the nation that I loved, so that they could transfer the wealth and power of this capitalist meritocracy into the select hands of a few ruthless amoral unethical and utterly corrupt people who held the “Right” political ideology.

This whole facade of calling the average white American a racist, this disgusting assault on truth, rational logical thought known as “Politically Correct Speech/Behavior” is nothing less than a war being fought against America by way of Cultural Marxism. It is being waged against that majority of American’s who just happen to be white, who also just happen to love the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.

It is being waged on multiple levels. At the very top, by wealthy Marxist Globalists who want nothing less than to force the transference of wealth and power of the United States of America and her citizens, to themselves. On a lower level, it is being waged by the cannon fodder, who have been lied to, indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that America, as a Constitutional Republic is an evil nation that must be destroyed, that that they will be the recipients of that transference of wealth and power.

Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. What little they now have, wealth, power and opportunity will be stripped from them exactly as it has in every other nation on earth that has succumbed to the sirens song of Marxism. But, hey, at least they will get to proclaim their nonexistence virtue in the public square as they are mindlessly calling for the extermination and genocide against the evil white people who have created Western Civilization.