The wilderness of Mirrors

The Wilderness of Mirrors is the view points of a single Musician from Southern California with regards to the current status of American politics and the Mainstream Media’s malfeasance in its coverage of the politics and other events of the day.

Traditionally the  Wilderness of Mirrors refers to a psychological condition afflicting members of the covert intelligence community who find themselves no longer capable of trusting anyone and suspecting everyone of being part of some covert intelligence operation.

Unlike paranoia the Wilderness of Mirrors is not mental disorder caused by chemical imbalances, but a deep and abiding mental state resulting from their occupation.

This Wilderness of Mirrors is the result of watching politicians and Mainstream Media figures routinely and intentional deceive the American public on a daily basis.

13 thoughts on “The wilderness of Mirrors

  1. This is intense… I must say Im north of you in the bay area and have a particular obsession with Angleton’s Wilderness of Mirrors myself… also I have a friend named Dorian Grayhatter (John Draper Watson) on facebook whose profile picture is Jim Angleton and it says James Jesus Angleton is my COPILOT. I actually designed the picture…

  2. One of the best actually…

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