Apparatchik define: See Vivian Schiller…

World English Dictionary
apparatchik (ˌæpəˈrɑːtʃɪk) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

— n
1. a member of a Communist apparat
2. an official or bureaucrat in any organization

[C20 from Russian, from apparat apparatus, instrument + -ckik , suffix denoting agent]

By classic definition a apparatchik is a communist who is blindly and completely devoted to the communist party. For ten years Vivian Schiller was the Russian interpreter in the former Soviet Union for Turner Broadcasting, Yes, SOVIET UNION as in communist Russia. This is the woman running National Propaganda Radio. This is the woman that the American Progressive/Communist movement installed as head of what is touted as a unbiased News organization.

America’s Marxist Progressives have lied to the American people to such an extent that where as once upon a time Vivian Schiller wouldn’t be allowed near a federally funded program but instead investigated for subversive activity, now she is made head of a federally funded News organization, or I should rightfully say, federally funded Marxist Propaganda Organ.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s the left made such a racket about how the last American’s to be executed for treason (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) were really innocent, falsely accused and framed, and as a consequence American’s became hyper-sensitive to the accusation of treason. Well, low and behold with the release of decoded Soviet cables from the VENONA project we find out that the Rosenberg’s genuinely were Soviet spies. We found out that Ted Kennedy was collaborating with the Soviet Union to prevent the election of Ronald Reagan.

As the old Soviet Unions secret archives were opened and released to the west we discovered that the vast majority of those accused during the 1950’s “so called McCarthy trials” of being Marxist apparatchik and agitprop’s genuinely really were exactly that. They were agents of a foreign hostile government working to spread propaganda and disinformation and compromise the national security of the United States of America.

There is no question that Vivian Schiller was and to this day remains one of those individuals who at the very barest minimum Joesph Stalin would have would have called, a useful idiot. More importantly she eventually found her way to be CEO of National Propaganda Radio where she could disseminate Marxist ideology covertly to the unsuspecting American public. Stealth indoctrination into Marxism under the guise of social justice, environmental conscienceless, multiculturalism and a whole host of other touchy feely free to be you and me hug a tree crap.

Paul Kengor, Ph.D an established historian and tireless researcher, opens a super industrial sized can of whoop-ass on this subject as well as
Vivian Schiller’s “Fellow Travelers” with his book “DUPES: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century” This is not a book for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. It is not a book for the timid or the liberal’s who cant objectively and fearlessly face the truth.

This book is the closet where where Viviana’s “fellow travelers” skeletons are all hidden. OK, maybe not all, but enough to scare the bejebus out of anyone who hasn’t already been hopelessly indoctrinated into Marxism by Vivian and her treasonous vile ilk. Make no mistake about it, Vivian Schiller is a Marxist apparatchik who has been tirelessly working to transform America’s Republic into a failed republic so that it can be replaced with a Marxist totalitarian Utopia.

Vivian’s “fellow travelers” did an unbelievable job of smearing Joseph McCarthy as some crazy whacked out communist witch hunter. Such a profound job that today in-spite of the evidence of the VENONA project, in-spite of the evidence compiled by Dr. Kengor that McCarthy was utterly and completely correct regarding the infiltration and subversion of the United States government by agents of a foreign hostile power, otherwise patriotic American’s still believe the lies and disinformation about McCarthy.

Many of those exact same otherwise genuinely patriotic American’s, having been indoctrinated into Marxism by a Marxist dominated public education system will refuse to see or grasp the significance of having an Apparatchik, a Marxist leaning leftist liberal democrat as the CEO of National Propaganda Radio.


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