The Awful Truth

Planet Earth is the habitat for three distinct life forms.

Chemosynthesic, is the biological conversion of one or more carbon molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic

Photosynthesic, is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

Animals, which can only survive by consuming the flesh of other once living creatures.

You and I are technically listed under the heading of Animals; in order for us to survive and propagate, we must consume things that were once living creatures. We have no other option for survival.

For every day we are alive some other living creature must DIE, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Whether it is a plant or another animal without their flesh or their reproductive systems, we die…

Scientific evidence now suggests that our intelligence is directly linked to a combination diet of both plant and animal flesh, heavy on the animal flesh.  The evidence also clearly indicated that a strict vegetarian diet results in shrinkage of the brain. Intelligence is directly linked to brain size.

We go to the grocery store and purchase food stuffs , we don’t kill our own food anymore (well most of us anyways). We have become removed from the death cycle and begun a new death cycle in the process.

We cannot sustain our current level of intelligence on a purely vegetarian diet. And a growing segment of our population cannot endure the grief of eating the flesh of animals.

These members of our society hide their revulsion of one kind of act mandatory for survival behind a hypocrisy of shades. Vegetables have no self-awareness they assert and are thus acceptable for consumption; it eases their sense of guilt at the cost of their survival.

Yet those plants are no less alive than any animal. The hypocrisy is that since plants are not ambulatory they some how are less deserving of their lives. This is hypocrisy of the rankest and most foul kind. It denies the indisputable reality that for them and you and me, something must die every day for us to remain alive and for us to retain our intelligence a significant porting of those things that must die are ambulatory animals.

This is the awful truth behind our civilization. We are killers and we must kill to survive and remain intelligent.


14 thoughts on “The Awful Truth

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  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  4. ya know what dorian? fuck all those shrinking vegetable heads! i’ll soon retire, send my grandson (we adopted him) off to college and the wife and i will get the hell out of this country. i no longer can stand 51% of the american population, i don’t want to see them, talk to them or have them near me. i’d love to shove a turnip up each of their respective asses! Well, thats my thought for today, hope your day goes well!

  5. I’m not a vegetarian but I stopped eating meat because of the suffering and shitty conditions the animals that we eat live in. But my doctor said you didn’t need to eat meat.

    • I seriously doubt that is exactly what your doctor told you, since there are 4 amino acids that you must have to live that can only come from animal protean. So what your doctor likely told you was that you can live without eating meat if you take the proper supplements, which came from animal protean.

      So you traded your squeamishness over the conditions of livestock treatment for the conditions of livestock treatment.

      • He said beans and rice would add the missing proteins.
        I’m not squeamish, I just don’t see the need to stomp on chickens. Plus we eat the sick livestock too. I’m not a vegetarian, if I knew they were raised humanely I wouldn’t care.

    • Humans were not meant to be vegetarians, the shape of our teeth and the length of our gut is proof enough of that. However for the same reason we are not meant to be exclusively carnivorous either. Just one of aspects that complicates the existence of the human being.

  6. Very true. We are also suffering from a massive plague of anthropomorphic thinking. We attribute human conscience and understanding to EVERYTHING, and torture ourselves unnecessarily worrying about the thoughts and feelings of things in nature that simply don’t have them. Hence the irrationality of the majority of the “green” movement.
    Cass Sunstein wants to ban hunting. Why?

    • Now consider the atheist point of view, god is not required for morality to exist, its a social lubricant to ensure the survival of the species. Except that from an evolutionary stance it isn’t the species survival that is paramount, it’s the individuals survival until it can reproduce.

      The species survival is predicated upon the individual adapting successfully to its environment and passing those adaptations on to its offspring. Intelligence was an adaption to environment that allowed humans to survive.

      Where then, does self recriminations over the basic fundamentals of biology which lead to a diminishing of intellectual capacity enhance the probability of continued survival of the human species, come in?

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