Wow… Could this possibly be true? Hillary Clinton with her hand cuffed behind her back?

I have to admit, I never really paid that much attention to Hillary’s arm and hand position in this video, but damn it, could what Jules67269 be suggesting be real?

Watch the video for yourself. I always assumed that the pneumonia/seizure story was legitimate, but, after watching it again, I must confess, it looks more like someone making a rather pathetic attempt to resist being placed in a vehicle under arrest than someone having a seizure.

Please let me make myself 100 percent clear here. I am no expert and have no inside knowledge on this subject. but taken in the light that Jules67269 suggests, this video suddenly takes on a whole different feel.

It also begs some profoundly disturbing questions. If Hillary Clinton actually does have her hands cuffed behind her back, exactly what has she been placed under arrest for? And if she was indeed arrested, does that lend credibility to the rumors that the boot she has been wearing supposedly for a broken toe, is in fact their to conceal a electronic ankle monitor?

This is all way above my pay grade, but given information that may be about to come to public light, i.e. the FISA FBI/DOJ abuse memo, one suddenly has to consider whether there is any veracity to this new rumor.


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