The Greatest Malapropism of the 21 century.

noun: malapropism

the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect, as in, for example, “dance a flamingo ” (instead of flamenco ).

Most Malaprop’s are straight up simple spelling errors. Like spelling Wright right, In this age of computer spell check, Malaprop’s which have an tendency to be amusing in their own right, have only gotten funnier, especially what they inadvertently (or ever so cleverly) revel a greater truth than the correct spelling would have.

With June 14th’s release of the long awaited Inspector General’s Report on the Hillary Clinton male investigation, there have been story after story released by the Mainstream Media which in one way of another have tried to either dismiss the serious accusations made by the report, or to mollify the propound unhappiness with which the report has been greeted.

CBS put out this story, clearly of the mollify type, plus a CYA for CBS as public sentiment is nearly overwhelming against the FBI and the Mainstream Media.

Commentary: For Trump supporters, DOJ IG report amounts to “Told ya so”


The actions of the FBI or DOJ may, in the end, be defensible. No legal line may have been crossed.

While the story attempts to pass itself off as a conciliatory and sympathetic one, its author cannot resist the urge in the final paragraph to shot himself in the head with exactly the kind of bias that is exactly what has the FBI in so much trouble at this very moment. ( I guess you really can’t expect a liberal not be be a liberal)

Down in the comment section of this article, is what in my opinion has a very good chance of being the best and greatest malapropism of the 21st century. Whether it was a simple slip of the fingers as its author hurried to type it, or entirely intentional I cannot say. But, her it is… Try not to miss it…

Imagine President Hillary Clinton having her lawyer’s office ransacked by FIB agents and other close associates persecuted or prosecuted by the FIB and the rest of the Deep State. Now we know more about the depravity and depth of our opposition. All must learn about the details and the Deep State must be burned to the ground.

From James Comey, Andrew McCabe, down to Pete Strzok and Lisa Page we have heard nothing but indisputable and documented lies for nearly a year now. So… For a Malapropism that refers to the FBI as the “FIB”… Yup… Gets my vote for best and greatest malapropism of the century, it might even come to define the 21st century.


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