Poisoning the Well.

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein reached into her infamous bag of dirty tricks and once again went with one of the Marxist Democrats favorites. Poisoning the Well.

Poisoning the well

Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a type of informal logical fallacy where irrelevant adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing something that the target person is about to say. Poisoning the well can be a special case of argumentum ad hominem, and the term was first used with this sense by John Henry Newman in his work Apologia Pro Vita Sua (1864).[1] The origin of the term lies in well poisoning, an ancient wartime practice of pouring poison into sources of fresh water before an invading army, to diminish the attacking army’s strength.

The target, in this particular case is President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. We will discuss his accuser in a moment, but first let us dispense with a popular, but incorrect public assumption or two.

Neither Senator Dianne Feinstein, nor anyone else in the Democrat Party even remotely cares or is frightened that Christine Blasey-Ford’s accusations will prove to be false or unsubstantiated. They do not even remotely care that she might be discredited, as it has zero bearing on why Feinstein brought this accusation into the public sphere.

Senator Feinstein and the entire Democrat Party Leadership withheld this information until the last possible second for one reason and one reason only. Their whole plan is to delay the conformation hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh until after the Mid-term elections in the hopes that the Democrats might pick up a senate seat or two and thus be able to stop the conformation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. That is it, all stop, period.

Feinstein and her Democrat partners in crime know for a fact, that regardless of the veracity of Christine Blasey-Ford’s accusations, the Mainstream Media will publish those accusations as if they have been proven to be factual and accurate as determined by a Court of Law. This is a willful and with full forethought of Malice action taken by both Feinstein, the Democrat Leadership and the Mainstream Media in an attempt to prevent Justice Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the SCOTUS through the used of the tactic of Poisoning the Well.

That Christine Blasey-Ford is a extreme left wing political activist who has admitted to being highly promiscuous in high school (so much so that she required therapy as an adult) is irrelevant. That her redacted therapy notes do not match the accusations they are purported to support is also irrelevant. Likewise the fact that Judge Kavanugh’s mother presided over the foreclosure of Blasey-Fords parents home thus providing a conflict of interest in her accusations is irrelevant.

All of these facts which show that Christine Blasey-Ford is anything but a creditable witness are irrelevant. They are irrelevant because proving that Judge Brett Kavanaugh engaged in what under Maryland State Law would have been at best deemed Misdemeanor Sexual misconduct was never the point of the accusations. The point of the accusations is and always was, to delay Kavanaugh’s conformation with the hopes that a change in the makeup of the United States Senate would permit the Democrats to prevent his conformation.

The only question that is relevant here is, will this Poisoning of the Well tactic work as Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues hope it will. Given the number of corrupt Republican Senators more than happy to be bought off by the Democrats, its actually a 50/50 shot.


A Silent Donation of Schadenfreude.

Google got caught with their “Be Evil” pants down, not exactly earth shattering news. Though it could, and especially in the light of Google’s insistence that they would fight against vote influencing, should result in Federal Election Commission legal changes being brought against Google.


An email chain among senior Google executives from the day after the 2016 presidential election reveals the company tried to influence the 2016 United States presidential election on behalf of one candidate, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the emails, a Google executive describes efforts to pay for free rides for a certain sect of the population to the polls–a get-out-the-vote for Hispanic voters operation–and how these efforts were because she thought it would help Hillary Clinton win the general election in 2016. She also used the term “silent donation” to describe Google’s contribution to the effort to elect Clinton president.

Nobody is surprised by Google’s highly unethical or illegal behavior, after all, their corporate motto is “Be Evil”. Very few are even surprised by the degree that the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine is attempting to conceal this story from the American public. It has pretty much been accepted by the general public that the Mainstream Media are nothing but Marxist agitators and liars.

Jim Acosta’s hyperventilating buffoonish contortions aside the Mainstream Media is mostly regarded as failed actors looking for their entrance into the movies these days. No, none of this really surprises anyone any more. In fact, despite Social Media, the Tech Giants and the Mainstream Media’s best efforts, even the fact that every attempt to connect President Donald Trump to Russian collusion keep turning up, not President Trump, but President Barack Obama isn’t finding many surprised.

Nope, even John Kerry violating the Logan Act doesn’t surprise anyone.


John Kerry slams Trump for Iran accusations: ‘You should be more worried about Paul Manafort’

Maybe someone should warn Kerry, Manafort’s testimony leads back to him and Obama? Na, it’ll be far more fun watching Kerry learn it the hard way… In Court. If former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova is correct, John Kerry and his BFF Barack Obama are in some seriously Deep State SHIT.


