Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Suicide.

In the last week both Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade committed suicide. Both were incredibly successful individuals who seemed to have everything to live for, who seemed to have the perfect lives. Yet, both made the conscience decision to end their lives. That’s it, it’s over, I’m done, I’m out seems to be their last public statements.

The thing here, is that while Anthony and Kate are extremely high profile individuals whose suicides are breaking news events, what they are not, is some kind of rare exception. Suicide is in fact now designated as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

CDC: Suicides increased by more than 30 percent since 1999 in half the states

More than a decade of steadily rising rates have made suicide the nation’s 10th leading cause of death and one of only three causes of death — including Alzheimer’s disease and drug overdoses — that are increasing in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a report that examines trends in suicide at the state level from 1999 to 2016, the CDC says suicide rates have increased in nearly every state. In half the states, the agency found the rate rose more than 30 percent.

In releasing the report — the same week fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead by suicide — CDC officials noted that more than half of those who died by suicide — 54 percent — did not have a known diagnosed mental health condition.

For decades we have been told that suicide was an indication of some form of mental illness, or that it was a desperate cry for help. There are even circles within our society that condemn suicide as the ultimate act of narcissistic selfishness.

We spend massive amounts of money on suicide prevention programs, almost as much as we spend of murdering unborn babies. Euthanasia, as it is euphemistically called, is in fact big business. From America’s Dr Jack Kevorkian to Australia’s Dr. Philip Nitschke there are all around the world, those individuals who profit from various individuals desire to end their residency in the land of the living.

Meet the Elon Musk of Assisted Suicide, Whose Machine Lets You Kill Yourself Anywhere

As a young medical school graduate, Nitschke found himself drawn to the world of euthanasia and the work of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the most famous euthanasia proponent in the United States. Inspired by Kevorkian’s death machine, Nitschke set out to create an updated version that he called “the Deliverance.” The machine was rudimentary, comprising only a laptop hooked to an IV system, but it worked. A computer program would confirm a patient’s intent to die and then trigger a lethal injection of barbiturates. It successfully ended four lives before Australia repealed the bill that legalized euthanasia in 1997.

Flip the switch and you’re done, the usher will show you to the nearest exist.

Its a funny thing, this attitude of ours about suicide. We spend hundreds of millions on suicide prevention, and we legalize it. What is abortion if it is not the assisted euthanasia of an individual who neither requested nor consented to being euthanized?

Why do I keep bringing up abortion in the context of suicide? How can the two possibly be related except for the fact that both are the termination of life? The answer is both painfully simple and horribly complex at the exact same time. Moreover, it involves a disgusting hypocrisy and an unwillingness to look honestly at the consequences of public policy and social conditioning.

Suicide and abortion share in common this single and inseparable bond. Both are the direct consequence of the de-sanctification and devaluation of human life. A fetus is just a clump of cells, like any malignant cancerous growth, right?

Let me show you were that logic inescapably leads.

A fetus is a programmed biological machine, like a computer, it has a specific instruction code that tells it what to do.

A human fetus always produces a human being, it never produces a Dolphin or a dinosaur or a elephant.

A fetus is a living organism that is constantly expending energy in the process of developing into a mature human being.

The second that you place the designation upon a human fetus as “Just a clump of cells” you designate all human beings, regardless of which state of development they are at, as just being clumps of cells. Here is why. If you have a living organism, the state of its development is predicated upon one thing, and only one thing, and that one thing, is that it be alive.

Inanimate matter, non living matter does not violate physics basic fundamental laws of conservation of energy or entropy. In other words, inanimate objects never go from disorganized states to highly organized states. Only living things violate these fundamental laws of physics. In order to get a living organism to quit violating these principals, you have to kill it. This is true of a human fetus, except for very rare circumstances, human fetuses will not spontaneously self terminate.

By designating a human baby as a fetus, you make a very clear delineation, from this point to this point, you are not human, and therefore have no value. From this point to this point you are a human being and therefore are valuable enough that it becomes a crime to kill you, and then finally again, from this point to this point, your status as a human being is determined but now you are a burden, therefore you are no longer designated as having sufficient value to deserve protections against being killed.

Once you cast aside all of the hypocrisies and euphemisms the equation you are left holding is, You are only a human being and therefore of any value to society so long as you fit between these designated criteria markers. Your life is only worthy of protection so long as it fits within the boundaries of those criteria. You only have worth so long as you fit within the boundaries of those criteria.

The value of human life, right there, has been reduced to ZERO. Conditional parameters on values are arbitrary and once you have reduced human life to arbitrary parameters it’s game set and match, the usher will show you to the nearest exit.

Wait, what? Abortion is not suicide, how can these even be remotely related. Life is either precious and sacred, or its not. Once you have designated any aspect of life as not being precious or sacred, you have placed life in arbitrary parameters which can and will be moved by both individuals and societies as a whole. If the most innocent and vulnerable can be designated as not human, and unworthy of the protections of society, then the parameters that define humanity and value can be shifted to any other segment of society.

Take away the humanity, the sanctity of the unborn, and you have created a parameter whereby based on certain criteria it is acceptable to terminate that life. Once you have done that, those parameters, those criteria can then be moved to the elderly, to the infirm. Now you have further reduced the value of human life. And having done so you have opened the door to self termination for ANY reason.

