Fuck fuck fuck.

I was going to put up a post tomorrow since it is my mothers birthday, she would have been 81. She died as those who read my blog here know, on September 15th 2016. Well, instead, I am writing this post today. My only surviving sibling had a hearth attack at work today. He is 50, and his wife and kids rushed off to the hospital without bothering to inform me.

That could I suppose be forgiven, except that I live with them and they had to rush right past me, which they did without saying a GOD DAMNED WORD TO ME.

My stepfather was the first to die, he went in 1996, my brother Guy went next in 2006, my sister in 2015, mom in 2016 and brother Cliff in 2017. My youngest brother is my sole surviving relative, and now he is in the hospital having just had a heart attack. To say that the last couple of years have sucked would be a profound understatement.


One thought on “Fuck fuck fuck.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. No one should be a survivor at your age. Prayers for your brother and yourself. And for your nephew, too.

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