Seriously, Why isn’t Google being investigated for illegally influencing US Elections?

There is an old saying, “Nobody every gets caught just the one time” its a reference to criminals getting caught breaking in the law. What it means is, if you caught them, it wasn’t one the very first time they broke that specific law. The saying is a truism, a broad overly sweeping generalization regarding human nature.

The problem with that statement, isn’t that it is painting with a broad and unkind brush, but that like most truisms, there is far more true in it than ism. If a criminal is arrested for lets say burglary, the probability that the criminal was caught on their very first burglary attempt is somewhere near, 0. Of course there are always exceptions, but, as the term exception itself implies, while they exist, they are relatively rare.

Very recently, as in, just a few days ago recently Google found itself furiously backtracking and making the same tired old excuses when it was discovered that they had been telling everyone that the California Republican Party was a Nazi ideological Party.

No, it was… some hacker who vandalized the Wikipedia page that did it.

So… Here we go again

Google is labeling a Trump-supporting Republican state senator a “BIGOT”

Is it a coincidence? Is this the first time Google got caught breaking into homes and stealing stuff? Is this just a simple case of teenage kids acting out, doing stupid things because they thought it would be cool? No. No it isn’t. This is the above cited truism. Google has been doing this for a long time and has been emboldened by their continued success to become ever more brazen, just like every other criminal whose crime spree goes unchecked for a long time.

Google got caught multiple times during the 2016 presidential election cycle manipulating search results in an effort to choose winners and losers in the 2016 election. Over and over and over the same lame ass excuse. It wasn’t us.

As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm

As the dominant search engine, with an estimated 90 percent global market share, Google was criticized by both the right and the left of the political world during the 2016 election.

In June 2016, a video from the pop culture site SourceFed accused Google of manipulating automatically completed search suggestions to favor Hillary Clinton. Google denied the claim, but right-wing media seized on the video as an example that the company was tipping the scales in her favor.

Google has been putting their thumb on the scale for pretty much ever. Initially it was just as a way to earn money. Search results would lend a little extra weight towards those that engaged in paid advertising. But Google it seems got away with so much for so long, that its employees began to think of themselves as “Gods”.

As with most tech companies, the majority of Google’s employees are far left liberals. Which is not surprising given that their education was brought to them courtesy of the Marxist educational System that produced Berkeley Professor Eric Clanton, and Yvonne Felarca, a 47-year-old teacher at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

These two #Antifa terrorists are not even remotely an aberration within the American Educational System. They are simply the tip of the iceberg that has been caught. These two were physically apprehended for using violence to advance their Marxist agenda. They were literally teaching their students using the age old adage of, lead by example.

If this is what the teachers are willing to do, is it really that difficult to imagine what the students are willing to do? No, you are not working for Google if you do not have a degree in Computer Science, if you do have a degree in Computer Science, odds are you are a little Socialist/Marxist useless imbecile and don’t even know it. Why? because Eric Clanton, and Yvonne Felarca were your teachers.

So is it any surprise that Google believes that they can call the California Republican Party the Nazi Party just days before the California primary elections, or that they believe they can get away with calling Trudy Wade, a Republican state senator from North Carolina, a Bigot and then all they have to do to avoid any criminal complications is to claim that the dog ate their homework?


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