Cthulhu will devour the Sun

Cthulhu will devour the Sun today because evil old white slaver owner Donald Trump is icky and mean. Only George Soros can save us by deploying his mighty legions of Antifa BLM warriors to do battle with Cthulhu and wrest the sun back from Cthulhu terrible grip.

Be on your guard as the evil Trump has given his legions of Racist Nazi’s White Supremacists orders to stop George Soros angelic freedom fighters from doing battle with Cthulhu. Trump and his evil Racist Nazi’s White Supremacists seek to entomb first America and then the entire world in a suffocating blanket of darkness so that their lord and master Cthulhu may walk the earth devouring the souls of the servants of humanities true Lord and Savior Karl Marx.

Be strong oh mighty Antifa BLM warriors, raise your voices against Cthulhu, shout him from our sky, raise your holy fists and smite the servants of Cthulhu and his false prophet Donald Trump. Remember oh mighty Antifa BLM warriors, “There is no God but Karl Marx, and George Soros is his messenger.”


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