DiGenova Predicts Manafort Plea Deal Won’t Hurt Trump

DiGenova said a federal grand jury is collecting testimony and evidence on Comey and other officials including former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI attorney Lisa Page, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“James Baker, the former general counsel of the FBI, has turned over state evidence and is fully cooperating with the inspector general and the federal grand jury. I can assure you, Mr. Comey has been very silent in recent weeks and the reason is very simple. He knows he’s going to be indicted,” diGenova said.

Yes, the Schadenfreude will be mostly silent, as the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine, aka the Mainstream Media are going to continue to do everything that they can to prevent the American people from hearing any of this as long as they possibly can. Kind of the same way the effectively attempted to prevent the American people from knowing how well candidate Trump was doing in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The true Schadenfreude will come just as it did on the evening of Nov 6th 2016, with the Marxist traitors mouths agape hyperventilating their shock and horror that Donald Trump had won an election that they all claimed was impossible for Hillary Clinton to lose. There simply won’t be enough Stout Hemp Rope or Streetlights to accommodate all of the talking heads when it finally breaks that the Obama Administration violated 18 US Code 2384 & 2385 and attempted a illegal Coup D’etat against a lawfully and legitimately elected President of the United States of America and they did everything in their power to help that attempted Coup.

On that day… There will be no “Silent Donations” of Schadenfreude.

September 11th 2001 plus 17 years.

Its been 17 years. An entire generation of American kids are celebrating their 17th year of life, most of them, with barely a hint of the attack which is considered the worst attack to ever take place on American soil in the nations history. To these kids, its ancient history, like Pearl Harbor is to their parents.

Yea, most of them KNOW that something terrible happened on September 11th 2001. They even know that some American citizens died. These are kids, the vast majority of who have never seen a rotary telephone, let alone a land line in their homes.

These are kids who not only have never known a time when there wasn’t a computer in their home, but for most of them, that computer is considered grampa and grandma technology. Most of them not only have never seen an actual vinyl record, they also have never seen a cassette tape. Most of these kids don’t watch and probably are completely unaware of the concept of Broadcast Television.

These are kids for whom the term “Cable” has already been disconnected from “Cable Television” Cable is just an internet access point, not a primary source of television entertainment content. Cable television is just more rents technology, rents of course being short for “Parents”. Its not how they access the internet, its how their parents and grand parents access the internet. They get virtually all of their news, entertainment and communication via their cell phones.

These kids are Generation Z, a generation of American’s more defined by their familiarity with the Cell Phone and Social Media than by any other traditional American device. Most of these kids have had a Cell Phone for more than half of their life’s, and the half that they did not have one, was marked by their begging and pleading with their parents for their first Cell Phone. They literally have never known a time when Cell Phones did not exist.

The vast majority of what these kids know about September 11th 2001, they have learned from Youtube or Social Media.

Take a few minuted to let that sink in, because it is profoundly significant. The majority of what they know about September 11th 2001, they learned from Youtube, or Social Media.

Yes, scattered among these kids, are a repetitively small group for whom September 11th 2001 is a special day. It is special in an odd, hard to comprehend sort of day. Because it is the day that they lost one or possibly both of their parents, who they did not even know yet.

Some of the American kids growing up today, some of these members of Generation Z are the children of those 3000 American’s who lost their life’s on September 11th 2001. These kids were less than a year old when one or in a few cases, both of their parents died in the worst attack to ever take place on American soil. These are kids, admittedly not a lot of kids, but kids who just the same, grew up never knowing one or more of their parents because of that attack.

Because of HOW these kids of Generation Z learned about September 11th 2001 they have very little understanding of WHY September 11th 2001 happened. Remember I said that the majority of what they know about September 11th 2001 they learned on either Youtube or Social Media. Both platforms being controlled by ruthlessly progressive liberal Marxist corporations essentially means that these kids have only been exposed to a white washed and highly sanitized version of what took place on September 11th 2001 and why it took place.

Most of them believe that September 11th 2001 was either some kind of terrorist attack for reasons that they cannot and frankly don’t care to understand, or they believe it was because America attacked some Middle Eastern nation and the attack was a direct response to that attack. In short, they have no clue as to why America was attacked by “Terrorists” or possibly “Muslim Extremists”.

They do not know the TRUTH. They do not know the truth because the Marxist Liberal Progressive Media in America have lied to them their entire life’s about WHY America was attacked. The Marxist Liberal Progressive Media in America has never come right straight out and admitted the truth. That the attack on September 11th 2001 was the beginning of an Islamic War of Conquest as required by the teaching of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad against what Islam considers as the morally decadent Western Civilization.

