The Trump Doctrine; Peace through Strength and Prosperity.

Economic has been called a Voodoo science. It gets that reputation, not because their are chicken entrails involved, but because like physic’s, the math behind it is genuinely complex and difficult to understand.

What is not difficult to understand, is something that President Trump seems very much to understand. In order to have a functional vibrant economy, you have to make stuff. You cannot have a functional vibrant economy based on intellectual property and services.

In order to make things, you absolutely must have energy. The more expensive the energy, the more expensive the product you produce, the more expensive the product you produce the smaller the market for what you produce is.

Trump spoke about the “Beautiful myth” of Peak Oil. That was Donald J Trump the master of the art of the deal speaking. Some of us knew all along that there was no “Peak Oil” crisis. That is was a Marxist tactic to cripple the American economy.

For those of you who haven’t read Marx, Engels or Alinsky, according to Marx, the only way in which any society can be transformed into a Marxist society, is by destroying that society first which then leads to VIOLENT overthrow of ALL of the principals of the previous society.

Saul Alinsky was an American Marxist revolutionary who very literally wrote the playbook that America’s Marxist have been using since the 1950’s to destroy America so that they can recreate it as a Marxist Utopia.

Barack Obama’s parents and grandparents were Alinsky disciples and co-workers. Hillary Clinton considered Saul Alinsky her mentor. William “Bill” Ayer’s was a student of Saul Alinsky’s.

Since the 1960’s Saul Alinsky’s students have been following his playbook by the letter. The very first rule that they followed was, “A true revolutionary cuts their hair puts on a suit and joins the Establishment/Government and works from the inside to overthrow it”.

Saul Alinsky was not a lone wolf Marxist revolutionary, he did not do his work in a vacuum. The list of people who worked with him was very long and included Barack Obama’s Godfather Frank Marshal Davis. It included the founders of the ACLU, it included Margret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) and Rachel Carson (A Silent Spring “the book responsible for the banning of DDT”).

And yes, it included people like Walter Cronkite and Hunter S Thompson. It was the students and disciples of Alinsky who created both the “Peak Oil” scheme and facilitated the oil crises of the 1970’s. Its was Saul Alinsky’s students and disciples who convinced Richard Nixon of the need to create the EPA.

The entire point behind the fraudulent “Peak Oil” scam was always to cripple and then destroy America’s economy. Once the economy was sufficiently destroyed the next step was to create massive civil unrest by convincing America’s minorities that America’s white majority was intentionally depriving them of opportunity to acquire wealth and social statue.

The Marxist believed that the social political and economic climate in America had reached the point where they could finally push America over the edge and trigger the violent revolution required to bring about a Marxist State in America.

That is what all of the riot’s under Barack Obama were really about. What they did not count on, was America’s economy being as powerful and resilient as it actually is, or such a small percentage of America’s minorities accepting their brainwashing about being victims of an intentional social and economic discrimination.

It is also what the entire open borders sanctuary city movement is about. Its the importation of people who are already Socialist/Marxist who would give the Marxists a decisive voting edge when the time came.

Most importantly, what they were not counting on, is a perfect storm combination of an American Silent Majority deciding it was time to quit being silent onlookers and a brash, ballsy aggressive billionaire who loved America enough to set aside his comfortable lifestyle and fight for the America of our Founding Fathers.

For Donald Trump to fulfill his promise to “Make America Great Again” energy has to once again become cheap and abundant in America. Trump very clearly understands this. Inexpensive energy equals reasonably priced manufactured goods. American workers out work in both quantity and quality everyone else on earth, this is not nationalistic pride or hyperbole but documented fact.

This is why energy had to be made so expensive in America. American made manufactured goods had to be made to expensive for the majority of the world to afford in order to cripple the American economy. The simple truth is this, virtually nobody would buy cheap Chinese crap if they could buy high quality America manufactured goods for the exact same price.

We saw the brilliance of President Trump earlier this week (well, those paying attention did anyways) when he hosted India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India is fast transitioning from being a third world nation to genuine economic first world nation status.

India is a natural fit for economic trading partner with the US. Like America, India is a Constitutional Republic, its roots are in the British Parliamentary style, but it is a Constitutional Republic.

That America has taken so long to embrace India can only be laid at the feet of Marxists like Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Who recognized the danger that such an alliance with India would have to their plans to force America into becoming a Marxist nation.

Obama and Clinton worked incredibly hard to alienate America from our traditional capitalist allies for a reason. Capitalist nations do not wage war against each other. They engage in mutually profitable commerce. The Obama/Clinton Deep State traitors keep trying to provoke a conflict between the US and Russia for this very reason.

Russia is no longer a Marxist/Socialist/Communist nation, but a fledgling capitalist Constitutional Republic. Yes, it has 90 years of Marxist Communism’s bad habits to overcome, and that won’t happen overnight. The last thing that these treasonous American Marxist want is for America to recognize Russia as a capitalist Constitutional Republic and to begin treating Russia as such.

Currently President Trump seems to be getting a lot of bad advice regarding Russia. Putin on the other hand, seems to have a pretty good handle on what is going on and is being amazingly patient. He seems to be aware that Trump is weeding out the Marxists from the American Government thus setting up a new paradigm shift wherein Russia and America can adopt a capitalistic competitive relationship that is mutually beneficial.

The energy policies that the Trump administration is setting will go a long way towards reversing the damage that the Alinsky disciples caused. Russia isn’t going to be particularly pleased by them, since energy is Russia’s primary economic engine right now. But then again, nobody can say that the Russians don’t enjoy a good old fashions knock down drag out brawl either.

Putin has already made it very clear that while he wants Russia to have a far more prominent role on the world stage, he also doesn’t have any serious problem with America being the worlds only true super power. (Though to be honest, he has also made it pretty clear he wishes America would quit meddling in the affairs of other nations when the peace and security of the entire world really are not at stake).

Thus we end up with the Trump Doctrine; Peace through Strength and Prosperity. A Doctrine that America’s Founding Father’s would 100 percent approve of.


3 thoughts on “The Trump Doctrine; Peace through Strength and Prosperity.

  1. well said. but…i prefer goat entrails with my multivariate regression analysis, thankyouverymuch. 😆

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