Here comes the Rope-A-Dope…


ROTFLMAO… Yes… attacking Trump like that worked out so well for Ricky Perry didn’t it, demoted from the adult table, to the kiddy table. All the money Jebby managed to raise isn’t going to be able to compete with what Donald Trump has in his back pocket.

Perhaps the single most redeeming aspect to Donald Trump running, is that those of us alive today, will see the first and possibly last election in our lifetimes where the outcome is not decided by who can raise and spend the most money.

There is literally nobody out there who can outspend Donald Trump. Anyone who wants to beat Donald Trump is not going to do so by outspending him. Anyone who wishes to beat Donald Trump is going to have to do it in the bloodsport arena of idea’s.

The GOP Establishment has proven that they are more than willing to commit fratricide. Its one of the reasons that Donald Trump is surging in the polls. They will use every single play out of the Clinton’s Politics of Personal Destruction playbook against Trump, and Donald Trump knows it. They will use every single one of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against Trump, and he knows this too.

Donald Trump is far more intelligent than most people give him credit for being. He has made BILLION OF DOLLARS by playing the buffoon and suckering his opponents into underestimating his intelligence. He has mastered the intellectual version of Mohammad Ali’s Rope-a-Dope. His opponents, even when they know its coming, continue to fall for it.

No, I am not endorsing Donald Trump, I’m just telling you what is coming. The 2016 election campaign is going to be the new and improved “Thrilla in Manilla”… Its going to be a bloody beat-down, its going to be Rocky Balboa verses Apollo Creed, its going to be David Verses Goliath and this time, the GOP Establishment has been cast in the role of Goliath, and David isn’t armed with a puny little slingshot. David has gotten his hands on a Barret M82A1 .50 caliber rifle and Goliath is busy getting drunk in anticipation of celebrating crushing David like a annoying little bug.

I do not know whether either Donald Trump or the GOP Establishment will still be standing at the end of this.

The first round of this new improved “Thrilla in Manilla” kicks off tonight at 9pm Eastern time (5pm if you live on the West Coast) on
FoxNews. You can expect Jebby Bush to come out with both barrels blazing at Trump right from the get-go. Donald Trump will mostly likely play it coy, only responding in seemingly knee jerk fashion to the expected assaults from the GOP Establishment cronies and stooges. Trump will Rope-a-dope the GOP Establishment cronies and stooges into continuing to think he is just a buffoon, then he will likely knock them out colder than a penguins asshole. This is how he has made his billions. This is the most likely scenario for how Donald Trump manages his Presidential campaign.

If you are a political junky, this will be a terrifying and exciting next year, if you are not a political junky, it will be a slow motion train wreck you simply cannot turn your attention away from…

To quote sports announcer Michael Buffer, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”…