What the Marxist Liberal Progressive Media will never willing tell these kids, is that the war against Western Civilization that began on September 11th 2001 is not the first war of conquest wagged by Islam against the West. Oh, these kids have heard about the West’s “Crusades” against the Islamic “Holy Lands”. They have been told Ad nauseam how Christianity attempted over and over again to conquer and wipe out Islam.

What they have never been told, is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the “Crusades” was a direct response by the Christian and Secular Nations of Europe to Invasions of Europe by Islamic Military forces. They have never been told that every single act of terrorism carried out by any “Muslim Extremist” is actually directly in accordance to the bedrock principal teaching of the Prophet Mohammad and Islamic Theology.

Because Social Media and Youtube are controlled by Liberal Progressive Marxists these kids do not know that their civilization is at war with Islam, they have been deceived into believing that the unending string of attacks carried out by a few “Muslim Extremists” are simply attacks carried out by a few misguided radical fundamentalists who are misinterpreting the teaching of the Prophet Mohammad and the Quran.

17 years after the September 11th 2001 attack on America, this is the legacy of 9/11. A generation for whom the worst attack to ever take place on American soil is just a historical footnote with no significant meaning. Its just a day that something bad happened before they were born, or while they were under 1 year old.

Now, please forgive an old man while I attempt to put this into perspective.

I am 57 years old, I was born in 1961. When I was born, America was engaged in what has come to be known as “The Vietnam War”. I was 14 years old when the Vietnam War finally came to an end. The war had been raging my entire life and even though my parents were military, until I was 13 or 14 I was barely even aware that it was going on.

The Vietnam War was on the news every single night, every couple of weeks one of my neighbor’s had a visit from the Military informing them that a family member had died in Vietnam. I was not a stupid or ignorant kid. The sun came up every morning, there were no planes dropping bombs on our house, there were no tanks driving through our neighborhood, there were no soldiers fighting house to house in our city.

The Vietnam war was far away, it was something on the news at night, not something taking place in my backyard. Bear in mind here, because this is important, the Vietnam War was an open and declared war. It was not some rouge extremists hijacking one of the worlds great religions event. It was an open and heavily reported on war, and even as a military brat, I knew next to nothing about what was really going on or why it was going on. Not because I was stupid or because it wasn’t being reported, but because I was a kid, a kid who grew up at a time when the war had already been going on for 6 years before I was even born.

I grew up, in a sense, like the kids of Generation Z. The Vietnam War wasn’t some catastrophic event in my life, it was, the norm. It was how the world always was. It’s difficult to explain. but it is like this. Whatever environment a child is brought into this world in, is what that child grows up instinctively believing is the normal natural state of the world. This is so, because they grow up not knowing any other environment. They do not even know that there are things that they do not know, all they know, is the environment that they grow up in.

So, for Generation Z, this war of conquest launched by Islam against Western Civilization that the Liberal Progressive Marxist Media refuses to tell them is anything other than the actions of a few disturbed fundamentalist religious extremists is their normal. The constant terrorists attacks that take place nearly monthly across the globe are not shocking unexpected events. They are just part and parcel of their normal every environment. These kids aren’t stupid, they’re not ignorant, but they also do not know that they are at war, against whom they are at war, or even why they are at war.

This my dear friends, is September 11th 2001 plus 17 years. 17 years of Marxist Liberal Progressive Media Propaganda. This is the Marxist Liberal Progressive Media’s Legacy. A entire generation who have grown up their entire lives at war, and virtually unaware that they are at war or why, let alone with whom they are at war.

The Journalistic Ethic’s of Bob Woodward.

Well, known liar and purveyor of Marxist propaganda, Bob Woodward has written a new tome of fiction. “Fear: Trump in the Whitehouse” Every single source in the book is “Anonymous” and just about everyone “Quoted” in it, has disputed what Woodward asserts that they said.

Once upon a time, many many years ago, as a young reporter, Bob Woodward and his ever faithful sidekick Carl Bernstein, accidentally stumbled upon the greatest story of their careers. Watergate was a scandal that brought down the Nixon Administration. One which only brought down the Nixon Administration because Nixon himself felt it necessary to protect individuals within his administration that had committed misdemeanor criminal offenses. Had Richard Nixon come straight out and condemned and disavowed the actions of the Watergate burglars, Watergate would have died on the vine. Woodward and Bernstein would have remained virtually unknown reporters.

