Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: John Michael Godier

Courtesy of Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month Isaac Arthur I give you science fiction author and futurist John Michael Godier. Like the previous Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month Isaac Arthur (whom I learned about Godier from), Godier has a youtube channel well worth visiting.

Both Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier share a certain commonality with myself, which is an almost pathological disregard for knee jerk explanations which require extraordinarily incomprehensible conditions. Physic is a complex science as most would no doubt agree. But it is not an entirely incomprehensible one. Whether it is by chance of the universe, or entirely by human intervention the science of physic’s has a master key which is available to the human race. That master key is mathematics.

Through this master key, we have been able to discover certain principals which underlay the universe, and in perhaps one of our less creative moments, we have come to call these principals, the “Laws of Physics”. Arthur and Godier both are sticklers for not arbitrarily violating those laws as means to move a plot line along.

I hope you all find Godier as fascinating as I have, both he and Isaac Arthur are down right brilliant individuals.