God Rest you Dr Bombay.

Ronald Lee Baze, my sister in laws father, passed away last night, he was 64.

His nickname was Dr Bombay, and he was a character almost out of a weird Hunter S Thomson fiction novel. A genuine lovable rapscallion. His later years tragically were marred by alcoholism. Sadly, Ron seemed to have lost the will to live several years ago when the last of his siblings passed away. Despite his many shortcomings he will be missed by his family and friends myself included.

I was fortunate enough to call Dr Bombay my friend for over 25 years. I will not apologize for his failings nor will I cast unwarranted aspersions upon his character. He was a unique and one of a kind individual. I pray he finds the peace in the hereafter that eluded him in the last of his years here on earth.

Goodnight, and God rest you Ronald Lee “Dr Bombay” Baze.