During the ensuing years Bob Woodward as languished in near obscurity, known only for his role in the Watergate Scandal. Now, at 75, and unable to distinguish between the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machines lies and the truth, Woodward believes he sees his chance to bring down another Republican President. The single greatest obstacle Bob faces, is that 40 plus years after Watergate, his writing has been so thoroughly examined that just about everyone knows Bob is a damned lying propaganda merchant.

Bob, like the Washington Post that employs him have taken Dan Rather’s place as the poster child for corrupt and deceptive propaganda masquerading as Journalism. Bob Woodward and the Washington Post ARE the reason that the American public do not trust the Mainstream Media. They ARE the reason that local newspapers are dying out. Yes, the Internet is responsible in a very significant way. The internet is responsible for the death of the local newspaper in this manner, before the internet, people could not fact check what the newspapers wrote or challenge them publicly. The internet changed that.

The internet made it impossible for the old mainstream media to lie to their readers and viewers without being challenged. It broke their stranglehold on the truth, and has slowly been stripping them of their Gate-holder status. The mainstream media no longer dictates what is true or false or what is important. The 75 year old Bob Woodward, grasping for one last shot at the golden ring, must now face reality. He is preaching to a choir of Marxists Liberal Democrats who want to take down President Donald Trump for no other reason than he defeated their holy mother candidate Hillary Clinton.

Try as Bob and his fellow Marxist Travelers might, American’s in general just are not into their Marxist lies, deceptions or most importantly, their fucking Marxist ideology. American’s by and large know that that is what Woodward and the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine are and simply do not trust them.

As for Woodward Journalistic Ethics, Woodward clearly stole them from Walter Duranty, which is to say, he has none what so ever.

Breaking News: Water is wet and fire burns things.

Trump Administration Science Advisor shock the National Press Corps today by breaking one of the Nations most profound News Stories. In a briefing held today at the Whitehouse Press Room, National Science Advisor Kelvin Droegemeier informed the Press Corps, “That Water was actually Wet, and even more shocking, recent research had proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that Fire burned stuff”.

CNN’s crack(smoking) Journalist Jim Acosta was reportedly so dumbstruck by these revelations, that he set his own hair on fire in an attempt to Fact Check Kelvin Droegemeier assertions. In an unexpected twist, recently deceased Senator John McCain’s Super Genius daughter Meghan “The Meg” McCain declared that Kelvin Droegemeier proclamation was merely an attempt to detract from the truth that President Trump was a Russian Agent and all around poopyhead.

In relevant news, Several Writers for the Onion have been placed on suicide watch due to their inability to think up stories that reality doesn’t mock as “Well Duh” material.

EXCLUSIVE: Porn, sex toys, cocaine, a Rolodex of groupies and boasts about manhood size – the sordid truth about life inside Atlantic Records, the label behind Aretha and the Rolling Stones

Dorothy Carvello, the first female A&R executive for Atlantic Records, has lifted the lid on the culture of sexual harassment in the music industry in the 1980s
In Anything for a Hit: An A&R Woman’s Story of Surviving the Music Industry, Carvello details her time working under music mogul Ahmet Ertegun
Working as Etergun’s secretary at 24 years old, she tells how he’d call her at 3am demanding: ‘Get me a vodka. Get me a stripper. Get me a hooker’
Whenever one of Atlantic’s artists came into town, she had to go through his Rolodex looking for women who were ‘ready, willing and able’
Male executives hung up dildos and ball gags in the office, and would tease her about how she should sleep with them, according to the book
Carvello tells how she once showed up at Ertegun’s hotel suite to find him with three scantily clad women, a table full of cocaine and several bottles of vodka

Am I the only person on the entire face of the earth shocked to discover that… SEX, DRUGS and ROCK AND ROLL were taking place at the same Record Company that signed Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Aerosmith? AT the time those artists were signed to the Record Label?

Is it any wonder that “The Onion” is struggling to find absurd satirical material to publish? I know that the British Tabloids are known for writing some of the stupidest shit ever put to print, but, serious, have the Daily Mail and Daniel Bates overdosed on LSD cocaine and heroin all at the same time? Has the entire world slipped into a alternative reality where such a revelation is actually considered a revelation?

The Pyrrhic victory of Robert Mueller and the American Marxist Democrat Party.

So, Special Persecutor Robert Mueller managed to get 8 convictions against Paul Manafort for crimes committed 10 years before the Trump campaign even begun. The Marxist Treasonous Democrats are crowing that this proves the Mueller investigation is legitimate.

What the Democrats do not recognize yet, is that they have yet again fallen into one of Trumps traps. Mueller’s Manafort victory is a Marxist Democrat Pyrrhic victory. In the end, it is a victory that will burn the Marxist Democrat house to the ground.

