Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: This Old Tony

As most of you have probably noticed by now, I love me some good youtubage. Once again, my pick for Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month goes to an individual whom is known only by his youtube channel name. TOT, as he sometimes refers to himself, is somewhat enigmatic. Not just in the, “Who is This old Tony” kind of way, but also in the “How does he know all this stuff” sort of way.

This old Tony’s youtube channel obstinately takes place in Tony’s garage. And his video’s are filled with a constant flow of intentional and hilarious malapropisms and absurd sight gags. The activities that take place on his channel, are basically machine shop techniques, throw in a bit of CNC here and there and the long running gag on engineering math (Egyptian hieroglyphic’s anyone?) and you have This Old Tony.

Now Tony portrays himself on his channel as something of a self taught hobbyist, and that might very well be the case, though I would not be surprised in the slightest to find an actual mechanical engineering hiding beneath TOT’s cool exterior.

So, give TOT a few views, and decide for yourself, hopefully you’ll see why he made this months Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month.

Oh, and none of Mrs TOT’s household devices were damaged in any of his video’s… (yea right)…


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