The Paris Climate Suicide Pact.

President Trump has told America’s enemies to shove their Paris Climate suicide Pact up their collective asses. Which, apparently they did, and found that it didn’t fit very well. Because they are pretty much all butt hurt as hell now.

There are a couple of things that we should be perfectly clear about with regards to the Paris Climate Agreement.

1) If Global Warming were real (which it isn’t) none of the so called Climate Treaties would do anything statistically significant to halt, delay or reverse it. The most unrealistic and overly optimistic projection would be for a 0.01% deviation in the increase of temperature.

2) The requirements for achieving that 0.01% deviation would be the utter and complete destruction of the worlds economy and result in BILLIONS of deaths world wide.

3) Every single of of these so called Climate Treaties have all had one significant unifying characteristic. Draconian sanctions that would cripple and destroy the United States economy.

To understand what is at the heart of these so called Climate Treaties one must first understand what they actually seek to achieve. What they absolutely are not about, is Climate. What they are solely and exclusively about, is Marxism. They are Marxist Wealth redistribution masquerading as environmentalism.

The Marxist Economic Theory model suffers from a fatal flaw. That fatal flaw is an amazing combination of arrogance and self inflicted stupidity. Marxist economic theory is predicated on wealth being a Zero Sum equation. That the total sum of wealth on earth is a fixed sum which never changes and can only be distributed and redistributed amongst those alive at the time of its distribution.

Short translation, in order for me to have a dollar, I have to get it from someone else, who in turn must surrender it for me to have. Now, in all fairness, it isn’t just Marxist who fall for this fatal fallacy. Gold bugs, or any other precious commodity bug likewise fall for this fallacy for pretty much the same reason that Marxists fall for it. It’s a very tempting fallacy, in that it grants the illusion of control over wealth.

Part and parcel to this fallacy is the notion that there is something definable as “True Money”. Gold for example being one of Western civilizations most precious and oldest forms of “True Money”. Gold is supposed to be endowed with some special magical mystical properties that grants it “True Money” status about and beyond everything else. A combination of its scarcity and the high demand for it classically sets the exact exchange rate for that “True Money” value.

Here is where that fallacy breaks down and has always broken down.

There is no such thing as “True Money”. In fact, there is no such thing as wealth. Wealth and “True Money” are both artificial symbolic constructs. Neither of them exist outside the human mind. Remove every human being from existence, and Gold shows its true value. Which is to say, completely regardless of its scarcity, it is utterly and completely worthless.

The concept of wealth is 100 percent predicated upon there being someone somewhere who who defines something as having value. Period, end of Story. Wealth, is an abstract symbolic construct temporarily assigned to a tangible physical object for the purpose of transfer and exchange. The physical object in question (i.e. Gold) retains its value only so long as a significant majority of society all agree that it has said value.

“True Money” or wealth both can, and is in reality, anything that the majority agrees has substantial value. Because wealth is an abstract symbolic construct it cannot be and is not a finite or fixed quantity. Its value has absolutely nothing to do with its scarcity or abundance. Its value is solely and exclusively fixed to the society that defines its value. In other words, wealth exists because society says it exists. The amount of wealth that exists likewise is determined exclusively by the society that creates it.

That wealth is divided into fractional units as designated by that society and represented through the symbolic and temporary transfer from abstract symbolic concept upon a physical and tangible object. All wealth, all “True Money” is, is a symbolic representation of an abstract social contract. Like all contracts, its strengths and weaknesses are bound to the society that created it, and that societies willingness or unwillingness to negotiate the specific terms of that contract.

Gold holds its value, solely and exclusively because a significant portion of society says that it has value. Its constant fluctuation in value is a reflection of societies willingness to negotiate the exact quantification of its value, not its scarcity or abundance.

Final Translation: Wealth is not a Zero Sum Equation and it never has been. It is, always has been, and always will be a abstract symbolic representation given temporary physical manifestation by the society that creates it for the purpose of transfer and exchange. Wealth is a social contract by which society negotiates with itself the quantified and defined value places symbolically on specific physical objects that represent abstract symbolic concepts.

Because wealth is a abstract symbolic concept defined as a negotiable social contract, while it may have a temporarily quantified and defined specific fractional value, what it cannot have, is a finite fixed quantity. It cannot have a finite fixed quantity, because it is not an actual physical tangible substance. When the society that creates wealth ceases to exist, so does any and all wealth created by that society.

The Marxist Zero Sum Economic model exists solely and exclusively for the purpose of enslaving any and everyone that can be brought willingly or unwillingly under the control of whomever rules the Marxist elite capable of subjugating society. This is the actual purpose of the various “Climate Accords”, to subjugate societies under the control of a cabal of Marxist elites. This is why President Donald Trump very correctly rejected the Paris Climate Accords.

Wealth in a free society is never ever a Zero Sum Equation or fixed finite quantity. It is always a negotiable quantity set and defined as required by the needs of a free society.


6 thoughts on “The Paris Climate Suicide Pact.

  1. The Left is terrible at predicting the weather. They can’t decide if there will be another ice age or if the planet is going to parboil and dry out. One week it’s ice age, the next it’s a heatwave. Once in a while they threaten death by asteroid. They make up graphs that look like hockey sticks and call it science. They circulate articles that no one ever read and call them peer reviewed. I would loan them my crystal ball but they probably couldn’t figure out how to use it, either.

  2. I’ve been spying on the climate for years. That was my first assignment. Boring. Nothing changed. The climate didn’t change. Hello, you paid me to spy on something that didn’t changed.

    I felt like the May Tag repair man.

    Luckily I get to spy on SWalker now and the horse he rode on. Its way fun because he is so unpredictably unpredictable.

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