The Executioner in the Wings.

Everybody knows its coming. Its the reason behind the Democrat and Media’s insanity and insistence in a Trump/Russia conspiracy. Its a pure and simple tactic of “Poisoning the Well”. When it happens, and it is likely now to be sooner rather than later, the left will claim that it is retaliation,

But the truth is very simple and very different than the tale that the Media and the Democrats are already setting the American people up to hear. The truth, is that under the Obama administration the Democrat Party attempted to “Fundamentally Transform” America into a Marxist Utopia.

In dong so, the Democrats under Obama violated nearly every provision of the United States Constitution. They attempted to rig the election so that Hillary Clinton could continue Barack Obama’s Marxist Coup. And when that failed, they attempted and are still attempting a 18 USC 115 Sec; 2385 overthrow of the lawfully elected Trump Administration.

Eventually President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are going to have to start prosecuting senior Obama Administration officials. There is just no getting around this. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, James Clapper, Erick Holder are all going to have to be prosecuted for criminal malfeasance while in office.

This isn’t going to be pretty and the majority of Republican elected officials are going to object. They are going to object, because they are nearly as corrupt as the Clinton/Obama Deep State are.

Those GOP Elite members like John McCain and Lindsey Graham know full well that once the Democrats start being prosecuted, the Democrats are not going to go silently into the night. They are going to go kicking and screaming and dragging everyone they can with them.

Even worse will be the reaction from the Democrat Base who are incredibly notorious for genuinely not giving a shit how corrupt their elected representatives are. America absolutely must have voter identification laws if we are to survive what is coming. Moreover, the laws we already have regarding voter fraud absolutely must be enforced with extreme prejudice.

The Democrats fully understand that President Trump represents a genuine threat to their planned Marxist transformation of America. They will literally do anything to prevent President Trump from dismantling what they have thus far achieved.


4 thoughts on “The Executioner in the Wings.

  1. We always seem to recognize the Democrats’ right to not be charged with breaking laws while the Democrat recognize our right to be bound by their interpretation of what is “fair”. It is like an adult excusing a willful child who then throws tantrums to control the adult.
    Trump was not raised by the tolerant policies of Dr. Spock- instead his dad Fred mentored him into the Man he is now. May Trump return the same favor to our electorate; with a belt if he needs to use persuasion.

    • If the Trump Administration and President Trump himself are to retain legitimacy 18 USC 115 sec 2385 prosecutions of the Clinton/Obama Deep State are essentially mandatory.

  2. “Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, James Clapper, Erick Holder are all going to have to be prosecuted for criminal malfeasance while in office.”

    Don’t forget Huma, Weiner, Donna Brazille, and “Pizzagate” Podesta.

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