R.I.P Terrylynn Stewart

Last night, my sister passes away from cancer. She was 56, and the third person in my immediate family to die of cancer. My father died of lung cancer in 2000, my little brother Guy in 2006 from brain cancer, and now my sister from lung cancer that spread to her brain and bones. My grandfather died of prostate cancer before I was born, and my mother survived breast cancer a little over 5 years ago.

I will miss my sister a great deal, she was a funny, warm loving individual. I drew a great deal of courage from her example of going after what she wanted in life. She was a Senior Administrator in Risk Management for the City of San Diego, California, and City manager for Yamhill, Oregon.

She was the mother of my nephews Ricky and Christopher.

She was admitted to the hospital just after Christmas for pneumonia, at which time she was diagnosed with lung cancer, tests reveled that it had spread to her brain and spinal column. The doctors did what they could for her, but it was already to late. They were able to make her comfortable until the end, for which I am profoundly grateful.

I would like to express my most profound thanks and condolences to her husband Randy Stewart, for being with her and comforting her until the end, and my most profound condolences to her two sons Ricky and Chris for the loss of their mother.

She was my beloved sister, and I mourn her passing, she was Randy’s wife, and Ricky and Chris’s mother, their grief today dwarfs anything I might feel. Their loss is so much more personal, please hold them in your prayers.