Here There Be Monsters.

Many years ago, a long long time ago. Which is to say, way back in the darkest mists of time long time ago, back even before the almighty Internet was created. There were crazy people living on the face of the earth. People even crazier than the Flatearthers who dwell over in Youtubeland. People with even fewer functional braincells than the Hillary Clinton supporters.

These cray-cray people used to do the most absurdly insane things. Things like going to actual real physical places, not Google Maps Satellite view places. Places that they did not really know where they were. Places that did not have Yelp reviews. Places that they could not google directions to get to. Yep, those people were stone cold cray-cray crazy.

But… Believe it or not, they weren’t even the most cray-cray of the crazies. Their were other cray-cray crazies even crazier. When the first group of cray-cray crazies would go out on their cray-cray crazy adventures (no website ordering pizza deliver places) some of them would take pen and ink and paper and draw stone knife and bear skin primitive versions of Google Maps and send them of the other even cray-cray crazies so that they could follow the cray-cray crazies on their no delivery pizza adventures.

When those cray-cray crazy people drawing those fake not current un refresh-able paper versions of Google Maps quit exploring (probably so that they could go find a proper Pizza place) and they still had blank paper on their fake Google Maps drawings, they would draw pictures of sea serpents and other monsters and write big bold warnings in those otherwise blank spaces that said “Here There Be Monsters”.

Even cray-cray crazy people accidentally get a small detail right every now and then. Everyone with 1/10th of a functional brain-cell (your typical #Antifa or Black Lives Matter Activist for example) knows that there really are places where there are monsters. The Dark Web for example, or your local Planned Parenthood Execution facility, the ACLU or SPLC, or a CNN Broadcast facility, or your local Islamic Mosque. No shortage of real places where there certainly do be Monsters.

Funny (funny as in tragic how the hell did this happen, not funny ha-ha) thing happened in America while America was sleeping. A group of Monsters hooked chains to America and silently dragged it from the place on the fake paper version of Google Maps that said, “You are Here” over to the spot that said, “Here There Be Monsters”.

Now people all across America, people older than dirt, people older than your big brother, meaner than your big sister, people as dumb as your parents, well, actually, people just like your rent’s are waking up to discover that they are surrounded by Monsters. Monsters you probably think are cool. Cool because they are destroying everything your rents and grand’s built.

As it turns out, there are tons of places here in America now that really should have mile tall flashing Neon warning signs that say, “Here There Be Monsters”. Places like Berkeley California, which quiet frankly really should be walled off like New York City Prison was in the 1981 Documentary “Escape from New York”.

Berkeley California is the place where home grown American Monsters send their children to be sacrificed by the high priests of Karl Marx to the God’s of the Market Place on the alters of the Temple John Jay College. These are modern day followers of Baal whose prehistoric predecessors used to roll their children down into the red hot outstretched hands of Baal which were right over a large fire pit for the promise of financial reward, a pay raise, and a office cubical with a window. Same group, they just moved from Carthage to Berkeley California.

The Administrative Staff at John Jay College are recruiters for #Antifa. They hire Violent Marxist Revolutionaries to “Fundamentally Transform” the Monsters tragically deformed unMonster Children into genuinely soulless Monsters just like their Rents. Since the Monsters snuck in while America was sleeping, America has had a new national pastime foisted off on it.

This new national pastime is a very special virtue signaling competition. Its a competition to see who can “Fundamentally Transform” their own healthy decent children into the most deviant perverted heinous of Monsters. Berkeley California’s John Jay College is where the Varsity Team send their children. Its where the Jeff Zuckerberg social class wannabes make their sacrifices to the God’s of the Marketplace for a better paying job, an office with a view and an extra marital affair that doesn’t cost them half of their fortune.

Yes, there are indeed places in America that should be marked with warning signs reading “Here There Be Monsters” Berkeley California, any CNN Studio, Mordor on the Potomac. These places however are not marked, and they are not marked with warning signs, because the Monsters running them do not want them marked. Because Ted and Gail down the street, who are sacrificing their daughter Zoe to the God’s of the Marketplace by handing her over to the high priests of Karl Marx at the Temple of John Jay College do not want them marked.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, his second greatest trick was convincing American’s that his High Priest Karl Marx was a brilliant educator. America’s foundational institutions have by and large all been infiltrated by violent Marxist revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the United States Constitution and the Constitutional Republic that it created and sustains. Berkeley’s John Jay College is a perfect example of a public well that has been poisoned and is now infecting American’s with the Zombie plagues.

Yes indeed, “Here There Be Monsters”.


9 thoughts on “Here There Be Monsters.

  1. This article is so good everyone at the NSA has stopped hunting for Kardashian camel toe photos to read it. It’s so good they think an AI was involved.

  2. This is the best damn article on the whole freaking internet. Seriously.
    1. it’s hilarious because it highlights the absurdity of the modern day existence amid snowflakes
    2. there are many other reasons which must absolutely become part of SWalker’s style from here on out and I’m not going to divulge the magical ingredients.


    I told you pikers SWalker was a mad genius. He even has the evil laugh to go with. If you wanna be piker writers had any brains you would link to this article and make it go viral so that at least your pathetic miserable reputations would become elevated by indirect attachment to its greatness.

  3. Well said! There sure do be monsters, and they really are out to get us.

    They’re not just under the bed anymore, but blocking the streets too!

    • Yes, they all came crawling out of the closets and from under the beds when Barack Obama was elected. They believe that their glorious American Marxist Utopia is finally within their grasp. They might actually be right.

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