54 percent of all suicides show no prior indications of mental instability. That is because the only thing wrong with them, was that they accepted what society told them. What society told them was, there is no inherent sanctity to human life, there is no inherent value to human life. There is nothing special or sacred about human life.

The hypocrisy of society in setting these parameters and criteria while also pretending want to prevent individuals from self terminating is staggering and foul. The truth here, is even more brutal than most realize. We do not have suicide prevention programs to stop anyone from committing suicide. Suicide intervention is not about intervening or preventing suicide.

Suicide prevention/intervention is about anesthetizing society. If you have a loved one who committed suicide odds are it left you stunned and confused and more than a little hurt. It is in fact quiet common for those who have a loved one who committed suicide to be emotional devastated by the suicide. Somehow they must have missed the desperate cries for help, somehow they must have failed their loved one, somehow there must be some responsibility born because you did not act to save your loved ones life.

So suicide prevention/intervention programs were invented to work as a narcotic to anesthetize, to take away the pain of those who had lost someone to suicide. On one hand society devalued human life to convenience within set parameters and on the other pretends compassion for those mourning or being tormented in agony by the loss of life.

The question should not be, how did suicide become the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, we know how it became the 10th leading cause of death, it did so because we told everyone in America, your life only has value or meaning, so long as it fits within these highly mobile parameters.

If anything, we should be asking, why are more people not committing suicide. You cannot ask someone who committed suicide, hey, why did you commit suicide? You actually don’t even need to, because the answer is inherent in the question itself. They committed suicide because they wanted out. Why they wanted out is a far more complex question, one that merely knowing why they committed suicide does not answer.

If you can answer why more people, given that society has reduced everyone to arbitrarily set definitions of valuable, have not committed suicide you have a far better chance of understanding why anyone would commit suicide. Why did you think that ending your life was a viable option? Sorry, again, that is the wrong question. Its not what they thought, its what they did not think. They did not think their life was valuable enough to keep or protect. They ended their own lives because their own life did not have any value to them.

Why didn’t they think that their own lives were valuable enough to protect or preserve? Because society hammered into every fiber of their beings that there is not inherent sanctity or value to life. That life only has sanctity or value if and when society says it does. If society can set those parameters, and it has, then so can the individual, and once the individual has concluded that it is the arbiter of those parameters, those parameters and criteria will be set based upon the emotional condition of whomever is setting them.

There is only one way to genuinely prevent suicide. That is to eliminate the underlying foundation of why people commit suicide in the first place. People only commit suicide for one single solitary reason, and that reason, is to get out. To take the nearest exit. If you want to prevent people from committing suicide the very first thing you absolutely must do, is remove the exit sign that says, suicide is the way out. The sign that says, “This way to the egress”.

Before you can remove the exit sign associated with suicide, life itself has to have an inherent sanctity and value that is not arbitrarily defined by society and cannot be shifted around for societies convenience. There must be no part or aspect of life that is not sacred, valuable or worth protecting. Only human beings kill their unborn because they are inconvenient. You want to see the truth that nature knows and still practices despite humanities abandoning of that truth? Go get yourself between a mamma bear or lion and her cubs. Even alligators and sharks protect their young, only humans institutionally kill them. Coincidentally, only humans commit suicide.

No other living species on earth commits suicide, but then again, no other species on earth needs to justify its own existence, or justify why it deemed some other living creature worthy of dying.

So, why did Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade commit suicide? For exactly the same reason everyone else who has ever committed suicide did. Because they decided it was time for them to leave, time for them to take the exit. Why did they decide to take the exit, why did they decide that death was preferable to life? Undoubtedly, like every one else who has ever committed suicide, the single most important factor in their decision process boils down to “Worth”. Was remaining alive worth it to them. And the answer, in every single case is self evident, no it was not.

In every single case of suicide, the individual committing suicide decided that whatever risks or unknowns lay behind the exit sign, what remained on this side of that exit sign was not worth remaining behind for. Eventually everyone dies, this is an inescapable reality. It is only when you believe that there is nothing special or sacred about being alive that you consider death an acceptable alternative to living. No other creature on earth accepts death willingly or without a fight. Every other living creature fights tooth and nail for every single millisecond of life.

Why? Because unlike human beings they all know and accept without qualification how precious life is. You cannot reason any other creature on earth into accepting the premise that life has any parameter or criteria attached to it where by it ceases to be sacred or precious enough to be fought over tooth and nail. No matter what you say or do, no other living creature on earth can be convinced to surrender its life. What you do not and never will see, is any other living creature willingly walk up to the exit and say, that’s it, its over, I’m done.

Only human beings can be convinced to end their own lives, and the only way to convince a human being to end their own life, is to convince them that there is something about death that is more valuable or desirable than remaining alive. Before you can do that, you have to convince them that life itself has no inherent sanctity or preciousness. That its only value is that which we determine that it has, only then can you convince them to exchange it for something else. Only then can you convince them that whatever unknown awaits on the other side of the exit, what remains here either has less value, or is more frightening or painful than the risk of what the unknown might be.


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