1 Year Today

Today is the one year anniversary of my brother Cliff’s death.


6 thoughts on “1 Year Today

  1. AAAh two of my favorite guys! SP, you are a nut but I wuv ya.

    Great news on your brother OW. Ya’ll continue in my prayers and thanks for the pretty lady compliment. 🙂 Keep your chin up my friend.

  2. I behooved myself to come over here and foist a toast high into the stratosphere for Cliff, SWalker, and the horse he rode on in.

    Was a comma after SWalker necessary? I sucked at punctuation. Too bad, I will invent my damn rules and to hell with you pikers.

    Meanwhile there is nothing short of a small planetoid headed for the boggy scablands and if you people had a clue you’d stay away from SWalker because surely he is very accident prone during bolide impact events.

    If he had been around during the Permian extinction we wouldn’t be here to bitch about these little 20 kilometer wide particles of doom traveling past the speed limit. Cause we’d be smithereens to the nines.

    Fortunately some clueless cephalopods survived and became humanity altough this theory has yet to get published because of the clam controversy which is a political lightning rod.

    • One of these days, Mr Puppy, if you are not much more careful, your behooves will get caught on the wrong side of the hooves of the horse SWalker rode in on, and then your poor little puppy feet will need a new manicure.

    • Why hello pretty lady, fancy meeting you here. Come here often?

      On the serious side, thank you. My brother is out of the hospital, sitting around the house on an 8 week forced absence from work while his cardiologist runs a boatload of tests on his entire cardiovascular system.

    • Hi CL,

      It’s me Sparky. I hacked doofus SpongePuppy’s account. Of course I could really be SpongePuppy and just merely trying to get Sparky in trouble.

      I’d have to pee on a hydrant to prove my true identity but no I don’t wants to see that.

      Meanwhile let’s get to the gist of my post.

      Hi and I hope your well-being is (writers block attack, we’re did that thesaurus go?) good and your existence keeps on going.

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