To declare oneself a Domestic Enemy.

The single most incontrovertible way to declare oneself a domestic enemy of the nation to which one is a citizen, is to advocate for the destruction of that nation. There are numerous ways in which an individual can advocate for the destruction of their own nation.

They can engage in acts of espionage on behalf of a hostile foreign nation. They can engage in acts of sabotage against the government or infrastructure of their own nation. Or, as has become the preferred method of America’s liberal Marxist Left, they can advocate for and engage in acts of sovereign suicide.

State sovereignty is defined as, “the ability of the state to be independent and have autonomy and control over itself and its decisions. The word sovereign means autonomous, or independent.”

There is nothing more antithetical to the concept of State sovereignty then the concept of “Open Borders”. Control of ones national borders, who and what enters into ones nation is a bedrock foundational principal of “autonomy and control over itself and its decisions” it abides within the context of “control over itself and its decisions” and cannot be separated from it without the loss of State sovereignty.

Cable News: 22 Comparisons of Immigration Policy to the Holocaust, Slavery

The pundit class have officially snapped over the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border enforcement policy. Since Friday, the collective breakdown has yielded a total of 22 instances in which cable news commentators compared the separation of parents and children illegally entering the country to World War II-era war crimes and human rights violations.

The Holocaust was invoked 12 times across CNN and MSNBC between June 15 and the 18th, generally in the form of comparisons between DHS detention centers and Nazi concentration camps. There were also six mentions of Japanese-American internment camps, as well as four comparisons to slavery.

On Friday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough opened Morning Joe with a tasteless Holocaust reference. “Children are being marched away to showers,” he intoned, “just like the Nazis said they were taking people to the showers, and then they never came back. You’d think they would use another trick.”

Make no mistake about this. There is nothing “Humane” about open borders. It is a straight up tactic out of Karl Marx play book for the subjugation of capitalist societies by Marxist extremists. A nation that does not control its borders is not a nation.

The American Mainstream Media has declared itself to be domestic enemies of the United States Constitution in its advocacy of Open Borders. That Europe should engage in national suicide by open borders should come as no surprise to anyone, most of Europe has already subjugated itself to Marxism in the form of Democratic Socialism.

Let me be perfectly clear on this. Marxism, Socialism, Communism, are all the same political ideology, simply wearing different halloween masks. They are the Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry ice-cream of the political world, each a different flavor, but no matter how you dissect them, they are ice-cream.

Marxism is the political equivalent of the Emperor’s New Cloths. Predicated upon a false premise of political intellectual enlightenment, it is in fact, nothing less than the justification of sovereign overthrowal and conquest born of greed and class envy.

Neither Marxism, Socialism nor Communism have ever produced the equitable societies that they promise. They have as a matter of indisputable documented record, in fact, produced more suffering and deaths of more innocent human beings than any other political or religious ideology in human history, bar none.

Yet, like those characters in the story of the Emperor’s New Cloths, its advocates relentlessly deny the painfully obvious results driven on by the exact same motivations as those who looked upon the naked emperor yet refused to concede that e was naked for fear of having it said of them, they lacked the sophistication to see the Emperors new cloths, except with Marxism and it sick evil derivatives, it isn’t just a lack of sophistication, but having their intelligence cast as being sub-par, or subhuman that drives the vast majority to viciously advocate for a political ideology of violent subjugation and ruthless oppression.

For the entirety of its 242 years as a sovereign nation the United States of America has had control over its borders and who and what it allowed to cross those borders. The Mainstream Media and George Soros “Open Society Foundation” are aggressively attempting to bring that control to an end.

The disgustingly dishonest talking points claiming that the United States is a nation founded upon immigration intentionally obscure the fact that those very immigrants they cite were in fact required to enter the United States through specific ports of entry where they were documented and verified before being allowed into the United States and that not everyone who attempted to enter the United States was permitted to.

No, Do not even think of doing it. Do not point to the Statue of Liberty and what is written on the plaque she holds. The Statue of Liberty stand directly above Ellis Island. Ellis Island was a designated immigration port of entry, and every immigrate that passed through Ellis Island was questioned and had their identity and motivations for entering the United States checked and verified to the best of the ability of those working at Ellis Island.

There is a profound difference between entering a nation legally, and entering a nation illegally. The rank and reprehensible hypocrisy of those screaming that America should not be separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents when apprehended make this assertion is beyond disgusting, as those making it do so knowing full well that it is a dishonest and disingenuous argument.

No one can be so ignorant or intellectually impaired as to think that the American judicial system places the children of those arrested for committing criminal offenses in jail with their parents. To assert or pretend that those apprehended for illegally entering the United States should be treated any differently is to argue either for the abolishment of the rule of law in the United States, or for the abolishment of America’s national sovereignty.

Furthermore, to compare the separation of an illegal alien adult from their equally illegal alien children upon apprehension to the Nazi extermination of Jewish persons or the enslavement of African’s is a degree of reprehensible and disgusting behavior that can only honestly be defined as a willful intentional and knowing act of domestic sabotage by an individual who for whatever reason has declared themselves to be a domestic enemy of the United States of America and the United States Constitution.

There is simply no other way to describe such behavior.


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