Turn and face the Change.

After 16 years, its time to move. I’m emptying my apartment and should be out by Thursday at the latest. This is the longest I have ever lived in the same place in my life, and it is now coming to an end. Most of mom’s and my brothers stuff has been disposed of. Now its basically down to the large furniture items.

One door closes, and hopefully and another opens. I am going to live with my little brother, for, well, I do not really know how long. I may be off-line for awhile as I go through this transition phase. I already know that my cell phone reception at my brothers house is, well, less than reliable.


7 thoughts on “Turn and face the Change.

  1. Good luck.
    Life gives us changes and trials despite our yearning for stability. We embraced the need for change after my stroke and not just downsized but moved to the only section of the state where I would be forced to start off fresh. By making it our challenge instead of just something Life threw at us we renewed ourselves. May you have a similar Grace.

  2. Changes can be wonderful and exciting, my friend. A new chapter, fresh pages, and new melodies await you. I will eagerly await your return, the news of your adventures, and, as always, your keen insights.

    In the meantime, I’ll just keep an eye on this wilderness of yours, read a little, take the leftovers of your wonderful goulash to tide me over, and wait until you return. Try not to be away too long.

      • You will keep your job, Mr. NSA Food Blog Snoop, don’t worry. I will keep you company, that way I can keep and eye on the Wilderness and you, and in Doriangrey’s brief absence perhaps I will even teach you to read the stars.

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