“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Isoroku Yamamoto

There is considerable debate as to whether Admiral Yamamoto ever actually said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant”, though the phrase has become indelibly linked to him. What is not in question on the other hand, is that having studied at Harvard, Yamamoto was extremely impressed with America and the American people. His opposition to a Japanese war against the United States was well documented, even if futile.

The phrase so often attributed to him should not be confused by its apparent meaning, and its actual purpose. On its face, it is a cautionary tale of the consequences of awaking the sleeping giant which is the American silent majority. In reality, it is a magicians slight of hand trick. Designed not to caution, but to hypnotize and keep that very majority asleep.

It falls into a category of other similar catch phrases designed to play on an individuals preconceived and biased beliefs. The most famous of which is, “It can’t happen here”. They are a kind of psychological propaganda, the sort that Nazi Germany’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels created to channel the raw emotions of the German people into following Adolph Hitler.

In 1923 a group of Marxist created what they called “The Institute for Social Research” at the University of Frankfurt Germany. Within 10 years this group of Marxist would flee Germany first for Switzerland, and then ultimately the United States. In the intervening years, they have since become known simply as “The Frankfurt School”.

Since their arrival in Harlem in 1935, they have had but one single goal. The overthrowal of the United States and the Constitution upon which it rests. Saul Alinsky was one of the Frankfurt Schools greatest propaganda masters. His infiltration of the Harlem and Chicago African American artistic communities were among his greatest successes. But even those victories pale compared to his greatest victory.

Saul and his fellow travelers in the Frankfurt School all recognized that the key to subverting and overthrowing America, was through its youth. Saul Alinsky’s greatest victory, was his infiltration of Columbia University. With his fellow travelers, Alinsky began “The Long March” through America’s institutes. Thus was born the propaganda war against the American people. The indoctrination of America’s youth, first as college students destined to become the teachers and professors then the whole of American society as they moved out from Academia into the media and entertainment industries.

Like a snake charmer hypnotizing the deadly Cobra they began weaving a lethal spell of somnolence over America. It can’t happen here, don’t wake the sleeping giant, yada yada yada. All phrases designed to make those being lulled to sleep feel safe and secure. No reason to be wary, go to sleep, everything is fine.

The 1940’s turned into the 1950’s, Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to wake up the sleeping giant, and was crucified by the even then majority Marxist controlled Mainstream Media. The 1960’s turned into 1990’s while America slept. The Marxist infiltration of the American Federal bureaucracy continued unabated and unnoticed.

Then came an unexpected event. 9/11/2001.

No. The sleeping giant was not suddenly awakened. The spell of somnolence was far to powerful for any one single event to rouse the sleeping giant. Whether even now, in October of 2018 the sleeping giant is fated to awaken remains to be seen. The first indication that perhaps the giant was shaking off the poison of Marxist deception arrived on Nov 6th 2016. When the already crowned Queen of the American Marxist Utopia fell while stepping up to her throne.

A brash rough spoken businessman from Queens was sworn in as President of the United States of America instead of Barrack Obama’s Marxist heir apparent.

America’s federal government Marxist infiltrators, aka the “Deep State” instantly went on the attack. Coordinating their efforts to remove the Queens usurper the Marxist Fifth Column Treasonous Propaganda Machine begun the largest most aggressive campaign of disinformation, deceit and character assignation ever attempted in America.

As they relentlessly pounded away at President Donald J Trump something troubling began to happen. The sleeping giant began to stir restlessly. The more the giant stirred in its sleep, the more desperate the Marxist cabal became, and the more ruthless and unrelenting its attacks on President Trump became.

Enter Justice Brett M Kavanaugh.

Picked by President Trump as his second appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Marxist left decided, the Kavanaugh Conformation was the one thing the republican base could not get their representatives to chose in over 60 years. It was their hill to die on.

While I have known, and written for years on what the Liberal Marxist Democrat Left is capable of.

A closer examination of the Left’s Mantra “The End Justifies the Means”

The vast majority of America has remained blissfully asleep and unaware. Well, at least until Senator Dianne Feinstein and Dr Christine Blasey-Ford stepped up onto the national stage and began their campaign of death by a thousand lies and smears. The sleeping giant’s eyes have opened. It has let out a long over due howl of pain and anguish.

The only question that remains, is the giant going to get up, or roll back over and fall back asleep.


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