Social Justice Warrior’s find your safe spaces, its traditional Racist White People food night.

That’s right bitches, because of “Cultural appropriation” you can never ever eat this stuff again. And of course… in order to protect my White Privilege the secret recipe has been hidden and I refuse to divulge what any of the ingredients are.

In fact, if you even look at this stuff, or think about that’s in it, you’ll have to denounce yourself and register to take 8 extra units of Anti-White People Studies.

Yes… that’s right bitches, its the dreaded… Macaroni and Red Stuff…


16 thoughts on “Social Justice Warrior’s find your safe spaces, its traditional Racist White People food night.

  1. My friend, you’ve made a version of our delicious goulash. You make my White Russian soul sing.

    • So you just admitted you are a Ruski.

      My data bank will be very interested in recording your activities. I knew this food blog would a good place to roost on my perch and gather information to plop into my log file.

      Just you wait till I figure out to pilot this drone after I figure out how to download the stupid manual after I figure out how to turn on my WiFi without getting a malware ransom demand.

      • Silly NSA Food Blog Surveillance Team Guy. Don’t you know that no government, no ethnicity, no culture, no accent, can claim the true gypsy soul?

        There are those who are called to leave their mundane daily lives and go to the heart of the forest and dance and sing beneath the night sky. They feel the cool breeze soft upon their skin and they hear it as it moves and whispers to them among the boughs of the trees. They hear the night birds call to them. They see the world illuminated in the silvery light of the moon, the rough tree bark glistening, each leaf on every bough traced in silver. They breathe deep the cool night air, sweetened by the scent of clear flowing streams, the tender green shoots of the grasses and ferns, and the rich black loam of the forest floor. The blood quickens in their veins. Their hearts rejoice to be so free, and they sing and dance, intoxicated by this magic. These are those who have true gypsy in their soul.

        Come, NSA Food Blog Surveillance Team Guy. Cast off the restraints of your job title. It needn’t define you, and it can’t confine you. Come, listen to the gypsy in your soul.

    • Please put your tray in the upright position and stow your camera, this is a no photo taking blog article. (Wouldn’t want to trigger any delicate Snowflake Social Justice Warriors, now would we)

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