Some of you at this point are probably asking, “What crazy nonsense are you babbling about now dorian?”

To which I reply, look very carefully at exactly what Paul Manafort was convicted of. Of the 8 guilty verdicts handed down against him, not one single charge had anything to do with collusion or election tampering. They were all bank fraud and tax evasion charges.

Ok, you say, but what has that got to do with the Democrat’s house being burned to the ground you ask? Very simple, all of those charges are directly linked to political lobbying by political campaign managers. But, you scream, that proves collusion. No, you forget, every single one of those charges are for crimes that took place a decade ago. Completely unrelated to the Trump campaign.

You are still not making your case dorian, you state petulantly. Whereupon I retort, Au contraire mon ami, the camel’s nose is no longer under the tent, the camel is now in the tent. The door is now wide open for the criminal investigation of band fraud and tax evasion be campaign managers in all of the 2016 presidential election.

Before the Manafort convictions, Special Persecutor Robert Mueller was specifically tasked with finding collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government. Legal precedent has now been set for investigating bank fraud and tax evasion by each campaign, not just the Trump campaign. Had Special Persecutor Robert Mueller not so brashly and recklessly brought bank fraud and tax evasions charges against Paul Manafort in a painfully obvious attempt to get Manafort to compose a crime against President Trump the actions of all of the various campaign managers would have continued to quietly sleep unscrutinized by anyone, regarded only as politic’s as usual.

Now that Special Persecutor Robert Mueller has kicked that door in at 3am guns drawn there is nothing that can be done to close it again. What this means, is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers are now fair game for criminal prosecution on bank fraud and tax evasion charges. Politic’s as usual just got thrown into the biggest brightest spotlight in history. Yes, the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Propaganda Machine will try to ignore the reality of Mueller’s Pyrrhic Victory.

Yes they will make every attempt to not cover it when it is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager’s being charged, arrested and tired for bank fraud and tax evasion. But that will be more than a little difficult as the guilty verdicts are being handed down.

More importantly, when those bank fraud and tax evasion charges against Hillary’s campaign managers lead back to the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium 1 scandal all hell is going to break lose, especially when Special Persecutor Robert Mueller is named as one of the defendants in the Uranium 1 scandal.

Yes, Special Persecutor Robert Mueller set a fire hoping to smoke out information proving collusion between Trump and the Russian government, but all he succeeded into doing, was setting his own house on fire.

That special kind of stupid where you say… Please wait while I get my camera out.

Sometime people do or say things that are incredibly stupid. And sometimes, that stupid is so stupid, you beg them… Let me get a video recording of this for history.

Panetta: Trump May Not Have Had the Authority to Revoke Brennan’s Security Clearance

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former CIA director Leon Panetta said that President Donald Trump might have overstepped his authority when he revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

Panetta said “The president obviously has power with regards to security clearances. But his power is also limited by an executive order that makes very clear that when it comes to the revocation of a security clearance that it has to be based on national security issues not the politics of somebody, not what that person has said, not how they dress, not how they look but based on national security issues. This president is now going after people, and the indication that I saw is that he’s going to provide these names to the press office to use this issue when it’s a bad news day so that it can cover that particular news story. I think that’s a real misuse of not only security clearances I think it’s a misuse of the office of the president.”

He continued, “There is an executive order that is in place, it was signed by Bill Clinton, it was updated by President Bush, it was followed by President Obama, and this president has to abide by that executive order unless he’s prepared to change it. That executive order lays out a process for revoking security clearances. This president is not above the law. He’s required to follow that executive order.”

This is one of those great moments in stupidity. As POTUS Donald J Trump has the authority to rescind any presidential executive order, at any time, without any explanation. A presidential executive order is not legally binding law, it is quiet specifically the authority of the POTUS to make decisions. The authority does not rest in the executive order itself, but in the person of the executive designated as the President of the United States of America.

Leon Panetta no doubt is fully aware of this, his argument is what can only be described as desperate bullshit. It comes down to this, Trump is cutting the head off of the Deep State, Panetta is a member of said Deep State. The Deep State understands that slowly bit by bit Trump is dismantling them. They are not going to go quietly into that good night. Panetta and his Deep State cohorts attempted an illegal 18 US Code 2384 & 2385 Coup d’état against President Trump, and now they all fear the potential consequences.

Their eyes and ears within the Swamp as slowly but surly being removed, and this has them scared shitless. Given the fact that the United States is still technically at war in Afghanistan they could potentially be in jeopardy of Treason with its potential death penalty. Though highly unlikely they could at a very minimum be looking at 10 and 20 year prison sentences run consecutively.