The Judiciary as a Political Weapon.

One of the criticisms regularly being leveled at former President Barack Obama is that he weaponized much of the Federal Government to be employed against his, and by extension, the Democrat Party’s political opponents. From the EPA and the IRS, now clearly to the FBI CIA NSA and DOJ. And there is every indication that these accusations are not mere political rhetoric designed to inflame the base of either party, but facts for which there is substantial evidence.

However, and this must be taken into account when discussing this subject. This was not an Obama original program. Conservatives have angrily been making the case for literally decades that activist judges have overreached their authority and used their positions to supplant the legal authority of Congress by in effect writing legislation from the judicial bench.

A perfect example of this was when California Justice Vaughn Walker used his position as Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to override the will of the people of the State of California by declaring that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. In that Judge Walker was a Homosexual who personally stood to profit from his ruling, he should never have been allowed to participate in any ruling on Proposition 8, his doing so was as clear and indisputable a conflict of interest as it is possible to exist.

The consistent manner in which various members of America’s judiciary have routinely and regularly overstepped their authority for the purpose of engaging in judicial activism long predates Obama’s weaponization of federal bureaucracies. More importantly, without this long and tawdry history of unchecked judicial abuse, it is unlikely that Obama would have been able to weaponize as much of the federal bureaucracy as he did.

The Mainstream Media in America which indisputably and overwhelmingly leans to the far extreme liberal left of the political spectrum has consistently criticized America’s conservatives for pointing to far left judicial activism as tinfoil hat conspiracy territory. This hyper partisan liberal biased behavior by the Mainstream Media has as its natural consequence resulted in a open and public feud between the media and President Trump.

The Media’s coverage of President Trump has been indisputably documented to run nearly 90% negative and highly antagonistic against Trump. Moreover, Trump, not an individual given to surrendering or ignoring assaults on his character has chosen to fight back against the Mainstream Media, prompting the Mainstream Media to engage in outright lies and distortions of the facts in asserting their innocence in the matter.

The irony of these demonstrably false assertions is obviously intentionally lost on the Media, who have repeatedly been forced to retract negative attack stories against Trump. They hurl unfounded dishonest abusive attack story after story at him, while claiming in the same breath that President Trump is unfairly attacking them.

The AT&T-Time Warner Merger Ruling Is Bad for the Country

In an appalling development for the future of media, telecommunications, and America, Judge Richard Leon approved the $85.4 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner in full, without conditions, completely rebuking the Justice Department’s effort to overturn it. In a stark display of judicial activism, Judge Leon even told DoJ not to appeal the case, thus allowing the deal to close by a self-imposed June 21 deadline, which otherwise would trigger a $500 million “break-up” fee. I guess the judge wouldn’t want any executives to lose money.

It’s hard to over-emphasize the impact of this ruling. First, the deal itself brings together one of America’s largest telecom and cable companies with a suite of valuable programming to distribute on those networks. HBO, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers Studios, a stake in Hulu and much more will now be held by the owners of DirecTV, U-verse, AT&T mobile and broadband, Cricket wireless, and more. AT&T has already started bundling HBO for free for wireless users; the entire idea is to leverage things people want to watch by forcing them to watch it on AT&T services.

And so the stage is set for the most recent case of judicial activism as a political weapon, and this time, aimed squarely at President Donald Trump. In a clear display of their far left liberal bias against President Trump and an indisputable case of conflict of interest, the Mainstream Media is smugly touting the judicial activism of US District Judge Richard Leon in his ruling against the Department of Justice in the AT&T Time Warner merger case as a stinging rebuke of the Trump Administration.

Citing the ongoing feud between President Trump and the Mainstream Media as a conflict of interest for President Trump in seeking to prevent the AT&T merger the Mainstream Media gloat over Leon’s ruling while continuing to present the facade of unbiased neutrality.

Judge clears AT&T-Time Warner deal, rebuking Trump administration

A US federal judge approved Tuesday the $85 billion merger of wireless and broadband giant AT&T with media-entertainment conglomerate Time Warner, delivering a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump’s administration in its first major antitrust court case.

At some point, Congress is going to have to step in and put a stop to the Judiciaries usurpation of Congresses Constitutional authority. It is not the place of Judges to legislate from the bench, doing so presents a genuine grave and present danger to both the rule of law, and the United States Constitution.

Judge Leon’s ruling in the AT&T case is clearly intended as a political attack on President Trump and Judge Leon should be removed from the case and the case completely reviewed as a consequence of his blatant judicial activism, furthermore, Judge Leon should be censured and disbarred for willfully abusing his judicial authority for political purposes.


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