The Brownshirt’s of the American Marxist Socialist Progressive Democrat Left.

The term Socialist existed before Karl Marx, but there are no Socialists alive today that are not Marxist Socialists. Oh, make no mistake about this. They may claim, and some even believe that they are not Marxist Socialists but it is a convenient deception to say the very least.

George Santayana

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

What does George Santayana have to do with the fact that all living Socialists are Marxists? Well, pretty much everything.

In in 1923 the Goethe University Frankfurt was founded by Carl Grünberg, who was a Marxist professor of law at the University of Vienna. In 1935 the Goethe University Frankfurt, or The Frankfurt School as it became known, moved to New York City where it became a part of Columbia University.

It was from the prestigious halls of Columbia University that the Frankfurt School’s Marxist Intellectuals infected Academia worldwide with “Critical Theory”. Critical Theory is literally nothing less than Marxism logically applied to educational theory as a means of brainwashing the unsuspecting.

Within the halls of academia these newly minted Marxist intellectuals engaged in historical revisionism to sanitize Marxism from its violent bloody past and disassociate it from all of its failed past attempts. It is this historical revisionism which propagated upon the world the big lie that Nazism was a far right fascist movement.

Marxism, at it’s bedrock foundational level is predicated upon two very specific ideological premises, a) The End Justifies the Means, and b) By any means necessary.

The inescapable consequence of these two ideological premises is, that each and every Marxist Socialist organization believes itself to be the only true expression of Marxism, and consequently, every other Marxist organization is its ideological enemy.

When the Frankfurt School fled Nazi Germany it was not because the Nazi’s were not Marxist Socialists, but precisely because they were, just not the right version of Marxist Socialism, and therefore very correctly identified as the mortal enemies of those within the Frankfurt School. Yes, the Nazi’s came to the exact same conclusion regarding the members of the Frankfurt School.

Fortunately for the world, Austrian School economist, historian, and sociologist Ludwig von Mises completely obliterated any semblance of that big lie. von Mises documented in excruciatingly minute detail exactly what defined the Nazi’s as Marxist Socialists.

While I will not go into von Mises treaties on the Nazi version of Marxist Socialism, I will point out one specific item. Every single version of Marxist Socialism has employed a very specific tool in advancing its agenda. In Nazi Germany they were called, “The Brownshirts”.

They were and to this day, are the militant violent arm of Marxist Socialism used to silence and intimidate anyone who would oppose the expansion and dominance of the Marxist Socialists. In modern America this militant violent arm is known as Antifa.

What Nazi Germany taught the Marxist Socialists was the need for plausible deniability. Which is to say, to keep their militant violent arm at an arms distance so that they could pretend that that violent militant arm was not their militant violent arm.

Portland Blogger Mike Strickland: ‘Does Somebody Need To Die’ Before Police Act Against Antifa?

From Berkeley to Charlottesville to Portland, Democrat controlled counties have systematically turned a blind eye to the violence of Antifa. They have done so for one very specific reason. The exact same reason that the Nazi’s employed the infamous Brownshirts. Because violence and intimidation against ones political adversaries works.

The short answer to Mike Strickland is yes. As long as America’s Democrats can engage in the act of plausible deniability and deceive the American public into believing that Antifa are not the violent militant arm of the Progressive Marxist Socialist Democrat Left then the police in Democrat controlled cities and counties will continue to stand down in the face of Antifa’s violent intimidation tactics. Yes, even to the point of American citizens dying as a consequence of those violent intimidation tactics.

Remember, violence and intimidation as a political tactic do work. Provided of course, you have a complicit government providing cover for those tactics. The United States Government via the Democrat Party are providing Antifa exactly that political cover or protection. The United States Congress created the RICO Act to specifically deal with organizations like Antifa.

Whether it was the Mafia, the Klu Klux Klan or the Hell’s’ Angels the RICO Act was designed to work as a fine net catching and providing a legal framework for the prosecution of organizations like Antifa which were designed to operate as individual unaffiliated cells.

The fact that a RICO case has not been brought against Antifa, or any of the Democrat mayors and police chiefs which have given their subordinates the “Stand Down” order regarding Antifa’s violence is solely and exclusively attributable to the fact that Antifa is providing the violence and intimidation that the Marxist Socialist Progressive Democrat Left needs to advance its ideological agenda.

Yes Mile, American’s will have to die. The Democrats will permit it to go that far because they have plausible deniability, and because nothing is more intimidating then seeing your allies die and absolutely nothing done about it.

Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum, meaning “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”


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