Today, officially 9 years of Blogging, 773 articles.

Well, WordPress has informed me that today is the official anniversary of my starting this little soapbox of a blog. To date, I have written 773 articles. It has seen some of my hardest times and some of my goofiest. It is a picture into my psyche that a psychologist could probably write an entire 12 volume book set on, plus probably have me committed over. (just joking, I’m almost frighteningly sane).

When I started this Blog all those years ago, it was my goal and desire to raise public awareness of two specific issues.

1) the degree and extent that the Mainstream Media was intentional deceiving and manipulating the America public by intentional distorting, lying and inserting their own personal Marxist Socialist political agenda into everything they produced.

2) the extent that the American body politic (and yes that includes unelected federal bureaucrats) had been infected with Marxist Socialism.

In the last year and a half, with the election of President Donald J Trump the very things that this blog was created to do have been advanced far further than I imagined they would be. No, the job has not been completed and my work is not yet finished. But I have been presently surprised since the Nov 2016 election at how much progress has been made.

When I first started this Blog most people thought I was just another tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Event’s since Nov. 2016 have done a very good job of showing that not only is that not the case, but that even I had under represented the scope and depth of the problem. Back in 2009 even I could not have predicted that the Deep State aka unelected federal bureaucrats, would make such a brazen and blatant attempt to overthrow the results of a legitimate presidential election by attempting a 18 US Code 2384 & 2385 silent coup d’tate.

I had always assumed that when they believed the time was right their coup attempt would come straight from the ballot box alibi it through voter fraud. Not that senior administration level officials would attempt to remove a lawfully and legitimately elected POTUS by framing him or invoking an article 25 competency hearing.

As of this writing, the future of this great Republic is still uncertain. Yes, more and more average American citizens are becoming aware that there are highly influential individual throughout America that are driving to transform America into a Marxist Socialist state. But whether enough American citizen become aware soon enough and make the decision to do something about it is still unclear.

One way or another, the struggle for the heart and soul of America continues. While I am able, I will continue to do my small part in trying to awaken my fellow America’s to the threat that still looms before us. You, my dear reader’s I can only hope and pray also do your part.


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