But don’t you dare call them “Fake News”.

NBC and Time Magazine have been caught red handed knowingly willfully and with a full forethought of malice withholding information that proved that Michael Avenatti and client Julie Swetnick’s assertions of gang rape by Justice Brett Kavanaugh were less than truthful.

NBC News raises eyebrows by sitting on info that contradicted Michael Avenatti client’s gang rape claim

NBC News is under fire for sitting on information that would have cast serious doubt on wild claims abut now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just when the unsubstantiated allegations were rocking the judge’s confirmation to the high court.

The NYT spiked Ronan Farrow’s story about Weinstein back in around 2004 or so.

The Los Angeles Times did the exact same thing with information damaging to Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Virtually the entire Mainstream Media knowingly willfully and with a full forethought of malice buried information damaging to both President Bill Clinton and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The so called mainstream media constantly makes the assertion that they are fair and unbiased and that they are reporting important news. Yet a simple look at who the vast majority of so called journalists their their political donations proves beyond any degree of doubt that their assertions are false.

Since the recent bomb scare, the media has gone into a sick and twisted hyper drive demanding that those on the right denounce the bomber and behave with civility towards those on the left. Even while at the exact same instance behaving with the most vitriolic lack of civility imaginable.

This so called unbiased mainstream media has encouraged violence against the right for 2 and a half years openly calling anyone who supports President Donald Trump Nazi’s, fascists, White supremacists and dozens of other degrading and insulting slurs all while simultaneously demanding that they themselves be treated with civility.

Their behavior isn’t simply a hypocritical double standard. It constitutes nothing less than open warfare against any ideology that they disagree with.

They decry Trump supporters as less than human deserving of every conceivable insult and even outright assault, while portraying themselves as the only bastion of righteousness.

The 4chan meme NPC (Non Player Character) has gained an amazing degree of popularity for exposing exactly this fake and hypocritical behavior by the left.

The left has created and is continuing to perpetrate an environment of political and social hostility unprecedented in American history all while simultaneously attempting to cloak themselves with an air of innocence while demanding that they themselves be treated with civility.

So long as the left holds unflinchingly to its ideologies of “The End Justifies the Means” and “By Any Means Necessary” this behavior of their can and will lead to one single and inescapable conclusion. We endured this inescapable conclusion once before in 1861.

No one on the right wants to repeat that terrible chapter in our history, no one on the left seems to wish to avoid repeating it. The left seems to harbor that illusion that those on the right are willing to surrender the United States Constitution rather than repeat the tragic events of 1861.

While the right does desperately wish to avoid repeating 1861, the left is suicidal if they believe the right will surrender the United States Constitution to avoid a repeat of 1961.

Yes. This tragically is where the left is driving the United States of America. No entity more so than the correctly identified “Very Fake News” assholes.


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