Dr Seuss WAS NOT A Racist.

Back in the early 1980’s I attended college for the first time. To do so, I worked as a gardener/landscaper. ONE OF THE Clients the company I worked for was a gentleman named Theodor Geisel, the vast majority of you know him as Dr Seuss.

When I was growing up in San Diego, California back in the 1970’s, San Diego was a military town, and a very conservative one at that. My father as it just so happens was a career enlisted man in the United States Navy. I grew up your typical military brat. My father was as patriotic and conservative as it is possible to be.

Meeting Dr Seuss, whose books and TV specials I grew up with and loved was something of a dream come true, but also a rather shocking wake up call regarding the nature of reality and politics in America. Theodor Geisel was not a Conservative. He was what today is described as a Classical Capital L Liberal.

Dr Seuss would meet me at the side gate to his house promptly at 7am twice a month still wearing his housecoat and slippers. Since he lived in La Jolla in a very expensive community firing up my lawn-care equipment at 7am, while technically legal was frowned upon.

Oddly, it was Theodor who insisted we get there at 7am. His solution to the unofficial ban on lawn-care equipment at 7am, was for us to sit and have English muffins and coffee/tea until 8am. During this time we would discuss world events while listening to the BBC on his radio and discuss what he wanted to do in his yard. (His back yard could well and justifiably be described as a traditional English Arboretum)

During the two years I was privileged to spend that hour sitting and talking with Dr Seuss on those mornings, we spoke on an enormous range of subjects. To be honest, many of the idea’s that Theodor espoused were more than a little disquieting to me. I will not get into what those idea’s were, suffice it to say I was a young conservative being exposed to Liberal idea’s for the first time and did not agree with many of the things that Theodor Geisel said ad believed.

I spent many hours talking with him and regardless of whether I agreed with him or not, never ever did Theodor Geisel i.e. Dr Seuss ever respond to my disagreements with him with anything other than a combination of RESPECT and Humor.

The Marxist Lefts attack on Theodor Geisel/Dr Seuss’s personal character, his moral and ethical make-up is so far beyond the pale as to virtually constitute a crime against humanity. I do not care how much you hate President Donald Trump, casting such vile reprehensible aspersions upon Dr Seuss’s character is disgusting and utterly unacceptable.

Theodor Geisel was a true and genuine champion of human rights, a defender of the defenseless, and an opponent of oppression of all kinds. Dr Seuss was one of the kindest, gentlest, most caring and loving human beings I have ever been privileged to meet.

To this day I am and remain an ardent Conservative. Dr Seuss did not change that. But my discussions with him did impact many of my ideological perceptions. I am not prone to defending Liberals and will never defend a Marxist. Theodor Geisel was a Classical Liberal, more conservative in many ways than those so called conservatives collectively known as “Conservative Inc.”

I am angered and insulted down to my soul that the left has besmirched Dr Seuss with these false and utterly repulsive allegations that he, or any of his work were in any way, shape or form racist or oppressive. Dr Seuss was not only not a racist, that assertion is about as far from reality or the truth as it is possible to get. It embodies the lefts “The End Justifies the Means” corrupt vile and evil ideology and does not nor should it even be imagined or entertained to exist in any reality inhabited by Theodor Geisel/Dr Seuss.


8 thoughts on “Dr Seuss WAS NOT A Racist.

  1. Thanks for the story — and I have occasionally passed along your remarks on Mr. Trump (as he was then). Wishing you well — AF

  2. Just for the record, meeting someone for a couple of hours in your youth does not mean you “know” someone. Look at Bill Cosby….everyone seemed to think he was cool, normal, a great guy, well was he? No. You never really know someone, their true nature or motivation…As far as the books they are just books…I never liked them, they seemed stupid…never liked orr read them when I was a kid either. But, rejecting the books because a librarian has person hangups, no. She should be promptly fired.

    • Just for the record, I worked for him for 3 years (4 hour, twice a month). That’s not a “Couple of hours in my youth”. More like a nearly 300 hours. A couple hundred hours spent conversing with the man.

  3. It’s become increasingly obvious that Dr Seuss may have been inspired to create one of his characters based on the real life SWalker. The NSA is now combing through its databank to find out the hidden meanings in the Cat in the Hat which may have influenced SWalker to become a subversive food blogger.

  4. EXCELLENT Oscar! …you’ve met at least two people the left have shit themselves on…the Donald…and the Dr.

  5. For the Prog Movement it is about tearing down Americas Traditions and American institutions. Whether it be statues, sports, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers. or even Dr Seuss everything is fair game if it leads to the end game, the destruction of America.

    What we call Liberal today is nothing like the Liberal from 40 to 50 years ago. What constitutes a liberal today is something so insane and utterly contemptible that I would like to believe that even Dr. Seuss wouldn’t recognize what has become of the Democratic party and would turn away from those who have taken it over.

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