Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: Isaac Arthur

This months Smoking Hot Nerd of the month is Physicist and Futurist Isaac Arthur. Isaac deals with cosmological futuristic scenario’s where the human race doesn’t destroy ourselves and where technologies based on physic’s and engineering we currently are exploring might take us.

Isaac does have a bit of a speech impediment, not particularly profound, but you might want to take his advice and turn on the closed captions. The idea’s he works with may at first seem more like science fiction, but they are very firmly based in physic’s and engineering.

Unlike Neil deGrasse Tyson, Isaac Arthur is not a pompous arrogant ass and he is certainly no Giorgio (I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens, But It Was Aliens) Tsoukalous. Give Isaac a watch, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised where he goes with his ideas.


8 thoughts on “Smoking Hot Nerd of the Month: Isaac Arthur

      • haha. haha.

        Betcha his head would explode if you asked him something simple like how to calculate sqrt(-1).

    • Agreed. Not long ago he was interviewed by Sam Harris. It seems what NdGT was most worried about was his image and popularity. Pompous and politically opportunistic. His feet shouldn’t be allowed near Sagan’s shoes.

  1. So first it’s Graham Kerr? Now it’s the smoking hot nerd?

    The real SWalker was never into this much bromance

    I’ve been waiting to see some of Angry Mike’s bikini clad babes over here. I know this is a food blog but they can be tasty treats for the eyes.

    • SWalker is currently unavailable for comment. The horse he rode in on, rode out on him, whilst he was inconveniently having problems getting one of his feet out of the stirrups.

      • Unavailable for comment? I’m supposed to put that in my NSA data bank?

        Opps. The NSA Food Blog Surveillance Team guy is supposed to put that in his NSA data bank?

        He needs something juicier than that to remaining a good spy.

        How about gender trending? Maybe SWalker could gender trend a while just off the record (except it will be in the databank)?

        • With the head wounds received whist being dragged off by the horse he rode in on, its currently unlikely SWalker is even aware of gender, let alone gender trending.

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